Released May 19, 2024
0028261: [Crash/Exception] Could not find Fallen Spire difficulty (BadgerBadger)
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0027996: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson Sidekick/Empire: Cannot Drill Chrysalis on Ravaged World (BadgerBadger)
0028182: [Suggestion] Show metabolization in Metal screen (BadgerBadger)
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0028165: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderlings can become anti-everything zombies (Dismiss)
0028163: [Bug - Gameplay] Zombie station keepers replicating endlessly? (Dismiss)
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0028161: [GUI] AI Reactive Dummies still cause description flicker (Dismiss)
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0028160: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderlings can be zombified (Dismiss)
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0028143: [Bug - Other] Memory leak was added or reintroduced in the last patch or two (Dismiss)
0028142: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderlings can no longer be turned by nanocaust (Dismiss)
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Released Mar 17, 2024
0028138: [Bug - Other] Error in PerFrame_CalculateEffectiveFleetData every frame (NRSirLimbo)
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0028136: [Bug - Gameplay] Frenzy Golem won't move into range when ordered to attack (Dismiss)
0028133: [Crash/Exception] Lots of MP errors about Death Effects (Dismiss)
0028135: [Bug - Other] Unexpected game lobby logging after disabling mod (Dismiss)
0028132: [Gameplay Issue] Spire infused debris can't be recovered (BadgerBadger)
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0028131: [GUI] Campaigns now listed in alphabetical order (Dismiss)
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0024699: [GUI] Black Widow Golem transformation is available but has no options (Dismiss)
0028128: [Bug - Gameplay] Multiplayer Sync issues (Dismiss)
0028126: [Crash/Exception] Endless death effect errors on MP client (Dismiss)
0028127: [Bug - Gameplay] Double Zombies on Death (Dismiss)
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0028121: [Bug - Gameplay] Player-Allied Zombies Not Spawning (BadgerBadger)
0027635: [Bug - Gameplay] Zombiefication does not seem to work right on stacks (Dismiss)
0027636: [Bug - Gameplay] Something is very strange when this botnet fires at stacks... (Dismiss)
0028122: [Gameplay Issue] Dark Zenith Invasion never connected to galaxy. (BadgerBadger)
0028034: [Bug - Other] Helping Hands description out-of-date: mentions Marauders instead of HRF (Dismiss)
0028120: [Graphical Bug] The text for Explore Planet hack is missing when playing as necromancer (BadgerBadger)
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0028118: [Crash/Exception] DoShotHitLogic_Inner A error at debugStage 100: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0028115: [Crash/Exception] Generator mod issue (Dismiss)
0028114: [Mod Issue] Classic Fusion Mod - UI Broken (Dismiss)
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0028113: [Crash/Exception] Error Dialogue appeared during tutorial (Chris_McElligottPark)
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0028110: [Bug - Gameplay] Ongoing Multiplayer Sync Issues (LAN) (Chris_McElligottPark)
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Released Jan 26, 2024
0028104: [GUI] AI Cyclopean Elderling description typo (BadgerBadger)
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0028100: [Gameplay Issue] Confusing necromancer home names (Dismiss)
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0028093: [Mod Issue] Necro Party Templar Rift Intel Report Error on Hover (Dismiss)
0028091: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer: AI Corrosive Guard Posts (Dismiss)
0028090: [Bug - Other] Multi Swap dialog does not clear checks on reopen (Dismiss)
0028092: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer intel screen gives endless errors when the mouse moves over templar rift hacks. (Dismiss)
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0028086: [Crash/Exception] Error trying to handle Mouseover (Dismiss)
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0028085: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacking Resistance Fighter Beacon won't Remove it (Dismiss)
0028084: [Bug - Gameplay] Cruiser Construction Facility didn't self-destruct after hack, offers strikecraft (Dismiss)
0028081: [GUI] Hacking a Templar Rift as Necromancer throws errors (Dismiss)
0028083: [Crash/Exception] Exceptions in GetTextToShowFromVolatile for Intel on ARS, CC Facility and Fallen Spire beacon (Dismiss)
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Released Dec 5, 2023
0028080: [Bug - Other] New bug with the formatted tooltips and selecting modules for spire destroyers (Dismiss)
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0028076: [Bug - Gameplay] Modded Game - Faction over cap 16k/4k (Dismiss)
0028068: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Structures Jumped to Human Player (Dismiss)
0028072: [Crash/Exception] Save games consistently fail to load (every save in campaign) (Dismiss)
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Released Nov 12, 2023
0028073: [Bug - Gameplay] Crippled flagships can still fight (Dismiss)
0028074: [Crash/Exception] Error when soft reloading (Dismiss)
0028067: [Bug - Other] Sending A Message Locks Input to Now Hidden Chatbox (Dismiss)
0028069: [Crash/Exception] NullReference Crash/Exception: TargetListPlanning (Dismiss)
0028062: [Graphical Bug] Game Entity: Partial Record and Material Override (Dismiss)
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Released Nov 11, 2023
0028063: [Crash/Exception] InternalCreateActualShotForSalvo error at debugStage 8300, error: System.ArgumentException: length (Dismiss)
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0028057: [Bug - Gameplay] Broken structure and ships damage (Dismiss)
0028052: [Bug - Gameplay] Units that die come back to life (Dismiss)
0028055: [Bug - Gameplay] Carrier Astro Train Revives Upon Death (Dismiss)
0028051: [Crash/Exception] Divided by Zero Exception: CheckForShotAOEDetonation error (Dismiss)
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Released Oct 20, 2023
0028047: [Bug - Other] Error message when chaining material_override_bundle, is_partial_record, and copy_from (Dismiss)
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Released Oct 20, 2023
0028035: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire dreadnought lost its fleet after upgrading (Dismiss)
0028032: [GUI] Cannot display order of transport flaghip (Dismiss)
0028042: [Suggestion] Damage Modifier comparison_type="NotEquals" (Dismiss)
0027183: [Bug - Gameplay] melee units (samurai at least) will not obey no-pursuit mode (Dismiss)
0027728: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacking the Chromatic Sphere for an Interplantery weapon destroys the Sphere (Dismiss)
0027729: [Bug - Gameplay] Fleet jumping error message. (Dismiss)
0027932: [Bug - Other] Minor error, not game breaking. (Dismiss)
0027946: [Bug - Gameplay] the hack "steal warhead design 99/99" can actually never be repeated (Dismiss)
0026871: [Bug - Gameplay] Trailblazer cruiser spawns incorrect mark of Ambush Drones (Dismiss)
0027935: [Bug - Gameplay] Ambush Posts not spawning anything on death (Dismiss)
0028028: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson Sidekick/Empire: Chrysalis spawns on planet with Planetary Drill (BadgerBadger)
0028010: [Bug - Gameplay] Defeated AI Attacking Itself (BadgerBadger)
0028011: [Crash/Exception] Drones of Faction Transferred Errors (Dismiss)
0027942: [Bug - Gameplay] Attrition Damage Ignores Ceasefire (Dismiss)
0028024: [Bug - Gameplay] The AI has amassed a massive extra-galactic force at home planet that seems to be hunting itself (BadgerBadger)
0028021: [Crash/Exception] NullReference Drone Gun Crash Exception (Dismiss)
0028020: [Crash/Exception] When playing as a client in multiplayer, I get an error about canaries and "w." (Dismiss)
0028025: [GUI] Ability to have Ark Empire style "starting ship choices" use ships full name instead of short. (CF specific) (Dismiss)
0028026: [Bug - Other] CF Specific: Quickstarts have no starting player planet and are unusable unless loaded into lobby (Dismiss)
0028015: [Gameplay Issue] Restore melee seek range (Dismiss)
0028014: [Crash/Exception] Exception in entity tooltip text generation at stage 1500 (Dismiss)
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0027974: [Bug - Gameplay] Factory Drones (Dismiss)
0028012: [GUI] Affected Techs not shown in some situations. (Dismiss)
0028004: [Gameplay Issue] "Show Ship Orders" feature no longer appears to function. (Dismiss)
0027980: [Bug - Gameplay] Show ship ranges (selected ships only) not working if >10 ships selected (Dismiss)
0028003: [Gameplay Issue] Melee units unable to hit moving target. (Dismiss)
0028002: [Gameplay Issue] Units get stuck in-between potential targets, never reaching any. (Dismiss)
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0027992: [Gameplay Issue] Templars prioritize attacking Zenith Architraves allied with player (BadgerBadger)
0027995: [Crash/Exception] Dyson Empire Fatal Drilling Error (BadgerBadger)
0027999: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson Sidekick/Empire: Bonus Resources Has No Effect (BadgerBadger)
0027991: [Crash/Exception] Exception in NonClosure_PerTractorSource at stage 5300 (Dismiss)
0027994: [Bug - Gameplay] General planet gravity well size not respected (Dismiss)
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0027979: [Crash/Exception] [Warning: skipped mod "_Vanilla" in XMLLoadingOrder.txt because we couldn't find any mod with that name] on game start (Dismiss)
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0027966: [Crash/Exception] Cannot load game started with 5.56 (Dismiss)
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0027618: [Gameplay Issue] Ghost icons impede movement (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027590: [Graphical Bug] Random selection circles on galaxy map and planet view (Chris_McElligottPark)
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0027940: [Suggestion] Orchid's Spores Are Too Big (BadgerBadger)
0027955: [Bug - Other] Various Errors with Unknown Effects (BadgerBadger)
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0027614: [Bug - Gameplay] Sniper units often neglecting to fire (BadgerBadger)
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0021325: [Gameplay Idea] Visual polish: telling apart cloaked units from non-cloaked units is impossible (Dismiss)
0027699: [Bug - Gameplay] Human Ark empire home station doesn't behave like other flagships (BadgerBadger)
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0027732: [Suggestion] Easy option to set mods for MP (BadgerBadger)
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0027646: [Crash/Exception] Zenith Architrave Civil War: Excessive Strength (BadgerBadger)
0027721: [Bug - Gameplay] The Targeting Bug Redux - Reproducible Save (BadgerBadger)
0027731: [Bug - Gameplay] Architraves stuck in civil war (BadgerBadger)
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0027458: [Graphical Bug] UI Issues - Ship Models (BadgerBadger)
0027515: [Bug - Gameplay] Astro Trains improperly display where they are headed (BadgerBadger)
0027727: [Bug - Gameplay] Neinzul Wild Hives stop working after Nomad crashes into AI homeworld (BadgerBadger)
0027725: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Sphere hacks throw errors if the AI's are dead. (BadgerBadger)
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0027726: [Bug - Gameplay] Coilbeams are broken again. (Dismiss)
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0027714: [Crash/Exception] Crashing to desktop (Dismiss)
0027720: [Crash/Exception] Crashes in last few games. (Dismiss)
0027713: [Bug - Gameplay] cloaked healthbar not consistently used (Dismiss)
0027718: [Graphical Bug] Range rings not shown for selected units when holding Z, only on mouseover. (Dismiss)
0027719: [Graphical Bug] Icons no longer show the count of loaded units (Dismiss)
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0027327: [Bug - Gameplay] disabled transports and battle stations show red circle for pursuit mode even after turning it off (Dismiss)
0027326: [Bug - Gameplay] mobile factories do not always show disabled icon when disabled (Dismiss)
0027300: [Bug - Other] controls > select all flagships, doesn't include battle stations and should (Dismiss)
0027533: [Bug - Other] tooltip for hostile to all zombification incorrect (Dismiss)
0027483: [Gameplay Issue] group move mode, unlike other modes, will not visually turn off until unpaused (Dismiss)
0027543: [Bug - Gameplay] counterattack infinitely increasing after using lightning warhead (Dismiss)
0027529: [Bug - Gameplay] overlord phase 2 dying to HRF or Outguard gives AiP but no science (Dismiss)
0027491: [GUI] Drone Stockade's weapon is wrongly named. (Dismiss)
0027708: [Gameplay Idea] igors are lazy, compared to engineers (Dismiss)
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0027691: [Gameplay Issue] Spire-infused human empires can stack spire cities (BadgerBadger)
0027697: [Bug - Gameplay] Errors during Showdown (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0027690: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Debris data is not cleaned up correctly when switching game sessions. (BadgerBadger)
0027689: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Dragons do not spawn for Fallen Spire (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0027682: [Bug - Gameplay] DZS does not count towards AI exo ship budget (BadgerBadger)
0027679: [Bug - Other] Large amounts of errors in Elderling tracing code (BadgerBadger)
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0027027: [Suggestion] Ark Empires in AI War II multiplayer would actually work very well without a game over on losing the ark (BadgerBadger)
0027336: [Suggestion] Ark Sidekick Player Type (BadgerBadger)
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0027665: [Suggestion] auto load mode (BadgerBadger)
0027673: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Waves against Neinzul Wild Hives causes the AI to stack defenders (StarKelp)
0027666: [Crash/Exception] Neinzul Custodian FIreteam Exceptions (BadgerBadger)
0027670: [Bug - Gameplay] dyson sidekick flagship looping (BadgerBadger)
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Released Jan 14, 2023
0027667: [Bug - Other] End of game message for necromancer cites metal donated to hospitals (BadgerBadger)
0027664: [Crash/Exception] List Sort Error (BadgerBadger)
0027376: [Bug - Gameplay] Infused Spire players can move their Spire Debris. (BadgerBadger)
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0027598: [Gameplay Issue] Serious latency issues in MP (BadgerBadger)
0027662: [Crash/Exception] Window Sidebar Ships Exceptions (BadgerBadger)
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Released Dec 17, 2022
0027658: [Mod Issue] Some mod throws errors about "Miskatonic AI" on startup (BadgerBadger)
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0027594: [GUI] Negative AIP til next level for defeated AIs (BadgerBadger)
0027655: [GUI] With a Spire-Infused Empire Custom Start, Hovering over any option in the Build tab in the menu creates an error. (BadgerBadger)
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0027651: [Crash/Exception] Ship Line Upgrades mod exception continuously while enabled (NRSirLimbo)
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0027650: [Mod Issue] Dyson Sidekick C. Planetoids giving Culendar wrong (BadgerBadger)
0027644: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson Sidekick mod- Templar Tier 3 buildings all produce Seneschal instead of the named unit (BadgerBadger)
0027642: [Crash/Exception] Factions Shut Down From Fatal Errors: Hydral Hobbyist (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0027640: [Crash/Exception] exception upon closing game just loaded (BadgerBadger)
0027641: [Bug - Other] Deep Space Anomaly Analyzer Incorrect Text (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0026979: [Mod Issue] some CI forces not assisting defend homeworld (StarKelp)
0027187: [Crash/Exception] Mod: Lost Human Exception in tutorial (StarKelp)
0027424: [Crash/Exception] hydral federation exception popup (StarKelp)
0027609: [Bug - Gameplay] macrophage spawn bug. (StarKelp)
0027230: [Bug - Gameplay] Sphere Collector Funkiness (StarKelp)
0027416: [Gameplay Issue] Wild Hives: GameCommand_MoveManyToOnePoint-targetEntities not cleaned up (StarKelp)
0027443: [Crash/Exception] exception memory not cleaned up properly at 'gamecommand_movemanytoonepoint-targetEntities' (StarKelp)
0027422: [Gameplay Issue] Splintering Spire: Dark Spire can be hostile to Dark Zenith (StarKelp)
0027523: [Gameplay Issue] Wild Hives conquer the universe (StarKelp)
0027018: [Crash/Exception] Pearl custiodians Exception while testing beacon (StarKelp)
0027478: [Gameplay Issue] Migrant Fleet power evaluation by AI seems off, causes early exo strikes against humanity. (StarKelp)
0027599: [Bug - Gameplay] telium spores failing to spawn new telium for macrophages i think either that or histocites its unclear (StarKelp)
0027440: [Crash/Exception] Repeatable error on trying to spawn a Tamed Telium (StarKelp)
0027401: [Bug - Gameplay] Macrophages unable to spawn new Teliums (StarKelp)
0027176: [Crash/Exception] Macrophage Telium Spawning Exception (StarKelp)
0026882: [Bug - Gameplay] Macrophages no longer reproduce (StarKelp)
16 issues View Issues
0026319: [Suggestion] Roving Defensive Flagships (BadgerBadger)
0027038: [Suggestion] Minor Feature Request: Ability to specify what ship category an AI Types Border Aggression uses. (BadgerBadger)
0027542: [GUI] Typo in tooltip for hacks which upgrade a unit: "Hacked # ouf of # possible times" (BadgerBadger)
0027631: [Bug - Gameplay] Venators appear even in games where they have not been enabled. (Dismiss)
0027526: [Gameplay Issue] Weaker acid effects overwrite stronger ones (BadgerBadger)
0027607: [Bug - Other] Tesla Torpedo Frigate description mismatch (BadgerBadger)
6 issues View Issues
0027625: [Graphical Bug] Dyson Empire: Templar Prophet flagship is absurdly large (BadgerBadger)
1 issue View Issues
0027513: [Bug - Gameplay] Bailout does not stop hacks. (BadgerBadger)
0027621: [Bug - Other] Dark Zenith win achievements don't trigger (BadgerBadger)
0027620: [Bug - Gameplay] AIP change history does not update without a save and reload (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0027245: [Bug - Gameplay] Achievements for claiming spire ships don't seem to work (BadgerBadger)
0027289: [Bug - Other] None of the Spire ship achievements will trigger (BadgerBadger)
0027593: [Bug - Other] List of new steam achievements that won't fire. (BadgerBadger)
0027556: [Bug - Gameplay] Not game over although Phylactery is destroyed (BadgerBadger)
0027616: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer can't lose/Phylactery doesn't relocate. (BadgerBadger)
0024916: [Bug - Gameplay] A few achievements are unobtainable after paradigm shift (BadgerBadger)
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Released Sep 18, 2022
0027571: [GUI] MP: AIP history window spammed repeatedly (BadgerBadger)
0027606: [Crash/Exception] steam networking sockets error (Chris_McElligottPark)
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0027583: [Suggestion] MP: Show science income when it comes from an allied's captured planet (BadgerBadger)
0027602: [Bug - Other] As Necromancer, intel tab lists location of every elderling in revealed galaxy, regardless of vision (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0027586: [Crash/Exception] unexpected game crash (BadgerBadger)
0027576: [Bug - Gameplay] MP: Sometimes Tech UI is not updated correctly after upgrade (BadgerBadger)
0027568: [Bug - Gameplay] MP: Discovered planet is neutral; should be shown as AI Owned (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
Released Aug 25, 2022
0027566: [Crash/Exception] Unable to load savegame from 5.507 (BadgerBadger)
1 issue View Issues
0027565: [Mod Issue] Dyson Sidekick able to build infinite nests, (BadgerBadger)
0027564: [Mod Issue] Dyson Sidekick suffers fatal error when changing income (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0027395: [Bug - Gameplay] Hyperion blocks other outguards (Dismiss)
0027560: [Bug - Gameplay] tortoid dealing attrition damage while disabled (BadgerBadger)
0027554: [Mod Issue] Dyson Sidekick Suffering Fatal Error in Faction (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0026800: [Bug - Gameplay] Mysteriously long Multiphase on some AI guardians. (BadgerBadger)
0027519: [Bug - Gameplay] transport permanently multi-phase (BadgerBadger)
0027550: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancy damage creates two ships on death, not one. (BadgerBadger)
0027546: [Bug - Gameplay] nanocaust giving double ships (BadgerBadger)
0027545: [Bug - Gameplay] ambush post is useless (CRCGamer)
0027544: [GUI] outguard velociraptor description is misleading/incorrect (CRCGamer)
6 issues View Issues
0027536: [Gameplay Issue] naming of expert golems not consistent (CRCGamer)
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0027516: [Bug - Gameplay] killing ai overlord phase 1 spawns TWO phase 2 (BadgerBadger)
0027521: [Bug - Other] Cross Planet Wave Type warning notification could use rewording for other factions (Dismiss)
0027517: [Bug - Gameplay] Double Overlords (BadgerBadger)
0027525: [Bug - Gameplay] huge rogue waves in games with ai allied marauder or nanocaust (Dismiss)
4 issues View Issues
0027323: [Bug - Gameplay] Jabberwock AI uses Elderling units that give Science when killed (human empire) (BadgerBadger)
0027487: [Bug - Gameplay] Wormhole Borer negative time remaining (BadgerBadger)
0027352: [Bug - Gameplay] Error on Maddened Elderlings (BadgerBadger)
0027459: [Graphical Bug] DZ Hersir still has it's placeholder model. (BadgerBadger)
0027400: [Bug - Gameplay] Architrave portal can be destroyed (BadgerBadger)
0027508: [Bug - Gameplay] AI spawns Human Dyson Antagonizer (BadgerBadger)
0027369: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire city cannot bolster any fleets (BadgerBadger)
0027388: [Bug - Audio] Music priority too low when many sounds are queued / played (Dismiss)
0027477: [Bug - Gameplay] Exo-Strike (?) guards planet instead of attacking player (BadgerBadger)
0027281: [Bug - Gameplay] Tractor rays can place tractored units out of planet bounds (tom.prince)
0027474: [Bug - Gameplay] Rams are broken with stacking. (tom.prince)
0027425: [GUI] Outguard Forcefield incorrect tooltip (Dismiss)
0027463: [Bug - Gameplay] Trojan Horse outguard does not work
0027469: [Bug - Gameplay] Unit in Fireteam against the DZ lurking against the player. (tom.prince)
0027470: [Bug - Other] message incorrectly says you've defeated all the ais upon killing the first (NRSirLimbo)
0027391: [Bug - Gameplay] Forcefield ships stacking and unstacking randomly (tom.prince)
0027466: [Gameplay Issue] dire forcefield guardians unkillable do to restacking constantly (tom.prince)
0022420: [Gameplay Issue] When a stack combines, if ships have lost health it should apply the loss as damage to the stack after it does that. (Chris_McElligottPark)
18 issues View Issues
0027412: [Gameplay Issue] Many inactive faction threads (from reloading mods) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027446: [Bug - Other] Inactive Faction Threads issue (from reloading mods) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027321: [Bug - Gameplay] Can't join multiplayer when host is not loading first lobby / savegame since game start (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027244: [Bug - Gameplay] Clients trying to join a reloaded multiplayer game rejected due to faction name already in game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027456: [GUI] Intel menu bugged by new objectives update. (NRSirLimbo)
5 issues View Issues
0025883: [Bug - Audio] "Our planet is under attack" bark when outnumbered on enemy planet (tom.prince)
0026457: [Crash/Exception] Settings under Display are confused (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027447: [Balance Issue] Kindness Custodians Need Smacked by the Hammer of Ulimate Nerfing
0027455: [Bug - Gameplay] Near instant officer claiming caused by unclaimed centerpiece hitpoints not being saved or loaded correctly all of the time. (tom.prince)
0026873: [Bug - Gameplay] Orbital Turrets being moved by tractors (tom.prince)
0027449: [Bug - Gameplay] Orbital turrets can be tractored (tom.prince)
0026895: [Bug - Gameplay] Viral Shredder limit in a fleet does not seem to respect multiple ship lines of shredders. (tom.prince)
0027454: [Bug - Gameplay] 'Send As Waves' option for Wormhole Invasions does not appear to spend any budget. (BadgerBadger)
0027452: [Bug - Gameplay] Neinzul Wild Hives totally break the Dark Zenith's AI. (BadgerBadger)
0027402: [Bug - Gameplay] Too many marauders (tom.prince)
0027438: [Bug - Gameplay] Bug : marauders overpopulation (10k out of 4k, self diagnosed by game) (tom.prince)
0027418: [Bug - Gameplay] Marauders will repeatedly "fortify a system after devestating its defences" even when it's already theirs. (tom.prince)
0026746: [Gameplay Issue] defensive voice feedback when attacking (tom.prince)
0027396: [Bug - Audio] Voice line triggered by wrong event (tom.prince)
0027436: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Miner can move while eating a planet if its the Alpha or Omega version. (BadgerBadger)
0027408: [Bug - Gameplay] No option to Reprogram Space-Time Manipulator (tom.prince)
0027404: [GUI] Attacks on Phylactery planet don't receive skull icon (tom.prince)
0022663: [Bug - Gameplay] Forcefield ships are able to push forcefield towers (tom.prince)
0027259: [Bug - Other] Fragmented Mines' tooltip says they have metabolize damage but their weapon does not have it (CRCGamer)
0027313: [GUI] Forcefield Guardian incorrectly describes allies having a damage penalty. (CRCGamer)
0027434: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Retribution Golem has wrong icon (CRCGamer)
0027432: [Crash/Exception] Initiating the Claim Showdown Device hack throws an error (BadgerBadger)
0027431: [GUI] Claim Showdown Device hack description specifically mentions Necromancer when playing regular Human Empire (BadgerBadger)
0027366: [Bug - Gameplay] Infused Spire City build does not respect placement rules. (tom.prince)
0027371: [Bug - Gameplay] Brutal Guardian Lairs seeding when they should be off (NRSirLimbo)
25 issues View Issues
0026539: [Gameplay Idea] Necromancer can build units from Zenith Trader (tom.prince)
0027377: [Gameplay Issue] Counter-Sniper turrets don't mention that they only work when the command station is alive (tom.prince)
2 issues View Issues
0027379: [Bug - Gameplay] Reverse Tractor prevents ships from leaving planet (tom.prince)
0026703: [GUI] AIP tooltip has wrong AIP to reach next mark level, when you have unused AIP due to "never reduces below" from difficulty level (tom.prince)
0027381: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Miner creates unwinnable map (BadgerBadger)
0027387: [Bug - Gameplay] When Dark Spire spawns a Locus to expand, the announcement tells what planet it spawned on (BadgerBadger)
0027398: [Bug - Gameplay] Deepstrike overload (BadgerBadger)
0027351: [Mod Issue] Error on startup and on selecting Dark Zenith Sidekick player type. (BadgerBadger)
0027392: [Bug - Gameplay] DZS did not spawn for 'some' players playing shared save (BadgerBadger)
0027397: [GUI] Typo in AIP hover pop-up text (Daniexpert)
0027380: [Bug - Gameplay] outguard spy from spymaster not integrated with 'spy network' galaxy view (Daniexpert)
0027384: [Bug - Other] Asteroid Mining Plant typo (Daniexpert)
0027192: [Bug - Other] nuclear warhead tooltip typo (Daniexpert)
0027365: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Frigate granted by (first?) city unaffected by speed nerf setting (tom.prince)
12 issues View Issues
0026744: [Bug - Other] Galaxy view significant graphical (and intel/visibility) problems when loading one save after another (Daniexpert)
0027311: [Bug - Gameplay] reverse tractors prevent my transport from leaving planet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027368: [GUI] Typo in the first message from Migrant Fleets (Daniexpert)
0027372: [Crash/Exception] dark spire generators cause exception and produce no ships (Daniexpert)
0026699: [Graphical Bug] Roguelike option "Hide Unexplored Planets" bugged when reloading earlier save (Daniexpert)
0027021: [Bug - Gameplay] galaxy map showing non-existent planet names (Daniexpert)
6 issues View Issues
0027358: [Crash/Exception] Exception when using unit encyclopedia (tom.prince)
0027269: [Bug - Gameplay] 'stay put unless direct order' is not obeyed, has no visible effect on gameplay (tom.prince)
0027341: [Bug - Gameplay] Error upon trying to swap a shipline. (NRSirLimbo)
3 issues View Issues
0027340: [Crash/Exception] Updated Linux version to 5.009 from GOG. Still 5.008 version. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026995: [Bug - Gameplay] multiplayer bug: waiting on client (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026847: [Balance Issue] Fuseball Turrets deals split damage but has no cap for how many units the attack splits to (CRCGamer)
0027343: [GUI] Selected fleet shows low condition % value when everything is loaded into transport. (tom.prince)
4 issues View Issues
0027295: [GUI] UI Issues - Necromancer Amplifiers - Description (BadgerBadger)
0027292: [Bug - Other] tooltip typo for Halberd Corvette (BadgerBadger)
0027299: [GUI] Dark Spire Spector/Specter name (BadgerBadger)
0027305: [GUI] Seconds after "PM" (BadgerBadger)
0027175: [Bug - Gameplay] Corrosive Guardian on-death explosion seems too strong (BadgerBadger)
0027334: [Bug - Gameplay] Doomaday mode doesn't seem to do anything. (BadgerBadger)
0027320: [Gameplay Idea] use sub icon to distinguish dark spire generator and locus (BadgerBadger)
0027316: [Bug - Gameplay] Deepstrike Reserves Infinite spawn VS Stealth (BadgerBadger)
0027201: [Bug - Gameplay] DZ home system wormholes don't spawn (BadgerBadger)
0027314: [Bug - Gameplay] Brutal Guardian Lairs are destroyed at gamestart, granting +45 AIP Instantly. (tom.prince)
0027307: [Bug - Gameplay] Dark Zenith Invasion not linking planets (BadgerBadger)
0027250: [Gameplay Issue] Strength estimates for hacking responses seem a long way off (BadgerBadger)
12 issues View Issues
0027262: [Crash/Exception] cannot add remove or edit factions in lobby (tom.prince)
1 issue View Issues
0026729: [Crash/Exception] Game permanently paused (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027166: [Crash/Exception] amplifier can be claimed without hacking (edit) (BadgerBadger)
0027114: [Balance Issue] Brutal Guardian Lairs & Ultimate Fortress rules & seeding (NRSirLimbo)
0027213: [Bug - Other] description of The AI Overlord Ingame doesn't States AIP on his Death (NRSirLimbo)
0026132: [Bug - Gameplay] Engineers attempt to repair paused constructions (tom.prince)
0027263: [Bug - Gameplay] i can scrap my own necro flagship (tom.prince)
0026602: [Bug - Other] MP: Research upgrade messages (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027248: [Crash/Exception] Error when hovering mouse over Elderling unit. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027247: [Bug - Other] constant bug (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027207: [Crash/Exception] Constant canarycode exceptions in multiplayer (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027254: [Bug - Other] By Default, Cannot Use UDP Ports Under 10000 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027125: [Bug - Gameplay] Tooltip flickering (NRSirLimbo)
0027112: [GUI] Necromancer Fleet tooltips flicker as buffs are gained and lost (NRSirLimbo)
0027238: [Gameplay Idea] show stationary flagship indicator in galaxy (tom.prince)
0027080: [Bug - Gameplay] units dawdle when suppose to be loading into transport (orders flickering / changing) When wait for stragglers is on. (BadgerBadger)
0027220: [Gameplay Issue] Envious Elderlings tractoring station keepers away is just irritiating (BadgerBadger)
0027224: [Bug - Other] Showdown Hack not showing up. (BadgerBadger)
0027215: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Architraves accumulate metal while the game is paused. (BadgerBadger)
18 issues View Issues
0027195: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Architrave Exponential strength (BadgerBadger)
0027209: [Crash/Exception] Maddened Elderlings Faction Shutdown Exception (BadgerBadger)
0027206: [Bug - Other] Think The AI Won't Notice? achievement unlocking incorrectly (BadgerBadger)
0027179: [Bug - Other] Steam Achievement Think the AI Won't Notice awarded incorrectly (BadgerBadger)
0027212: [Crash/Exception] divide by zero (BadgerBadger)
0027174: [GUI] Incorrect Strength tooltips for Neinzul Clusters (NRSirLimbo)
0027031: [Balance Issue] Sacrificial Decadent Elderling doesn't leave combat when their are no foes on a planet (tom.prince)
0027193: [Balance Issue] AI Flips It's Lid over Migrant Fleets. (StarKelp)
8 issues View Issues
0027163: [Bug - Gameplay] Error message (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027172: [Bug - Other] Typo in unit text (BadgerBadger)
0027150: [Bug - Other] Fallen Spire exo notification reads 0% (BadgerBadger)
0027167: [Crash/Exception] Error flood in two player LAN + Long-term general MP instability (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027170: [Crash/Exception] Error on starting tutorial 2 after activating DLC1 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027186: [Crash/Exception] "Memory not cleaned up properly at RapidAntiLeakPoolable" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027055: [Bug - Gameplay] dire guardian eye unkillable once activated
0027161: [Bug - Other] Pressing `ESC` while reading a "How To Play" article causes an exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027162: [Bug - Other] Removing the last ship from the watchlist sometimes causes an exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027157: [Crash/Exception] Templar AttackTarget Planet Error (BadgerBadger)
0027158: [GUI] Battle flag lists Necromancer gained resources twice (BadgerBadger)
0027165: [GUI] Threat counter has gone on vacation. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027145: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer join error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027144: [Bug - Other] Bug report popping up while in MP game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027182: [Crash/Exception] Faction Shutdown after Dark Zenith Beacon Hack (BadgerBadger)
0027147: [Bug - Other] UI reports Necromancer has low metal (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027143: [Bug - Other] "Tried to create an entity that was already in the central registry!" bug during gameplay (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027173: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer - New error cascade (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027164: [Bug - Other] I got an error when I destroyed the AI Risk Analyzer.
19 issues View Issues
0027104: [Bug - Gameplay] Scourge achievements don't seem to be activating (BadgerBadger)
0027141: [Crash/Exception] Templar experience a crash while lureing a elderling (BadgerBadger)
0027154: [GUI] tutorial typo (BadgerBadger)
0027148: [Bug - Other] Maddened Elderlings trigger Raid Engines (BadgerBadger)
0027134: [Bug - Gameplay] Moving Necropolis is abusable, no longer destroys structures (BadgerBadger)
0027131: [Bug - Gameplay] Scourge Biotech Lab will ALWAYS spawn result of hack on the homeworld of the last AI in the list. (Daniexpert)
6 issues View Issues
0027054: [Crash/Exception] Macrophage Faction Shutdown due to Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027129: [Suggestion] Neinzul Galaxy Reupload (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027092: [Crash/Exception] Memory leak in Pathfinding (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027086: [Gameplay Issue] Corrosion damage not blocking unit repair (BadgerBadger)
0027073: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception quitting to main menu (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027083: [Bug - Gameplay] Major Necropolis Global Cap Not Working (BadgerBadger)
0027103: [Graphical Bug] Metal cost displayed for buildings when playing Necro (BadgerBadger)
0027099: [GUI] Grammar error in Samurai Frigate description (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027109: [GUI] 'Battlestations receive turrets from hacks for all' tooltip causes confusion about which way around this setting works (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027113: [Crash/Exception] Memory not cleaned up properly (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025165: [Suggestion] Disable Screen Scrolling While Escape Menu is Open (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027085: [Crash/Exception] QS:3 - NEcromancer with Neinzul (less easy) Neinzul Galaxy crashes (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027091: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer spectre weapon not firing through forcefields (BadgerBadger)
0027087: [Bug - Other] Necromancer Quick Start error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027089: [Suggestion] New module journals for Badger (BadgerBadger)
0027127: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer Sync issue (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027100: [GUI] Typo in Templar hacking response text (BadgerBadger)
0027101: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderling kills sometimes not giving essence when destroyed (probably from corruption damage) (BadgerBadger)
18 issues View Issues
0027123: [Bug - Gameplay] 63 errors on multiplayer game start, causes numerous cascade errors if ignored (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027116: [Crash/Exception] Exception - Entity tooltip text generation at stage 6470 (BadgerBadger)
0027107: [Balance Issue] Not being able to turn off venators is bizarre (BadgerBadger)
0027097: [Wiki] Cannot move Necropolis (BadgerBadger)
0027102: [Gameplay Issue] Elderlings Beacon seeded in Necromancer game (Daniexpert)
5 issues View Issues
0027059: [Suggestion] Tooltip Display -- Add "Weapon Points" to the Buffs line (NRSirLimbo)
0027060: [Bug - Other] Necromancer hacks require single selected flagship (BadgerBadger)
0027078: [GUI] Distribution Node text does not state Necromancer Player gets resources (BadgerBadger)
0027076: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacked amplifier dissapears after Necropolis swap (BadgerBadger)
0027072: [Bug - Gameplay] Infused Spire city build exos are tiny (BadgerBadger)
0027070: [GUI] Bubble Forcefield Module tooltip is misleading (BadgerBadger)
6 issues View Issues
0027058: [Crash/Exception] Exception upon destroying Elderling on my planet (BadgerBadger)
0027067: [Bug - Other] Memory not cleaned up properly (BadgerBadger)
0027057: [Crash/Exception] Move Necropolis fails on unbuilt Necropolis (BadgerBadger)
0027069: [GUI] Typo in Tips notification (BadgerBadger)
0027056: [Crash/Exception] Exceptions; Mouseover and Migrant-Related Memory
0026825: [Bug - Other] Error on starting game with DLC2 but not DLC1. (Daniexpert)
6 issues View Issues
0027063: [Balance Issue] Fusion weapons bypassing bubble shields (BadgerBadger)
0027062: [Balance Issue] Necromance ForceField modules offer poor value (BadgerBadger)
0027064: [Suggestion] Necropolis bubble shield removal (BadgerBadger)
0024363: [Suggestion] add a range circle for forcefields while in structure placement mode (tom.prince)
0027030: [Graphical Bug] Full tooltip on Sacrificial Decadent Elderling shows negative repair for self-assembly (BadgerBadger)
0027050: [Suggestion] New Necromancer Tip: Totem Technology (BadgerBadger)
0027051: [Suggestion] New Necromancer Tip: Tower Defense Technology (BadgerBadger)
0027047: [Suggestion] New Necromancer Tip: Shipyards are Critical Infrastructure (BadgerBadger)
0027048: [Suggestion] New Necromancer Tip: Modules enhance Flagships and Necropoleis (BadgerBadger)
0027049: [Suggestion] New Necromancer Tip: Modules enhance Flagships and Necropoleis (BadgerBadger)
10 issues View Issues
0026977: [Bug - Other] enter key closes text entry box(s) without saving (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026875: [Graphical Bug] no lightning effect from tesla torpeoes or tesla turrets (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026978: [Bug - Other] load game menu initially shows the wrong save files (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026869: [Gameplay Issue] Load screen confuses campaigns (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026900: [Crash/Exception] Exception Popup: "Exception in AIWar2Networking.HandleMessage: messageType: FromClientToServer_SendMyNextCommandBatch" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026903: [Crash/Exception] pressing escape immediately after clicking custom start and going to the map screen generates an Exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026896: [Crash/Exception] Crash report (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027029: [Crash/Exception] Multiple exceptions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026975: [Crash/Exception] exception popup pathfinding (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026976: [Crash/Exception] exception quitting game just loaded (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026992: [Crash/Exception] Error encountered on main menu. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026994: [Crash/Exception] exception returning to main menu (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026999: [Crash/Exception] exception on client related to instigator appearing (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026960: [Crash/Exception] exception soon after load (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026965: [Bug - Other] "No RepairMissingCenterpieceFromMembershipContents logic for fleet" error message on Startup (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027006: [Crash/Exception] exception opening save (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027025: [Bug - Gameplay] Possible for ark empires (possibly others) to try to begin in same space as another player; original player then gets bumped (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027037: [Bug - Other] XML warning Mapgen_SeedSpecialEntities (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027039: [Gameplay Issue] ship switching fleets (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027042: [Crash/Exception] Exception in AIWar2Networking.HandleMessage: messageType: FromClientToServer_SendMyNextCommandBatch (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027020: [Suggestion] Beacon hacks add multiple identical factions with the same colour (BadgerBadger)
0027044: [Bug - Gameplay] Transform Necromancer Flagship Hack is listed on hack menu before acquiring any Transformations (BadgerBadger)
0027041: [Bug - Other] Achievement folder and filename maybe mispelled.
0027033: [Crash/Exception] Memory not cleaned up properly re:Migrants (StarKelp)
0026834: [Graphical Bug] Icons for hackables disappear after a few seconds when starting as Ark empire (Daniexpert)
0026998: [Bug - Gameplay] multiplayer galaxy exploration does not match (Chris_McElligottPark)
26 issues View Issues
0026874: [Bug - Gameplay] Game behaves as if paused, does not allow saves or continuation of gameplay (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026899: [Crash/Exception] DLC3 Froze after pause (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026948: [Crash/Exception] Single Player Necro Game Freeze (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026836: [Bug - Gameplay] Pause can no longer be released. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026898: [Crash/Exception] Single Player DLC3 crash (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027003: [Crash/Exception] Hot-swapping Mods/Expansions Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025964: [Gameplay Idea] Name a Planet (kickstarter) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026872: [Crash/Exception] multiplayer exception dump (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027014: [Crash/Exception] Game Command Back in the pool for reset-to-defaults (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027008: [Bug - Gameplay] Thread stalling issue (with Dump Threads Run) (Chris_McElligottPark)
10 issues View Issues
0027017: [Gameplay Idea] DLC 3 Achievements that need C# support (BadgerBadger)
0027001: [Bug - Gameplay] Necropolis Modules not working. (tom.prince)
0027000: [Gameplay Issue] DLC 3 Achievements XML ready for integration (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027012: [Gameplay Issue] Xml for DLC 1 Achievements ready for integration (Chris_McElligottPark)
0027034: [Crash/Exception] Could not find GameEntityTypeData extension with name 'DLC3' for type 'DireSingularityGuardian'.
0027010: [Suggestion] please autosave at start (BadgerBadger)
0025922: [Gameplay Idea] Reintroduce beacon factions, but in a new way. (Daniexpert)
0026628: [GUI] Ship lines in rifts don't show minimum mark level required (BadgerBadger)
0026629: [GUI] Add which elderling is the target of the hack (BadgerBadger)
0026949: [GUI] Typo in description of Caged Skeleton (BadgerBadger)
0027022: [GUI] Typo in "The Migrants: The Familiar" lore entry (tom.prince)
0027019: [Bug - Other] Wild Hive Infestation Galaxy map filter includes AI guard strength
0026281: [GUI] Suggestion Map - Resource Filter? (StarKelp)
0026927: [Crash/Exception] Window_HackChoicesSidebarPopout - NullReferenceException (BadgerBadger)
0027004: [Crash/Exception] MP errors (BadgerBadger)
0027013: [Bug - Gameplay] splintering spire bug (StarKelp)
0026997: [Crash/Exception] Minor Exception when loading save containing a Splintering Spire Faction (StarKelp)
0027005: [Bug - Gameplay] nanocaust spawn did not happen (BadgerBadger)
0026996: [Gameplay Issue] Error on destroying first AI command station (BadgerBadger)
0026989: [Bug - Gameplay] Exception occurred when killing Templar Encampment (BadgerBadger)
0026993: [Crash/Exception] exception in entity tooltip text generation at stage (BadgerBadger)
21 issues View Issues
0026986: [Suggestion] Move NastyPicks Damage Reduction from Expert to Logistician (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026969: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer hack of the scourge did not work. (BadgerBadger)
0026983: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Hunter Groups suiciding through player planets attempting to stage on otherwise inaccessible planets (BadgerBadger)
0026967: [Bug - Gameplay] Defense Necropolis doesn't construct ships (BadgerBadger)
0026924: [GUI] Hack Templar Rift text (BadgerBadger)
0026981: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Hunter groups not attacking despite overwhelming force. (BadgerBadger)
0026972: [GUI] Typo in tooltip to Settings/Performance/Use unrestricted UI update speeds (BadgerBadger)
0026974: [GUI] Typo in tooltip for Settings/Debug/Show ship coordinates in tooltip (BadgerBadger)
0026973: [GUI] Typo in tooltip for Settings/Debug/Experimental: Intelligent pursuit (BadgerBadger)
0026971: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire fleet selection shows second flagship that doesn't actually exist (BadgerBadger)
0026947: [Graphical Bug] Necro Flagship double listed in Selected Ships box (BadgerBadger)
0026982: [GUI] Limited Battlestations Tip (BadgerBadger)
0026968: [GUI] Small type in full description of Necromancy damage (BadgerBadger)
0026966: [GUI] Outguard Journal in Necromancer Empire (BadgerBadger)
0026964: [GUI] Mummy Soul Siphon weapon unclear description (BadgerBadger)
0026963: [GUI] Fleet Panel displays misleading maximum Necromancer ship counts. (BadgerBadger)
16 issues View Issues
Released Apr 14, 2022
0026962: [Crash/Exception] Crash report (BadgerBadger)
0026961: [Bug - Other] Exception few seconds after starting a campaign (BadgerBadger)
0026959: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoWorldStepLogic_ClientOrHost_FromSimBGThread.RunStrengthCounting (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0026955: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer -- Dire Guardpost interaction (BadgerBadger)
0026946: [Balance Issue] Foppish Venator Trigger Rework -- Base on Shiplines/officers with Hull >= 1 Million (BadgerBadger)
0026958: [Bug - Gameplay] Cruiser Construction Facility is unhackable (BadgerBadger)
0026956: [Bug - Gameplay] Cannot hack from experimental ship line (BadgerBadger)
0026950: [Bug - Gameplay] Cruiser construction facility disallows hacking, says "0 of 0" (BadgerBadger)
0026952: [Bug - Gameplay] Stalled Nanocaust (BadgerBadger)
0026957: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson Sphere can only be hacked once for ships instead of 3 times
0026954: [GUI] Mummy Tip Typo (BadgerBadger)
0026953: [Wiki] Typo in Mad Elderlings Journal notification (BadgerBadger)
9 issues View Issues
0026849: [Gameplay Issue] MP client issues 4.013 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026922: [Crash/Exception] MP test with DLC3 (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0026918: [Bug - Other] Necromancer - "Transform flagship" hack missing (Daniexpert)
0026839: [GUI] Bottom right panel's icons are not fully functional (BadgerBadger)
       0026863: [Graphical Bug] Pursuit not highlighted when loaded (BadgerBadger)
0026891: [GUI] Elderling Tooltips advertise unavailable hacks (BadgerBadger)
0026944: [Crash/Exception] Arcen.AIW2.External.Window_ResourceBar+tThreat+<>c__DisplayClass5_0.<GetTextToShowFromVolatile>b__0 (Arcen.AIW2.Core.Planet plan (BadgerBadger)
0026935: [GUI] Necromancer tooltip reports no mummies/wights (BadgerBadger)
0026941: [Bug - Gameplay] "Claim Skeleton Amp" hack appears even after the Amp has already been claimed. (BadgerBadger)
0026942: [GUI] Error in hacking description tooltips (BadgerBadger)
0026934: [Gameplay Issue] AI-Allied Sappers could use a nerf (BadgerBadger)
0026926: [GUI] Mummies, wights and skeletons not shown in tech tooltip when loaded in flagship (BadgerBadger)
0026933: [Gameplay Issue] Update necromancer faction description (BadgerBadger)
0026928: [Gameplay Issue] TODO for templar (Daniexpert)
0026889: [Bug - Gameplay] Game stuck on Waiting for X in-game after "Bad Data" error in lobby. (StarKelp)
0026886: [GUI] Withering Journal doesn't list planet (StarKelp)
0026916: [Bug - Gameplay] Additional Elderlings not properly adding additional Elderlings (BadgerBadger)
0026908: [GUI] Full view of a potential tech upgrade has a formatting error for techs where you can capture units (BadgerBadger)
0026892: [Bug - Gameplay] Can hack ODSS more than 3 times, reproducibly (BadgerBadger)
0026832: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer -- Hold Fire doesn't work for Flagships (BadgerBadger)
0026754: [Bug - Gameplay] toggling pursuit mode on spiral cruiser flagship not visible on ui button (BadgerBadger)
0026910: [GUI] Typo in Zenith Architrave Truce Broken Journal log (BadgerBadger)
0026909: [GUI] Wild Neinzul typo (BadgerBadger)
0026911: [GUI] Tooltips Showing Unneeded Planetary Modifiers (NRSirLimbo)
0026901: [GUI] Wight & Mummy Amplifiers are ShipClass (Skeleton Amplifier) (NRSirLimbo)
23 issues View Issues
0025695: [Bug - Gameplay] When ships are loaded in Necrofleet they don't appear in tech tab (BadgerBadger)
0026220: [Suggestion] Can beacons return? (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026859: [GUI] Inaccurate description of Black Widow Golem (BadgerBadger)
0026904: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Architrave Castra are autotargeted by player units, even while they are being hacked by the player. (BadgerBadger)
0026905: [Gameplay Issue] Showdown doesn't release guards as described (BadgerBadger)
0026902: [GUI] DLC3 Necro Transform refers to helplessness with 0 second transformation (BadgerBadger)
0026906: [GUI] Debauched Venator typo (BadgerBadger)
0026634: [GUI] Unit hint: move "Cannot be supercharged" to the new line (NRSirLimbo)
0026890: [GUI] "Exotic Damage" Isn't Defined Anywhere (NRSirLimbo)
0026888: [GUI] Corrosive Damage needs tooltip explanation (NRSirLimbo)
0026893: [Crash/Exception] Memory not cleaned up properly (multiplayer, Necromancer game) (BadgerBadger)
0026885: [Suggestion] Turret Tips in Necromancer (BadgerBadger)
0026887: [GUI] Skeleton Amplifier Tooltip (BadgerBadger)
0026879: [Bug - Gameplay] Exceptions in Fallen Spire Stage 3 Logic (BadgerBadger)
14 issues View Issues
0026858: [GUI] Necromancer Skeleton tooltip (BadgerBadger)
0026855: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer / Zenith Architrave -- Inactive Zenith Architrave (BadgerBadger)
0026865: [Suggestion] Communicating Necromancer Ship Types (BadgerBadger)
0026856: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer Starting Resources (BadgerBadger)
0026864: [GUI] Necro GPs counted against counterattack (BadgerBadger)
0026868: [Bug - Gameplay] Transform Hack Not Allowed (BadgerBadger)
6 issues View Issues
0023697: [GUI] Staff Credits (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025887: [Suggestion] Parent: Todo prior to DLC3 full testing ability (and the new DLC1 additions) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026860: [GUI] Grammar error in Hugger Golem description (BadgerBadger)
0026850: [GUI] Remove Brutal Guardian Lairs from lobby Challenger Campaign tooltip (BadgerBadger)
0026854: [GUI] Tiny Typo In Roguelike Additions Tooltip (BadgerBadger)
0026852: [GUI] Neinzul Migrant Fleets tooltip typo (BadgerBadger)
0026851: [GUI] Neinzul Sappers Vassal Option (BadgerBadger)
7 issues View Issues
0026793: [Suggestion] Move Dire CPA from Expert to Logistician (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026841: [Crash/Exception] Error on Reset To Default in game lobby (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026844: [Crash/Exception] Game throws errors whenever generating a new map for a new campaign (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026846: [GUI] Typo in description of Architrave Eques (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026848: [Bug - Other] Error message appears on Quick Start for Scenario 2 in Basic. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026842: [Bug - Gameplay] Bug on Startup (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026843: [Crash/Exception] Game errors on loading (Chris_McElligottPark)
7 issues View Issues
0026837: [Bug - Gameplay] Exowar units still behaving oddly, and possibly general threat as well. (BadgerBadger)
0026766: [Bug - Gameplay] Not after you, Architraves and fireteams getting weird. (ZA too willing to attack player in civil war) (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0026817: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer game generating lots of exceptions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024487: [Bug - Other] Negative Exostrike (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025179: [GUI] Exostrike has negative countdown timer (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026497: [Bug - Gameplay] Yellow Sun Eldritch hitbox too big - Can't get shot by low range or melee units (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026812: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire city structure build limits are too high - Fallen Spire edition. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026809: [Bug - Gameplay] Empire Ark not present after continuing multiplayer session (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026835: [Gameplay Issue] 'dumb' warden behavior observed (BadgerBadger)
0026702: [Bug - Other] Faction Over Cap - Cross Planet Attack Drones: 1000/500 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026722: [Bug - Gameplay] Multiplayer game desyncs after playing for some time. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026719: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire hammer AI seems to send unusually large waves (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026717: [Bug - Gameplay] Faction Over Cap (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026779: [Balance Issue] New Orbital Tag -- Destroy Child if Parent is Crippled/Remains (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026623: [Bug - Gameplay] Progenitors don't die after desctruction of ancestor (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026774: [Bug - Other] Quick starts missing factions or inconsistent settings.
0026778: [Bug - Other] Faction over Cap (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026540: [Graphical Bug] The galaxy map may not redraw icons when quitting back to the main menu and then reloading same saved game. (Daniexpert)
0026627: [GUI] Galaxy map doesn't show icons (Rare). (Daniexpert)
0026735: [Crash/Exception] Entering Then Quickly Exiting the Custom Start Lobby (via Esc key) Causes Exceptions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026765: [Crash/Exception] exception closing quick start / custom start with escape key (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026743: [Crash/Exception] Error on clicking "reset to default" in the custom start lobby (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026740: [Crash/Exception] exception closing save dialog related to nomad planet naming (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026751: [Crash/Exception] Random exception on quitting game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026704: [Bug - Other] Debug log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026794: [Crash/Exception] MP client errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026773: [Bug - Other] Orbitals can spawn out of Bounds (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026792: [Bug - Other] error, then some problems with ui/commands (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026805: [Crash/Exception] Error, Exception in DoLongRangePlanning_OnBackgroundNonSimThread_HostOnly (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026796: [Gameplay Issue] Missing wave notifications on client, exceptions and ships sometimes disappear (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026827: [Bug - Gameplay] Expatriate technology doesn't apply to HRF until game paused (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026408: [Bug - Gameplay] HRF not marking up with Expatriate tech until you pause the game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026755: [Crash/Exception] MP Log error collection (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026833: [GUI] Hover Tooltip in lobby blocks strength number (Dark Zenith) (Chris_McElligottPark)
32 issues View Issues
0026712: [Suggestion] Implicit save at campaign start (BadgerBadger)
0025986: [GUI] Icon Overlays for Speedster AI Type (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025971: [GUI] Some of the new Eyes will need new Icon Overlays (Panopticon AI type) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026813: [Crash/Exception] Large proportion of my saves won't load in the new version. (CRCGamer)
0026686: [GUI] Metal Sent to Civil authorities reported as 10x too much. (Daniexpert)
0026826: [Bug - Gameplay] Severely low Civilian Authorities repayment (Daniexpert)
0026690: [Suggestion] Allow 'Wait for Stragglers' to be able to be used on all planets (BadgerBadger)
0026662: [Bug - Gameplay] Necropolises are missing Customize Modules button (BadgerBadger)
0026698: [GUI] Small Typo in Ethereal cruiser description & missing trailing whitespace in tractor-dmg system tooltip (BadgerBadger)
0026821: [Bug - Gameplay] Module Button Not Appearing for Necromancer -- Phylactery/Necropolis (BadgerBadger)
0026736: [Bug - Other] TakeDamageDirectly error (BadgerBadger)
0026811: [Crash/Exception] Engine_Universal.OnUpdateFromMainThread Error at debugStage 1000: System.NullReferenceException (BadgerBadger)
0026806: [Bug - Gameplay] system owned by marauder causing hacking cost miscalc (BadgerBadger)
0026828: [GUI] Typo - Balance options - missiles (BadgerBadger)
0026815: [Bug - Audio] Game keeps warning me about "enemy launching major offensive" or "enemy incursion into our territory" while paused. (BadgerBadger)
0026822: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer Flagship Bug -- Can Transform wrong flagship (BadgerBadger)
0026823: [Balance Issue] Templar -- Encamptment/Fastness evolving before Mark 7 (BadgerBadger)
0026784: [Bug - Other] Error pop-ups from autobuild (NRSirLimbo)
0026795: [Suggestion] Orchid Ark tooltip should mention Rescue Spores (BadgerBadger)
0026798: [Bug - Other] Error, log attached (BadgerBadger)
0026787: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer vassals attacking elderling eggs. (BadgerBadger)
0026818: [Bug - Gameplay] Infused Spire players can scrap their own debris. (BadgerBadger)
0026799: [Gameplay Idea] Necromancer -- Maddened Elderling to target player HW every 30 min for consistent source of Essence (BadgerBadger)
0026820: [Bug - Gameplay] High frequency of border aggression spawns (BadgerBadger)
24 issues View Issues
0026797: [Graphical Bug] New AI Eyes re-using Plasma Eye visuals and a lot of reused overlays (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026776: [Bug - Gameplay] No AIP progress when capturing a system (StarKelp)
0026783: [Gameplay Issue] adjust architrave defensive structure spawn rate (BadgerBadger)
0026791: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Spire Dreadnaughts have a massively overpowered (due to a bug) weapon, and most other AI Spire ships are also bugged. (ZeusAlmighty)
0026786: [Bug - Gameplay] Bug report -- Move Necropolis hack gives Error (BadgerBadger)
0025765: [Suggestion] Idea: 'Panopticon' AI Type with eyes on every planet
0026785: [Gameplay Issue] Necro: Resources (BadgerBadger)
7 issues View Issues
0026780: [Bug - Gameplay] Templar Constructor sitting Idle (BadgerBadger)
0026709: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Miner Probe Hack: "Reroute Probe" has no selectable target planets (BadgerBadger)
0026725: [Bug - Other] outdated tooltip (and intel reguarding "Lone Wulfs") (BadgerBadger)
0026730: [GUI] Zenith Miner misleading tooltips (BadgerBadger)
0026734: [Bug - Gameplay] Cross-planet waves spawning at AI homeworld (Daniexpert)
0026762: [Bug - Gameplay] Exowar units not being used against the faction they are supposed to be, 2. (BadgerBadger)
6 issues View Issues
0026739: [Bug - Other] Dyson sphere golem's large selection hitbox makes it difficult to move/select/hover over other units (Daniexpert)
0025847: [Audio Work] Can't change music in debug menu (Daniexpert)
0026742: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoOnAnyDeathLogic_HostOnly_NotJustMyOwnShips_HostOnly for faction Husk(Index 1) (StarKelp)
0026752: [GUI] Buggy intel screen. (BadgerBadger)
0025215: [Bug - Gameplay] Debris hack doesn't pause debris timer any more (Daniexpert)
0026767: [Balance Issue] Templar Hacking Response -- XML Lever to balance hacking response and tag for specific ships (BadgerBadger)
0026772: [Suggestion] Templar Difficulty XML -- Renaming Tags for clarification (BadgerBadger)
0026768: [Gameplay Issue] Cannot activate showdown as necromancer (BadgerBadger)
0026770: [Balance Issue] Templar Ships Marks -- Cap based on Tier of Structure (BadgerBadger)
0026769: [Bug - Gameplay] Templar Hacking Response -- More Wave Leaders than should be possible (BadgerBadger)
0026759: [Gameplay Issue] Templar King Unit -- The Sovereign XML is ready for Implementation (BadgerBadger)
0026761: [Bug - Other] Tooltip Bug -- Necromancer "Skeleton Ration" still refers to skeleton detonators instead of Rogues (BadgerBadger)
0026745: [Bug - Gameplay] Destroying AI wormhole projector can remove existing connections (StarKelp)
0026630: [Bug - Gameplay] Mixed up Elderlings - Transform hack (ZeusAlmighty)
0026737: [Bug - Gameplay] Cheat-y way to see any hidden planet when "Hide Unexplored Planets" is enabled (Daniexpert)
0026747: [Bug - Gameplay] Important capturables (flagships, golems, etc.) are visible and hoverable on unexplored planets (Daniexpert)
0026741: [Bug - Gameplay] Splintering Spire - Dismantle timer resets on loading a save. (StarKelp)
17 issues View Issues
0026706: [Bug - Gameplay] Outguard randomization broken (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026715: [Bug - Gameplay] Nanocaust Beacon - Hive Dormancy Error? (BadgerBadger)
0026661: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Architrave Core Territory bugged if near Home Ark of Ark Empire (StarKelp)
0026733: [GUI] Revised Fuel How To Play Entry (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026707: [GUI] Demeter's Cornucopia outguard is a bit unclear (StarKelp)
0026695: [Bug - Gameplay] Exowar budget issues. (StarKelp)
0026693: [Bug - Gameplay] Challenger campaigns start with 2 battlestations (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026701: [Suggestion] Ark Empire: make first captured planet cost no AIP instead of starting planet (StarKelp)
0026653: [Bug - Gameplay] Macrophage Spores refuse to spawn new Telium and stacking issues (StarKelp)
0026560: [GUI] Anti-DS alliance displays countdown for destroyed conquest VG (StarKelp)
0025909: [GUI] At game end, properly show the most effective fleet rather than a random one like it presently is. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026731: [Bug - Gameplay] Brownout happens during Paused (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026714: [Bug - Gameplay] Splintering Spire - Coalition forces present but not dismantling. (StarKelp)
0026697: [Bug - Gameplay] Exowar units not being used against the faction they are supposed to be. (StarKelp)
0026728: [Bug - Gameplay] Retribution golem not healing (StarKelp)
0026726: [Bug - Other] (mod) error logs on system start before making or loading a game (StarKelp)
0026547: [Bug - Gameplay] VG locus spawning at same planet as VG, also flickering tooltips and construction beams (BadgerBadger)
0026710: [Crash/Exception] ERROR: Memory not cleaned up properly at RapidAntiLeakPoolable 'SplinteringSpireHandleCoalitionMovement' (StarKelp)
0026705: [Suggestion] Fuel Stations AIP Penalty (BadgerBadger)
0026696: [Balance Issue] "Gyrn, the Voidhome" produces same amount of energy as any other Empire Ark (contrary to description) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0023191: [Crash/Exception] Exception Popup: "Error trying to handle mouseover" (BadgerBadger)
21 issues View Issues
0026447: [Gameplay Issue] Nomad hacks are not clear in what they do (BadgerBadger)
0022593: [GUI] Eyebot bonus attack damage is not scaling? (Daniexpert)
0026689: [Bug - Other] ArcenDebugLog is no longer written (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026683: [Balance Issue] Hacking Response/Exo Confusion (BadgerBadger)
0026502: [Bug - Other] Negative wave countdown - Wave not spawning (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026681: [Bug - Other] Unclaimed transports misbehaving (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026611: [GUI] Tooltip text of cloaked flagship shows cut-off text that makes no sense. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026675: [Gameplay Issue] is it a bug or a feature that spire fleet module switches take no resources and are instant? (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026684: [Bug - Gameplay] Tooltip Exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026685: [GUI] Campaign Tips Tweaking (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026633: [Balance Issue] Dire CPAs, Suggestion and Possible Malfunction (BadgerBadger)
11 issues View Issues
0023455: [Bug - Gameplay] AI allied to Ghost-type also gains ghost ships during some waves/reinforcements (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025041: [Bug - Gameplay] Unique ship types erroneously assigned to waves of wrong AI type (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026646: [Mod Issue] Mod support request: Weird Nanocaust and Drone behaviour
0026617: [Crash/Exception] ERROR In RepairingHullsOfFriendlies debugStage 1500 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026673: [Bug - Other] Zooming Sometimes Zooms All The Way In Instantly (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026674: [Bug - Gameplay] Exception in entity tooltip text generation at stage 1010:System.NullReferenceException (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026663: [GUI] Spire City Mechanics journal errors. (BadgerBadger)
0026677: [Balance Issue] More Challenger Enforced Settings Tweaks (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026664: [Bug - Gameplay] ChooseWaveTarget exception for every wave (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026672: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Infused w Dark Spire (BadgerBadger)
0026668: [Balance Issue] Hacking Rift for Essence not Worthwhile (BadgerBadger)
0026670: [Gameplay Idea] Hacking Rifts for Bodyguards Alternative (BadgerBadger)
0026645: [Gameplay Issue] Chromatic horror causes horrific micromanagement when fixing turret placement (BadgerBadger)
0020220: [Gameplay Idea] Corrosive: Does damage over time to hull only (shields take base damage) (BadgerBadger)
14 issues View Issues
0026605: [Gameplay Issue] MP 4.000 report (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026640: [Crash/Exception] MP Error Log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026656: [Crash/Exception] MP Log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026660: [Bug - Gameplay] Castra of player-allied Zenith-Architrave can be hacked for ship line (BadgerBadger)
0026659: [GUI] Hacking Screen flickering every 5 seconds. (BadgerBadger)
0026657: [Crash/Exception] Exception in brownout notifier (BadgerBadger)
0026600: [Balance Issue] Necropolis can be active at the same time with a reconquest command center (BadgerBadger)
0026626: [Balance Issue] Remove eyes that spawn Dire Guardians for necromancer (BadgerBadger)
0026652: [Gameplay Idea] Opening encyclopedia does not pause game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026651: [Crash/Exception] GOG Linux version generates errors when installed over 3.309 (Chris_McElligottPark)
10 issues View Issues
0026643: [Bug - Other] Quickstarts and Campaign Types (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026603: [Bug - Other] AI Sentinel Drones over cap (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026409: [Bug - Other] Way to circumvent double AI in expert mode (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026621: [Crash/Exception] Exception in NonClosure_PerTachyonSource at stage 4100 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026638: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacking Zenith Miners - The game requires a NomadPlanetFaction when the Nomad Galaxy is enabled (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026616: [Bug - Gameplay] Nomadic Galaxy spams errors without Nomad Planets (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026642: [Gameplay Idea] Add "RAID"-tag to the galaxy map planet edit-screen (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026641: [GUI] Typos (Daniexpert)
0026607: [Bug - Gameplay] Shot Memory Leak (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026636: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Over Capacity: Drones (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026639: [Bug - Gameplay] unable to capture new planets, cannot build command centers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026622: [Bug - Other] Faction Over Cap - Marauder Drones (CRCGamer)
0026615: [GUI] Starting screen doesn't let you start with more than 2.5 millions of metal (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026613: [GUI] Move the Unit Enzyclopedia icon somewhere else. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026624: [GUI] Necromancer: Galaxy map filter shows more than it should (StarKelp)
0026619: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer Move Necropolis hack shows selected necropolis in target list (BadgerBadger)
0026606: [Gameplay Idea] First rift and second rift choices for Necromancer (BadgerBadger)
0026618: [Bug - Other] Received Tip for Spire Spheres when discovering a Zenith Dyson Sphere (StarKelp)
0026599: [Crash/Exception] Necromancer hack "Move necropolis" - Error on button click: System.NullReferenceException (BadgerBadger)
19 issues View Issues
0026597: [GUI] Proposed Fuel FAQ (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026592: [Gameplay Issue] MP 3.907 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026595: [Bug - Other] btnNotification.HandleMouseover Notification Note-Failure (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026593: [GUI] Planet Names in Lobby are Suddenly Small (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026596: [Bug - Other] Window_FleetManagementSidebarPopout (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026594: [Bug - Other] Distributed Resource Generation Mode enforcement (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026573: [Gameplay Issue] Dyson sphere hit box is too big (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025682: [Bug - Other] Steam achievement 'Uneasy Allies' isn't firing (BadgerBadger)
8 issues View Issues
0026535: [Gameplay Issue] MP - Units on client Unload allover at the gravwell. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026582: [Note To Test] New FRS Ships (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026580: [Gameplay Issue] Dropped inputs in SP (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026574: [Bug - Other] Memory not cleaned up properly at RapidAntiLeakPoolable (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026577: [Bug - Other] Could not find ExternalSquadBaseInfo entry with name: ElderlingPerUnitBaseInfo (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026581: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Architrave shuts down attempting a Civil War (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026572: [Bug - Other] Task overran warning time: _Sim.ArcenExecutionManager.SoleContext (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026578: [Crash/Exception] MP Session 3.906 (Chris_McElligottPark)
8 issues View Issues
0026568: [Gameplay Issue] Spire infused flagship mark up issue (BadgerBadger)
0026548: [Bug - Gameplay] [Multiplayer] Flagship producing infinite ships local to client after transfer (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026550: [Bug - Gameplay] Desync Error Regarding Ship Counts (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026536: [Gameplay Idea] MP- Client appears to be building units over limit when loading unloading from transport (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024489: [GUI] Spire City upgrade notification suggestions (text-overflow, ui get pushed, its location, can't be search) (BadgerBadger)
0026576: [Crash/Exception] Exception in entity tooltip text generation (BadgerBadger)
0022434: [Bug - Gameplay] AI's special "abilities" activate after passing the AIP threshold, not when reaching it (BadgerBadger)
0026575: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception in DoOnAnyDeathInCombatLogic_AfterFullDeathOrPartOfStackDeath (BadgerBadger)
0026571: [Bug - Gameplay] ActuallyFireSalvoAtTargetPriorityList (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026538: [Gameplay Issue] MP: clients perpetually building units (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026512: [GUI] "Xenon" tooltip tag typo (BadgerBadger)
0026556: [Balance Issue] Challenger Mode+ Locks Guard Aggro Distance Much Lower Than Default (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026551: [Balance Issue] Guard Post Aggression (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026555: [Crash/Exception] btnNotification.HandleMouseover (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026562: [Bug - Other] Fleet strenght doubled when loaded (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026561: [GUI] A svikari epistyle is trying to unlock mark "siz" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026559: [GUI] Pre-game Setup Map Type and Map Customization Typos and Text Issues (Daniexpert)
0026553: [Crash/Exception] Window_FleetManagementSidebarPopout exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026549: [Bug - Other] I can see when Factions have more ships over the cap that is allotted to them (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026530: [Bug - Gameplay] Reverse Tractor Bug -- Crippled Flagships can still be tractored (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026526: [Crash/Exception] Exception Popup: "UpdateVisualObj at debugStage 1900. Error: System.NullReferenceException" (Chris_McElligottPark)
21 issues View Issues
0026552: [GUI] HA, Challenger, and Expert description text (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026545: [Bug - Gameplay] Regenerator Golem Mechanic Broken (BadgerBadger)
0026543: [Bug - Gameplay] Skeleton conversion broken for Skeleton Lords (BadgerBadger)
0026529: [Bug - Gameplay] Templar Bug -- Using Elite Wave Leaders at 34 AIP (BadgerBadger)
0026528: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderling Experience -- Exp needed not matching xml (BadgerBadger)
5 issues View Issues
0026353: [Bug - Gameplay] Attractant field not working (at least for Bulwark Turret and Darker Mirror) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026352: [Bug - Other] mp: planet icons are hidden (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026443: [Bug - Gameplay] Attractive Fields Bug--Field no longer attracts weapon fire (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025684: [Crash/Exception] [Multiplayer] Player Controllable Factions Cannot Populate Multiple Players in the "Players Controlling" (BadgerBadger)
0026518: [Bug - Gameplay] Choosing your start location is meaningless because the galaxy is not fixed. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026398: [Bug - Gameplay] Dark Zenith invasion - Planet linking bugs (BadgerBadger)
0026468: [Bug - Gameplay] Dark Zenith systems failed to connect to the galaxy (BadgerBadger)
0026445: [Bug - Other] Bug report -- Negative Knockback not working (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026522: [Crash/Exception] MP: Exception in DoOnDeath (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026523: [Crash/Exception] Exception in AIWar2Networking.HandleMessage (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026524: [Graphical Bug] (unclaimed) Inihibitor Citadels seem to be a bit big (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026519: [GUI] MP client: build menu flickers for command stations section. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026521: [Gameplay Issue] MP: Ships just fly off the edge of the planet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026520: [Gameplay Idea] MP: building command station or necropolis on client has random placement (Chris_McElligottPark)
14 issues View Issues
0026450: [Graphical Bug] MP-Very fast moving units still appear to rubberband on clients (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026517: [Bug - Gameplay] AI not spawning exowar units. (No Faction has a power rating.) (BadgerBadger)
0026397: [Gameplay Issue] MP error: Whenever the human empire would claim a new flagship/Ark, it would vanish from the client. Reconnecting made the flags (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026446: [Bug - Gameplay] Fleet transports disappear from client when captured and on other status chages on client (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026351: [Bug - Gameplay] Save that starts pushing errors on client immediately (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026424: [Bug - Other] Notification Note-Failure (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026427: [Bug - Gameplay] Error when attempting to swap ship lines. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026370: [Bug - Gameplay] Metal Harvesters Receiving Distributed Economy Multipliers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026402: [Crash/Exception] Exception in entity tooltip text generation at stage 185100 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026406: [Crash/Exception] FixDuringDeserForTemplate_AddAnyMissingFactions inner error at stage 1370 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026486: [GUI] Loadouts Notifier and editing GUI issues (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026478: [Gameplay Issue] Reverse Tractors Not Active on Pillagers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026495: [GUI] Missing tachyons and tractors descriptions in all tooltips of units that have them (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026513: [Bug - Gameplay] Command Station Mobile as standard Human Player and other oddities (ZeusAlmighty)
0026496: [Bug - Other] Fleet wide bonuses in tooltip of AI ships (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026511: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire empire - city tier 3 upgrade bug (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026514: [GUI] Two issues with the Selected Ships pane. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026400: [GUI] Planet Naming schema options Scroll Off Screen in game lobby (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026506: [GUI] Starting fleet list goes out of the screen border (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026439: [Crash/Exception] MP errors 3.805 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026500: [Crash/Exception] SINGLEP DELAYED68 TID35 ReactToShotHittingSquad Error at debug number11 System.NullReferenceException: (BadgerBadger)
0026489: [GUI] Galaxy Wide Ship Cap UI change (BadgerBadger)
0026491: [Crash/Exception] Window_SidebarObjectives: System.NullReferenceException (BadgerBadger)
0026508: [Crash/Exception] Helper_SendThreatOnRaid debugCode 1630 (BadgerBadger)
0026510: [GUI] "Autobuild forcefields" tooltip small typo (BadgerBadger)
0026503: [Crash/Exception] SINGLEP DELAYED23 TID14 Memory not cleaned up properly at RapidAntiLeakPoolable 'AiSent-SeedEntities-backupPotentialPlanets' of (StarKelp)
0026505: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoLongRangePlanning_OnBackgroundNonSimThread_HostOnly for faction Splintering Spire (StarKelp)
27 issues View Issues
0026392: [Bug - Gameplay] Infinite dyson antagonizers spawning. (StarKelp)
0026492: [Crash/Exception] Error when trying to load faction settings prior to Deserialization (StarKelp)
0026481: [Bug - Other] Unable to add Dark Spire Faction in Lobby (StarKelp)
0026488: [Bug - Gameplay] Golems pushing can get other units stuck (and other problems) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026482: [Bug - Gameplay] bestTargetNull spam in tooltip of units (BadgerBadger)
0026475: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderling Experience -- Elderlings skipping from low tier to high tier, and keeping mark 7 between evolution (BadgerBadger)
0025655: [Bug - Gameplay] Buildings not constructing due to "Command station not fully-built" with it actually being fully built (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026479: [Suggestion] Discussion: Expert Mode Hack Exo Strike Strength (BadgerBadger)
0026477: [GUI] Unit infobox bug - Best Target Null (BadgerBadger)
9 issues View Issues
0026470: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire frigate does not pursue when in pursuit mode (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024345: [Gameplay Idea] During press period: Loadouts (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026463: [Suggestion] Rename "Devour" and "Infection" mechanics for the Templar units (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026428: [Bug - Other] Loaded SP save and nomadic planet icons followed (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026433: [GUI] FRS - tooltip does not show which bonus is applied to fleet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026459: [Crash/Exception] Exception in per second repair (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026467: [Bug - Other] blasted by error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026471: [Crash/Exception] Exception in GeneratePersonalNotification (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026474: [Bug - Other] "Debug Info" in the tooltipps for Outguard (NRSirLimbo)
0026472: [Balance Issue] Phased Cestus spawns Phased Cestus on death (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026473: [Balance Issue] Elderling Experience -- Exp needed to mark up based on Tier of the Elderling (BadgerBadger)
0026469: [Bug - Other] Leveling home command station gives unspent module points for spire frigate (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026466: [GUI] Doing the advanced views on a ARS/FRS whatever with modular weapon ships leads to ghost copy prompts. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026438: [Gameplay Issue] Instigators on MP client has issues (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026465: [Bug - Gameplay] Maximum engine stun caps aren't being properly respected. (NRSirLimbo)
0026444: [Graphical Bug] "InsanelyHigh" Unit Ranges Don't Draw Attack Range (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026462: [Crash/Exception] ArcenUI_Window.OnUpdateWindow Error (StarKelp)
0026448: [Balance Issue] Challenger Enforced Settings (Chris_McElligottPark)
18 issues View Issues
0026395: [Gameplay Issue] Wormhole Borer wants to create an already existent connection (BadgerBadger)
0025941: [Gameplay Idea] Modular ships core code and interface. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026460: [Gameplay Issue] scrub foes does not work (BadgerBadger)
0026456: [Bug - Gameplay] Wormhole invasion projectors spawning on player owned planets. (BadgerBadger)
0026454: [Bug - Other] beam code changes disrupted mods (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0026423: [Bug - Gameplay] Dreadnaughts dealing too much damage. (NRSirLimbo)
0026452: [Bug - Other] Error, log attached (BadgerBadger)
0026431: [Bug - Gameplay] FRS ship boost issues. (NRSirLimbo)
0026451: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderling Bug Report -- "mid" tag causing errors (related to the Medium Elerlings) (BadgerBadger)
4 issues View Issues
0025960: [Gameplay Idea] Interplanetary Weapon 3: The Wormhole Jammer (DLC1) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025959: [Gameplay Idea] Interplanetary Weapon 2: The Time Stopper (DLC1) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025958: [Gameplay Idea] Interplanetary Weapon 1: The Last Resort (DLC1) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025955: [Gameplay Idea] New brutal AI type: The Blip (DLC1) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025957: [Gameplay Idea] Warhead silos and warheads (DLC1) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026442: [Gameplay Issue] Elderling Allies--Hack to Transform should not be available (BadgerBadger)
0026417: [GUI] Text in fleet selection not fully visible (BadgerBadger)
0026006: [Bug - Gameplay] only_fires_on_death XML tag does not work (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026440: [Bug - Other] Engineers not reaching necron flagship (Chris_McElligottPark)
9 issues View Issues
0026422: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire city structure build limits are too high. (BadgerBadger)
0026416: [Crash/Exception] MP errors 3.804 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026430: [GUI] Color tags not working when opening fuel window (BadgerBadger)
0026418: [GUI] Amplifier marked as part of Unnamed fleet (BadgerBadger)
0026410: [Crash/Exception] Memory not cleaned up properly at RapidAntiLeakPoolable (BadgerBadger)
0026419: [Gameplay Issue] Imperial Spire are Player Controlled as Spire Infused Humans (BadgerBadger)
0026426: [Bug - Gameplay] MP unplayable due to errors spamming (BadgerBadger)
0026411: [Graphical Bug] Wormhole projector attack waves still take place if the projector is killed, unless the game is saved and loaded. (BadgerBadger)
0026421: [Crash/Exception] ReactToShotHittingSquad Error at debug number3 (BadgerBadger)
0026413: [Crash/Exception] PerFrame_CheckForPlayerFleetLoading exception (BadgerBadger)
0026415: [Crash/Exception] MP session 3.804 and a half (BadgerBadger)
0026412: [Bug - Gameplay] Something prevents some Spire buildings from being built (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026404: [Gameplay Issue] Spire Infused Human Empire - Buildings 'require' double their energy to function (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026399: [Crash/Exception] MP Client Errors 3.804 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026382: [Bug - Gameplay] Ai Not sending Exo Units - Spire Infused (BadgerBadger)
15 issues View Issues
0026379: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Infused Empire bugs - building second city. (BadgerBadger)
0026389: [Crash/Exception] MP Errors 2.803 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026383: [Crash/Exception] Exception in entity tooltip text generation at stage 5000 - Elderlings (BadgerBadger)
0026394: [Crash/Exception] Called GetExternalBaseInfoAs<Arcen.AIW2.External.NecromancerFactionBaseInfo>() when BaseInfo was actually a different type (BadgerBadger)
0026386: [Bug - Gameplay] Templar castle never marking up (BadgerBadger)
0026373: [Bug - Other] Still getting GalaxyMapPlanet PrecalculateCertainVisualAspects error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026375: [Bug - Other] DoShotHitLogic_Inner error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026346: [GUI] Planetary Science Point Scaling Tooltip Names Hacking Points (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026380: [Bug - Gameplay] Essence gains are not correctly counted (BadgerBadger)
0026385: [Crash/Exception] Hit excpetion in rift hack GetCanHackForThisItem debugCode 100 (BadgerBadger)
0026381: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Infused Bugs (BadgerBadger)
0026294: [Suggestion] Galaxy map warnings are annoying with Necromancer (BadgerBadger)
0026368: [Suggestion] Expert Mode Lobby Tooltip (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026374: [Bug - Other] Task overran warning time (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026377: [GUI] Unit Encyclopedia lists 7 times transport flagship (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026378: [GUI] Some units have 0 DPS listed for their weapons (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026092: [GUI] Ark Belle Prime shows with strength 0 on tooltips (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026387: [GUI] Reloading saved game might cause system names not to appear on galaxy map. (Chris_McElligottPark)
18 issues View Issues
0024343: [Gameplay Idea] During press period: ship encyclopedia (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026350: [Bug - Gameplay] Player connected and host got error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026376: [GUI] Profile tooltip in the menu goes out of boundaries (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026372: [Gameplay Issue] MP Bugs 3.802 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026369: [GUI] Expert toolbar fuel display (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026360: [Balance Issue] Major Data Centers on Challenger+ (Chris_McElligottPark)
6 issues View Issues
0026344: [Bug - Other] GalaxyMapPlanet PrecalculateCertainVisualAspects (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026340: [Crash/Exception] MP on 3.800 is broken (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026279: [GUI] Necromancer ship cap shown as increased with tech levels when it shouldn't (BadgerBadger)
0025250: [Suggestion] Feature Request: Option to tun off wormhole invasions (BadgerBadger)
0026222: [Bug - Other] Spire Debris Claimed by Player and AI Simultaneously (BadgerBadger)
0026349: [Bug - Other] Pressing swap ship still loops this error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026336: [Bug - Gameplay] Squares map type doesn't seem to be working. (BadgerBadger)
0026355: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception during Outguard LRP debugCode 900 (BadgerBadger)
0026348: [GUI] Necromancer Essence Icon Color Discrepancies (BadgerBadger)
0026341: [Gameplay Idea] Badger MP TODOs (BadgerBadger)
0026347: [Crash/Exception] Exception in AI.DoOnAnyDeathLogic_MyFactionUnitsOnly_HostOnly (BadgerBadger)
0026345: [Crash/Exception] SphereNowAntagonized_MayReturnNull (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026342: [Crash/Exception] Unrequested attribute errors after game starts up (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026343: [GUI] "Top-Down Only" main camera setting is broken. (Chris_McElligottPark)
14 issues View Issues
0026327: [Bug - Gameplay] asteroid mining power plants remaining in unnamed fleet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026228: [Bug - Gameplay] Metal Harvesters not Benefitting from Orbital Mining (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025898: [GUI] In-game ship encyclopedia. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026338: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Capital is not able to upgrade (BadgerBadger)
0025893: [GUI] Metal and energy sections hidden on resource bar for necromancers. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025892: [GUI] Proper buttons for fuels in expert mode. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026280: [GUI] Tooltip missing for Essence Icon (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025888: [GUI] Customizable resource bar. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026337: [Crash/Exception] Clicking "custom game" throws errors. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026335: [Bug - Gameplay] Ultimate Fortress Bug -- Not properly receiving External Invulnerability from Towers (Chris_McElligottPark)
10 issues View Issues
0026090: [GUI] Expert mode fuel info bar disappearing after loading
0026230: [GUI] Fuel UI from top bar disappears after loading save (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026329: [Bug - Other] Pressing swap ship causes looping error (BadgerBadger)
0026235: [Suggestion] Expert Outguard Adjustment (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026334: [Bug - Gameplay] Fallen spire has the ability to build new cities from existing ones (BadgerBadger)
0026325: [Gameplay Issue] Is this 1600-strength CPA fair? (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025949: [Gameplay Idea] More intense versions of nasty picks, forced on for expert mode. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026226: [Suggestion] Expert Beachheading Adjustments (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026333: [Bug - Other] Error, log attached (BadgerBadger)
0026236: [Suggestion] Expert 'FRS Reform' (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026307: [GUI] TSS shows as "Allied structure" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026272: [GUI] Local planet list has some overlapping text (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026332: [Bug - Gameplay] Cant change command station type (BadgerBadger)
0026274: [Bug - Other] Map - Craxy Branching - Random Starting Position (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026237: [Bug - Gameplay] Generated map looks different in lobby as to the one that actually exists once the game starts. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026328: [Bug - Other] Exception in Independent AI Fleet SubType stage 120 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026326: [Bug - Gameplay] Debris in spire infused empire continually respawning (BadgerBadger)
0026324: [Bug - Other] Error, log attached (Chris_McElligottPark)
18 issues View Issues
0026323: [Crash/Exception] map generation failure on buggalactic war (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026322: [Gameplay Issue] null faction controlling planet in DoInitialOrReconquestDefenseSeeding (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026314: [Crash/Exception] Bug - Error when starting a custom campaign (Chris_McElligottPark)
3 issues View Issues
0026240: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer Log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025939: [Gameplay Idea] Spire-infused empire to not have relics, and allow you to build a new spire city after every 4 planets controlled. (BadgerBadger)
0025936: [Gameplay Idea] Spire-Infused Empire to start you with a spire city right on your start planet, and use a version of fallen spire code. (BadgerBadger)
0026321: [Graphical Bug] Engineers not displaying green beam on manual targetting of drone buildings (BadgerBadger)
0026320: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer Log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026315: [Bug - Other] Error message after swapping a shipline (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026317: [Crash/Exception] Error occurs when swapping shiplines. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026308: [Crash/Exception] More ship jumping (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026311: [Crash/Exception] Astro train with instigator base info (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026313: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer Error Log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026124: [Bug - Gameplay] macrophage spores detroying spawns upon spawn (StarKelp)
0026309: [Crash/Exception] Bug - Error whilst just doing general things (see screen shot) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025940: [Gameplay Idea] Spire-infused empire to be one-max, and to also disallow fallen spire faction. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026310: [Gameplay Issue] Don't allow Necromancer to play Fallen Spire (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026306: [Gameplay Issue] Endlessly building ships w/o energy (Chris_McElligottPark)
15 issues View Issues
0025857: [Gameplay Issue] Capturable structures like Ion cannons are autoattacked (BadgerBadger)
1 issue View Issues
0026223: [Crash/Exception] MP errors feb1 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026276: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer: Ships Start Loaded And It's Confusing (BadgerBadger)
0026149: [Bug - Gameplay] Client was unable to rejoin to game, Client restart helped (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026188: [Bug - Gameplay] Vision not updating on clients (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026187: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session summary 20220128 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026189: [Bug - Gameplay] When changing command station or capturing a new planet, nothing in build menu (MP) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026151: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session summary 20220123 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026234: [Bug - Other] Tachyon units shows variable names in description (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026268: [Bug - Gameplay] Treachereous Totem descendants stop building Necrobombs (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026267: [GUI] Random buildings receive hotkey number in galaxy map (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026271: [Crash/Exception] ArcenUI_Window.OnUpdateWindow Error: Arcen.Universal.ArcenThreadsAreShutDownRightNowSoYouCannotHaveThatException (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026195: [Bug - Gameplay] Orbital Mechanic Bug -- Parents sharing children (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026194: [Bug - Gameplay] Orbital Mechanic Bug -- Children are built while parent is crippled or under construction (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026258: [Bug - Gameplay] Protective totem spawning descendants before being fully constructed (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026301: [Bug - Gameplay] More fleet jumping errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026303: [Bug - Gameplay] unable to build defenses and command stations not correctly joining faction on build (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026304: [Crash/Exception] Bug - Error ... Natural Objects error (see screen shot) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026302: [Bug - Audio] add a tip for Wait For Stragglers (BadgerBadger)
18 issues View Issues
0025861: [Gameplay Issue] memory leak: pool was null (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026123: [Bug - Gameplay] Torpedoes attacked anti-AI zombie unit (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026118: [Bug - Gameplay] TARGETING STARTS TO FAIL later in game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026119: [Bug - Other] orphaned units ending up neutral and inactive while still running targeting? (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026180: [Bug - Gameplay] no civilian ships (StarKelp)
0026286: [Gameplay Issue] Player can't build turrets (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026210: [Bug - Gameplay] Fatal Dysonsphere Error and more (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026251: [Bug - Gameplay] MP lots of errors in the logs (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026252: [Bug - Gameplay] SCourge shutdown error, Again (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026254: [Bug - Gameplay] LRP DebugCode error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026256: [Bug - Gameplay] ships switching factions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026231: [Bug - Other] Found PKID in planetfaction lists (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026261: [Crash/Exception] Sudden CTD (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026269: [Crash/Exception] ERROR In RepairingShieldsOfFriendlies debugStage 1500: System.DivideByZeroException (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026255: [Crash/Exception] Found PKID in planetfaction lists but and central lists BUT it was null in the central registry. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026282: [Bug - Gameplay] Couldn't build structures after building military command station e.g. 2nd forcefield (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026284: [Crash/Exception] MP report feb5 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026277: [Crash/Exception] Sapper exceptions - Watchtowers have wrong BaseInfo (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026288: [Bug - Other] More turncoat units (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026289: [Bug - Other] Loading save causing fleet loosing units from its command. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026290: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoPerSecondLogic_OnMainThreadAndPartOfSim_ClientAndHost for world-attached LostHumansDeepInfo (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026257: [Crash/Exception] scourge fatal error (possibly interesting) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026297: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer Bug -- Spawned outside the asteroid belt (out of bounds) (BadgerBadger)
0026300: [Bug - Gameplay] Elderling Bug Report -- Log Spam (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026291: [Crash/Exception] Save deserialization loading error - GameEntity_Squad.InitializeSquad error at stage 2500 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026296: [Gameplay Issue] Too many Nienzul Sappers on my homeworld (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026278: [Crash/Exception] Exception debugCode 900 in sappers stage 2 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026293: [Crash/Exception] ERROR In RepairingShieldsOfFriendlies debugStage 1500 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026295: [Crash/Exception] ERROR In RepairingShieldsOfFriendlies (DivideByZeroException) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026275: [Bug - Gameplay] Ship MLRS Corvette was part of fleet Unnamed but has now somehow jumped to Unnamed. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026285: [Crash/Exception] Faction jumping errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026266: [Crash/Exception] Ships jumping to another system error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026283: [Bug - Gameplay] Factions ships jumping to Lost (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026287: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer journal problems (BadgerBadger)
0025623: [Suggestion] Wait for passengers mode for transports. (BadgerBadger)
35 issues View Issues
0026263: [Crash/Exception] Called CreateExternalBaseInfo<Arcen.AIW2.External.SappersPerUnitBaseInfo>() when BaseInfo was actually a different type (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026262: [Bug - Other] Random tech upgrades cost 9,999,999 at the start of a new game. (BadgerBadger)
0026273: [Bug - Gameplay] Anomalous AIP after hacking for bone dragons at templar rift (BadgerBadger)
0026259: [Suggestion] Change Necromancer Journal lore titles to be consistent with those already present (BadgerBadger)
0026264: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception debugCode 400 in sappers stage 2 System.NullReferenceException (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026265: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception during sappers LRP debugCode 300 System.NullReferenceException (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026253: [Crash/Exception] Squad Faction ReasonCode: Normal Wormhole Traversal Squad Planet ReasonCode: Normal Wormhole Traversal Squad Fleet ReasonCode: (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025894: [Gameplay Issue] If all player factions are non-fuel-using, don't seed fuel. (BadgerBadger)
0026241: [Suggestion] DZ Expert Fuel Addition (BadgerBadger)
0025950: [Gameplay Idea] CPA timing adjustable in lobby. (forced higher on expert) (BadgerBadger)
10 issues View Issues
0025951: [Gameplay Idea] CPA repositories (mandatory on expert) (BadgerBadger)
0026249: [Bug - Gameplay] Ships still switching factions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026246: [Bug - Other] Debug log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026244: [Bug - Other] Memory not cleaned up properly at RapidAntiLeakPoolable (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026127: [Gameplay Issue] Memory Leak (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026227: [Crash/Exception] crash, sharing debug log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026250: [Bug - Gameplay] Client has errors about hosts fleet units switching from "player name"-fleet to the host starting fleet (Chris_McElligottPark)
7 issues View Issues
0026245: [Bug - Other] Debug log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026238: [Crash/Exception] DoShotHitLogic error at debugStage 4000: System.Exception: Passed in duplicate key (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026242: [Bug - Other] Debug log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026083: [GUI] Necromancer Flagships must show hotkey numbers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026247: [Bug - Gameplay] Mines vanishing, suddenly strange things are attached to fleet. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026243: [Bug - Other] Sometimes enemy units get added to my fleet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025915: [GUI] Necromancer Flagship upgrade text mentions Science as well. (BadgerBadger)
0026212: [Suggestion] Map Ping should create small notification (BadgerBadger)
0026232: [Bug - Gameplay] SCourge shutdown error (BadgerBadger)
0026224: [Crash/Exception] Exception in Objectives (BadgerBadger)
0026225: [Bug - Gameplay] ZA taking worlds without pioneers (BadgerBadger)
0026186: [Crash/Exception] MP client errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
12 issues View Issues
0025741: [Bug - Gameplay] Multiple Marauder Factions descriptions displays sync when adjusting the latest added marauder's settings. (BadgerBadger)
0025952: [Gameplay Idea] Lower TSS and ODSS and ARS options. (forced on in expert) (BadgerBadger)
0026209: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session summary 20220130 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026204: [GUI] Fleet button error on ARK empire (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026219: [Crash/Exception] Linux + Windows10 Multiplayer Log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026203: [Bug - Gameplay] Error on losing the game as ARK EMPIRE (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026206: [Bug - Other] Changin campaing type in quick start gives error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026218: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session with the heavy debug on 20220201 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026217: [Bug - Other] MP: Massive amount of errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026202: [Crash/Exception] MP client errors jan 29 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026216: [Bug - Other] Changing map in MP gives errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026213: [Crash/Exception] btnNotification.HandleMouseover Notification Note-Failure: Failed notification HandleMouseove (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026125: [Crash/Exception] Error popup on pressing start button. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026084: [Bug - Other] {NA} Elderlings and Templar Colors Cannot Be Edited In Lobby As Necromancer (BadgerBadger)
0026208: [Bug - Gameplay] Pausing game makes nemesis counter keep runing extra fast. (BadgerBadger)
15 issues View Issues
0026193: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer Sidebar Clutter -- Hide tech for ships not activated (BadgerBadger)
0026129: [Bug - Gameplay] Multiplayer bugs and crashes (BadgerBadger)
0026196: [Crash/Exception] several error dialog boxes during game (BadgerBadger)
0026199: [Suggestion] There should be a way to see all science costs for a given ship type (BadgerBadger)
0026197: [Bug - Other] threads lockup after paused game (BadgerBadger)
0026198: [Crash/Exception] Sharing debug log due to numerous error popups (BadgerBadger)
0026201: [Bug - Gameplay] Swaping units loops this error (BadgerBadger)
0026207: [Bug - Other] Hacked some experiental ship line and got some errors (BadgerBadger)
0026200: [Bug - Gameplay] Simulation speed drops near 0 and cpu utilization is 100% (BadgerBadger)
9 issues View Issues
0026190: [Bug - Gameplay] Faction shutdown error on host (BadgerBadger)
0026192: [Crash/Exception] DZ error on MP host (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0026130: [Crash/Exception] Exception when entering game lobby (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026134: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session summary 20220117 (Chris_McElligottPark)
       0026141: [Bug - Gameplay] Unloadin combat factory caused units to explode MP (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026136: [Bug - Gameplay] Pressing fleet hotkey selects allied fleets also (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026183: [Crash/Exception] MP: client errors from gameplay on jan 27 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026182: [Crash/Exception] Minor MP host errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026181: [Gameplay Issue] menu box in upper right of screen is stuck on (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026185: [Bug - Other] Flickering UI (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026184: [Bug - Gameplay] cloaked tractor immune to tachyon? (Chris_McElligottPark)
9 issues View Issues
0026135: [Bug - Gameplay] Command station status differs between client and Host (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026140: [Bug - Gameplay] Enemies exploding when hovering over MP (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026146: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session summary 20220122 Necromancer + 2 assistant clients (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026179: [Crash/Exception] DebugLog from recent game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026172: [Bug - Gameplay] Spectator Mode: No vision of invading Dark Zenith worlds (BadgerBadger)
0026138: [Crash/Exception] Linux steam integration bug. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026178: [Bug - Gameplay] necropolis not placing correctly. (BadgerBadger)
0026176: [Bug - Gameplay] Dark Zenith Svikari not attacking despite massive force. (BadgerBadger)
0026177: [Bug - Other] Factions unable to catch Orbitals (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026175: [Crash/Exception] custodian factions shutting down (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026174: [Crash/Exception] civilian industry breaks (StarKelp)
0026170: [Bug - Other] Exception in NonClosure_PerGravitySource at stage 6100:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of (Chris_McElligottPark)
12 issues View Issues
0026166: [Gameplay Issue] Units appearing from nowhere (BadgerBadger)
0026169: [Crash/Exception] error dialog presented twice. Able to continue both times (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026167: [Crash/Exception] Dyson Antagonizer counted as Instigator (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026171: [Bug - Other] Error in targeting logic System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026168: [Crash/Exception] experience required issue when serializing (BadgerBadger)
0026165: [Crash/Exception] Trying to start two copies of the same thread (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026164: [Crash/Exception] exception in AOE (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026153: [Suggestion] Write MP stats to log when MP session ends (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026131: [Bug - Gameplay] Bug report -- Sapper triggering error report (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026163: [Crash/Exception] exception in NonClosure_PerTractorSource (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026157: [Gameplay Issue] Ark Empire having problems with phase 2 overlord phasing (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026144: [Bug - Gameplay] Ark Empire: Ships loaded into Command Ark Flagship have no power consumption (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026162: [Crash/Exception] exception in hacking (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026133: [Crash/Exception] faction fatal error (BadgerBadger)
0026137: [Bug - Gameplay] In MP, wave timers can go negative for client (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026142: [Bug - Other] Error when canceling super terminal hack in MP (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026107: [Bug - Other] Necromancer claiming asteroid mining powerplants (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025895: [Gameplay Issue] Player types that don't use metal to not be able to capture metal harvesters. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026160: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacked Zenith Miner to make ships faster actually makes planet extremely slow to move on (NRSirLimbo)
0026161: [Crash/Exception] Excpetion in stringbuilder (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026152: [Bug - Gameplay] MP: Necromancer Plagueswarm Flagship and Hive golem keeping making extra spawns over cap. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025876: [Crash/Exception] Exception in get_PlayerTypeDataOrNull_ModeratelyExpensive (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026147: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer can share infinite metal to other non necromancers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026158: [Bug - Gameplay] Spectator Mode: Slowdown occurs because AI can't spawn instigators (BadgerBadger)
0025817: [Crash/Exception] Sappers getting confused destination (BadgerBadger)
0026155: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Civil War: AIs don't send waves against each other at 0 AIP (Spectator Mode) (BadgerBadger)
0026145: [Gameplay Issue] Ark Empire: Quirky Phase 2 behavior (BadgerBadger)
0026148: [Bug - Gameplay] Starting necromancer and necro sidekick on same planet causes starting buildings to be on top of eachother (BadgerBadger)
0026154: [Bug - Gameplay] Spectator Mode: Dark Zenith invasion not happening (BadgerBadger)
0026156: [Crash/Exception] Wild Hives don't compile (BadgerBadger)
0026143: [GUI] Clicking an icon indicating AI Reserve displays an error message. (BadgerBadger)
0025926: [Suggestion] cheat code for filling a spire city with whatever random buildings needed to max it out. (BadgerBadger)
0026128: [GUI] Typo in FRS ship tooltip (BadgerBadger)
0025569: [GUI] Home necropolis detailed and medium tooltip text needs fixing (BadgerBadger)
0026126: [Bug - Gameplay] Cliking deepstrike icon gives error. When there are currently 0 wormholes that can spawn (BadgerBadger)
35 issues View Issues
0026081: [Crash/Exception] duplicate unit at game load time (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026116: [Crash/Exception] MP: Exception and memory leak in scouting after command station death (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026121: [Bug - Other] Starting hacking shows an error message. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026104: [Bug - Gameplay] Trying to give resources in MP gives errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026120: [GUI] Some intel reports displayed without a proper color code? (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026122: [Bug - Other] Memory leak detected at RapidAntiLeakPoolable (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026114: [Crash/Exception] Error in necro base info (BadgerBadger)
0026115: [Crash/Exception] Necro sidekick builds wrong structures at game start (BadgerBadger)
8 issues View Issues
0026101: [Bug - Other] Factions shut down from fatal errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026102: [Crash/Exception] Game Crash - Possibly cripled combat factory (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026103: [Bug - Gameplay] Clients are unable to rejoin multiplayer game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026113: [Bug - Other] Error message appeared right after loading a save. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026112: [Bug - Other] Error message after the player lost the game. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026091: [Bug - Gameplay] Ambush carriers don't ever recloak (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026111: [Bug - Gameplay] Ark Empire starting planet having multiple AI Command Stations and Warp Gates (BadgerBadger)
0026099: [Crash/Exception] More Outguard Groups were requested than are defined in the XML (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026106: [Crash/Exception] DELAYED27 TID40 DoEntityStepLogic_Ship error at debugStage 14000: System.StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026108: [Crash/Exception] String of hundred of errors related to faction reported in dialog. Fatal errors occurred. While engaging with fleet on AI planet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026110: [Bug - Gameplay] Astro Train exception upon Depot spawning (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026105: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromancer sidekick MP seeding error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026100: [Bug - Other] Suddenly an error message appeared (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026094: [Bug - Other] DelegateHelper_ProtectionPlanning_TryToProtectOrDisplace (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026093: [Crash/Exception] More Civilian Industries Exceptions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026095: [Bug - Other] Pair of Fireteam saving errors. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026109: [Crash/Exception] random crash to desktop (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025687: [Bug - Other] "PercentOfWaveBudgetThatCanBeGuardian" does not appear to function.
0026029: [Bug - Gameplay] suzerain mode starts on Mark IV planet (BadgerBadger)
0025900: [Gameplay Issue] get vassals to properly seed where the suzerain is, and have the suzerain clear out the planet they are initially on. (BadgerBadger)
0026098: [GUI] Galaxy View Planet Stats Always Shows +0 Science Boost for Player Adjacency (BadgerBadger)
21 issues View Issues
0026076: [Bug - Other] MP session summary 20220107 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026097: [GUI] Necromancer Players Still Get Shown Science and Hacking Point Claims for Planets (BadgerBadger)
0025884: [Suggestion] Parent: Todo prior to beta exit (Chris_McElligottPark)
       0025919: [Gameplay Issue] Test multiplayer after other pre-coming-out-of-beta items are done and see what breaks. (Chris_McElligottPark)
       0025932: [Gameplay Issue] Make canceling hacks work in MP. (Chris_McElligottPark)
       0025930: [Note To Test] test sounds (voice commands from AI, etc) and achievements in MP! (Chris_McElligottPark)
       0026042: [Bug - Other] LiteNetLib seems to be detected but cannot be used (Chris_McElligottPark)
7 issues View Issues
0026075: [Bug - Gameplay] Endgame-endless threat per second (BadgerBadger)
0026086: [Bug - Gameplay] Tractors Don't Drag Units (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026080: [Crash/Exception] CloakingPointsLost serialization error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026089: [Crash/Exception] Exception on mouseover civilian industries militia base. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026087: [Crash/Exception] Exception in Civilian Industries set at ease (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025875: [Bug - Audio] Audio Blasts On Game Exit (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026031: [GUI] Sidebar ship list flickers if two AIs have the same unit (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026078: [GUI] Slow mod-hot-loading (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026073: [Bug - Gameplay] Pursuit is toggled on but after passing through a wormhole all ships are in defender mode. (BadgerBadger)
0026074: [Bug - Gameplay] Rebuilding ships do not build in Pursuit mode (BadgerBadger)
0026088: [Crash/Exception] Hovering over astro train guardians causes exception (BadgerBadger)
0026079: [Bug - Gameplay] Invincible Ohmu no longer invincible (NRSirLimbo)
0026071: [Suggestion] Ship Lines inheriting standing orders of their new fleete (BadgerBadger)
0026072: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancy doesn't work (NRSirLimbo)
14 issues View Issues
0025855: [GUI] Some Tech upgrade tooltips missing (BadgerBadger)
0025934: [GUI] Ability to hover over multiple planets or units based on certain popup notices. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0023026: [GUI] Assorted UI Issues (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026051: [GUI] Wrong custodian faction names (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026046: [Bug - Other] hacking causes exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026041: [Graphical Bug] Incorrect tooltip text offset in quick campaign select (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026048: [Crash/Exception] Outguard exception at game start (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026043: [Bug - Other] Total conversions load vanilla game expansion quick starts (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026033: [Bug - Other] GOG distribution lacks ExternalCode archive (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026060: [Gameplay Issue] AI Units Cannot be Detected in Stealth, Do Not Break Stealth on Attack (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026069: [Bug - Gameplay] cloaking not being negated by tachyon (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026059: [Gameplay Issue] If you would go below zero argon, the game continues trying to build the ships over and over (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026040: [Crash/Exception] Error on hacking start (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026062: [Crash/Exception] Error in game lobby on "reset to default" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026066: [Crash/Exception] Exception in NonClosure_PerTachyonSource (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026063: [Crash/Exception] Exception when building necropolis (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026068: [Crash/Exception] exception in CheckForShotAOEDetonation (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026067: [Crash/Exception] Exception in ADCB.ToString (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026065: [Crash/Exception] Errors in DoFactionStepLogic_Stage1 and DoCombatStep (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026058: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoPerSimStepLogic_OnMainThreadAndPartOfSim_HostOnly for faction Outguard(Index 8), so will not run any more of thos (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026057: [Crash/Exception] Could not find GameEntityTypeData extension with name 'DLC3' for type 'Nemesis'. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026056: [Gameplay Issue] Scourge generating about 10k gamecommands per second in this save. (BadgerBadger)
0026064: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer flagship travels extremely slowly (NRSirLimbo)
0026070: [Bug - Gameplay] Necrom flagships not moving (NRSirLimbo)
0026055: [Bug - Gameplay] Can hack "Decode Nanobots" on friendly nanocaust faction, and errors happen every second (BadgerBadger)
25 issues View Issues
0026047: [GUI] mapgen shows stale text (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026044: [Crash/Exception] Previous savegames not loading (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026049: [Crash/Exception] sim repair squad in central memory spam (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026054: [Bug - Gameplay] Missing yet existing planetary units. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026035: [Crash/Exception] Exception in protection planning (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026045: [Crash/Exception] Fleets vanish, then when you save/reload they're completely gone from the save (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026037: [Crash/Exception] Exception in Civilian Industries planning: (StarKelp)
0026052: [Crash/Exception] NullReferenceException in OnClient_SendClientCommandsToServer (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026050: [Suggestion] Update Random Faction Types (BadgerBadger)
0025901: [GUI] Ark empires to show ark type in lobby sidebar rather than custom fleet. (BadgerBadger)
0025902: [Suggestion] Initial planet handling for Ark Empires. (BadgerBadger)
0025357: [GUI] Intel screen, Hack Technology Vault only shows one option (BadgerBadger)
0025974: [Gameplay Issue] Intel menu for necromancer (BadgerBadger)
13 issues View Issues
0026034: [GUI] After C-click on any tech unlock, fleet detail setting is constant at "Radev Cmd"
0026039: [GUI] Selection window (bottom right) not showing the right tooltips
0026038: [Bug - Other] Serialization error when loading a game after playing (Chris_McElligottPark)
3 issues View Issues
0025985: [Gameplay Idea] Elderling Tracking Modification (BadgerBadger)
0026032: [Crash/Exception] Fatal error on civilian industry (StarKelp)
0026011: [Bug - Gameplay] Fuel Stations instantly self-destruct when you capture a planet.
0026027: [Bug - Other] Error DELAYED 88 TID19 IntUltraEfficient (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026014: [Crash/Exception] Scourge Fatal Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026025: [Bug - Gameplay] capturables not becoming remains (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026028: [Crash/Exception] Blank FleetMembership for ship of type Fusion Bomber Drone! (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025806: [GUI] Macrophage spire infested telium number of supported harvesters continuously counts up (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026018: [Bug - Gameplay] Concentric and Wheel Map types galaxy visually disappears in lobby after quitting a game on it. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026020: [Bug - Gameplay] Occasionally have "ghost" planets in galaxy map, both in-game and lobby. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026019: [Bug - Gameplay] Dark Zenith will sometimes spawn fewer planets upon appearing (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026017: [Bug - Gameplay] Dark Zenith often fail to appear (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026016: [Suggestion] Disable screen edge panning while holding down Q (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026008: [GUI] zombie issues and on death triggers odd (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026015: [Bug - Other] memory leak detected (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025996: [Bug - Other] DELAYED92 TID43 squad in central registry: 512318 was actually 512318 (ArchitraveCrupellarii) vs the normal ArchitraveCestus (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026026: [Crash/Exception] CI Fatal Error (StarKelp)
0026005: [Bug - Gameplay] Upgrade mark calculations are off by one level (Chris_McElligottPark)
18 issues View Issues
0025994: [Bug - Gameplay] HRF ships not marking up with Expatriate tech (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026024: [Bug - Gameplay] mobile unit preventing command station contruction progress (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026010: [Crash/Exception] Null Reference Error thrown by civilian shipping on incoming AI Exo force (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026009: [GUI] Tech preview going crazy (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026022: [Crash/Exception] Game instantly begins erroring on creation (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0026013: [Crash/Exception] For StarKelp - CI crash 12.24.21 (StarKelp)
1 issue View Issues
0024642: [Gameplay Idea] DLC 3 Concept; minor faction influencing (BadgerBadger)
0025793: [GUI] Socket/Hex build sidebar improvements (tom.prince)
0026003: [Bug - Gameplay] Bug when swapping individual ship lines (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026001: [Bug - Other] Incredibly out of range coordinates on saving game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026004: [Bug - Other] Macrophage gets Fatal Error only after some Hours in mid to late game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026002: [GUI] Selected fleet failing to show up in bottom-right window (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025998: [Bug - Other] SINGLEP DELAYED11 TID39 Hit error in ProduceShipsIfNecessary debugCode 710 System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside th (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025997: [Bug - Other] DELAYED10 TID24 Hit Exception in ZA LRP. debugCode 900 System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025995: [Bug - Other] Memory leak detected at RapidAntiLeakPoolable 'DZ-DoInvasion-newPlanets' of type Arcen.Universal.List`1[Arcen.AIW2.Core.Planet] (Chris_McElligottPark)
0026007: [Bug - Gameplay] Hive eyes broken
10 issues View Issues
0025929: [Note To Test] MP testing: test the playeraccount permutations! Are we clearing those enough? (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025007: [Balance Issue] Supercat died 3.000 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025419: [Bug - Gameplay] Engineers / Combat factories move out of assist range (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025946: [Gameplay Idea] "Difficult beachheading" lobby option (forced on in expert mode). (tom.prince)
0025973: [Gameplay Issue] Fuel balance for expert mode (Strategic Sage notes. (tom.prince)
0025947: [Gameplay Idea] "Insta-claim" option, forced on for expert mode. (tom.prince)
6 issues View Issues
0025421: [Bug - Gameplay] Engineers glitched - can't decide what to do (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025411: [Gameplay Issue] Regarding new engineer behaviour (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025420: [GUI] Tech Pane: "Number of Shiplines that use this tech" is incorrect (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025840: [Crash/Exception] Yet another pathfinder called by two threads (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025611: [GUI] Long Planet Names Have Weird Word Wrapping (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025716: [Gameplay Issue] Primary key could not be found but its not in death registry (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025990: [Crash/Exception] Ui Bug, in both menu and in game. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025991: [Bug - Other] incorrect ship counts for tech updates (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025992: [Bug - Other] wave generation error from attempt to counterattack from neutered planet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025989: [Crash/Exception] Exception during the game (Chris_McElligottPark)
10 issues View Issues
0021747: [GUI] Journal interface for flavour messages (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025837: [GUI] Menu "Details of ships upgraded by tech" UI (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025885: [Graphical Bug] Ships don't explode (but icons still do). (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025987: [Bug - Other] Custom built Flagships are permanently crippled (With possible source and fix from old CF version) (Chris_McElligottPark)
4 issues View Issues
0025982: [Crash/Exception] Exception in the menu (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025983: [Crash/Exception] game command lock preventing ship orders (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025981: [GUI] Tech GUI bug (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025988: [Crash/Exception] Error about 'StartingAIPlanetRatio' when starting game with DLC2 disabled (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025923: [Gameplay Issue] Influence needs to be double-buffered in some fashion. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025920: [Gameplay Issue] Move away from threadstatic to instead have lists that are checked out of central pools. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025945: [Gameplay Idea] "Doomsday" lobby option for DLC1. (BadgerBadger)
0025975: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer -- Lots of threat at start of the game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025976: [GUI] Text overlap in direct build sidebar for necromancer (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025977: [Crash/Exception] Exception in hovering major necropolis (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025979: [Gameplay Idea] Add another SingularFreakySurprises budget category for bastion worlds and AI HW (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025980: [Bug - Gameplay] Error in Overlord Tooltip in Intel Report (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025914: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer Amplifier structures for non-Skeletons also have the Skeleton bonus. (BadgerBadger)
0025903: [Gameplay Idea] Mark 1 AI planets to count as "player territory" for deepstrike calculation purposes. (BadgerBadger)
14 issues View Issues
0025911: [Gameplay Issue] Get tutorials working again post-refactor. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025938: [Bug - Other] DELAYED7 TID95 DoPlanetPerStepLogic Error for planet Murdoch, debugStage: 200 Exception: System.NullReferenceException: (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025927: [Graphical Bug] when in build mode and go to the galaxy map, the build mode lines still show. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025970: [Suggestion] Hitting enter should confirm yes/no dialogues (like when scrapping units) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025967: [Graphical Bug] Intel tab: actualobjectives are jumping around a ton. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025921: [Gameplay Issue] Strongly consider removing NewTimingsBeingBuilt. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025917: [Gameplay Issue] Implement self-checking for central unit dictionary. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025886: [GUI] raycasts against ship icons on the planet view are not working at all. (Chris_McElligottPark)
8 issues View Issues
0025814: [GUI] Potential performance drain in R-view (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025918: [Gameplay Issue] For xml auto-reload logic, using reflection make it handle dictionaries and lists directly. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025912: [Gameplay Issue] Figure out why the game breaks (what is different?) after trying to reload xml (changing mods or DLCs) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025937: [Bug - Other] Heroic AI Type can get normal Harbingers (BadgerBadger)
4 issues View Issues
0025315: [Bug - Gameplay] Larger Gravity Wells have fewer Guard Posts (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025879: [Bug - Audio] Music in Main Menu doesn't play when "Adapt music to game state" is activated (BadgerBadger)
0025878: [Bug - Gameplay] Necromaner Bug: Guardpost remains in the 100s (tom.prince)
3 issues View Issues
0025872: [Gameplay Issue] powerup hacks not working on ark empire starting arks (tom.prince)
0025869: [GUI] Very minor display name and description errors (tom.prince)
0025873: [Bug - Gameplay] Zombies kill fuel generators on Expert. (Chris_McElligottPark)
3 issues View Issues
0025795: [Bug - Other] EntityTypeDrawingBag error when using AIShipGroupCategory
1 issue View Issues
0025839: [Crash/Exception] game hangs after selecting swirl map type (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025849: [Bug - Gameplay] Border Aggro is targeted by praetorian guard (BadgerBadger)
0025751: [Suggestion] Brutal guardian Lair notification should be OMG (NRSirLimbo)
0025852: [GUI] 1,0000 numbers displayed (tom.prince)
0025794: [Suggestion] Changing a faction's colors in the custom start lobby shouldn't need to regenerate the entire map (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025843: [Crash/Exception] Hovertext exception: fireteamRequiredTarget (tom.prince)
0025844: [Gameplay Issue] Templar and Elderlings not adding automatically when selecting lone necromancer mode. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0019025: [Suggestion] It would be cool if a planet could tell you overall casualities for your game (BadgerBadger)
8 issues View Issues
0025834: [Gameplay Issue] Wormhole invasion prevents loading save (tom.prince)
0025731: [Gameplay Issue] Wave loses its "target" planet after it finds enemies on its path (tom.prince)
2 issues View Issues
0025835: [Bug - Gameplay] Wardens appear to be missing (tom.prince)
0025705: [GUI] Tooltip of ships in selection info window are incorrect. (tom.prince)
0025838: [Bug - Gameplay] AIP changed 0 from auto-increase (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0025729: [Crash/Exception] Jacobson DoCombatStepForPlanet error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025831: [Crash/Exception] Game slows down and reports enormous numbers of errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025801: [Bug - Other] Called ElderlingsElderlingsLRP pathfinder again before it finished finding the first path! (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025822: [Crash/Exception] Neinzul SappersSappersLRP pathfinder threading exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025808: [Bug - Gameplay] Missing warpgate link between Sqares in Square map type (BadgerBadger)
0025827: [Bug - Gameplay] Golem claiming process continues when game is paused (tom.prince)
0025819: [Bug - Other] Could not find NecromancerWight in XML (BadgerBadger)
0025824: [Bug - Gameplay] Mummies dies instantly after spawning (BadgerBadger)
0025820: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception in SkeletonVariantPercentagesByFleet_ToString (BadgerBadger)
0025764: [Bug - Other] Energy production and consumption window does not list energy consumed per fleet (NRSirLimbo)
0025743: [Suggestion] Remove "strength" text of Necromancer faction in lobby (BadgerBadger)
0025804: [Balance Issue] Normal Human Empire can assist construction of Necromancer units. (BadgerBadger)
0025401: [Suggestion] Show number of already possessed ships of each tech, when choosing ship line (BadgerBadger)
0025783: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Types & Difficulty set by last AI added (tom.prince)
0025799: [Gameplay Issue] Elderlings do not give scienc upon death (tom.prince)
0025810: [GUI] Add strength indicator when hacking for necromancer ship lines (BadgerBadger)
0025798: [Gameplay Issue] All AIs in lobby become one AI type (tom.prince)
0025809: [GUI] Update tooltip for Skeleton Detonator Home (BadgerBadger)
0025803: [Bug - Gameplay] When a Necropolis switches what Fleet it is Bolstering, the old one retains the ship lines it was granted. (BadgerBadger)
0025811: [GUI] Skull pile listen among ships in build tab (BadgerBadger)
0025807: [GUI] Tooltips for Dark Zenith Svikari buildings do not show resource information (BadgerBadger)
21 issues View Issues
0025744: [Bug - Gameplay] Threads didn't run at all during new game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025690: [Crash/Exception] A bunch of inactive faction threads? And how to debug that. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025784: [Bug - Other] All threads are idle (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025704: [Bug - Other] perSecondnonSimPlan_LT_Cont idling - Discord discussion (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025786: [Crash/Exception] Bogus IComparer:Arcen.Universal.FunctorComparer`1[Arcen.AIW2.Core.ActualObjective] (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025785: [Crash/Exception] Parameter name: chunkLength at System.Text.StringBuilder.ToString (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025792: [Suggestion] AI Type specific NastyPick type tags (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025790: [Crash/Exception] SINGLEP DELAYED12: DoLongTermPlanning_MassivelyParallelThreads: System.Threading.ThreadStateException: Thread has already been (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025788: [Crash/Exception] Receiving errors not long after the game starts (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025789: [Crash/Exception] loads of errors and crash (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025791: [Crash/Exception] NullReferenceException - Stack Trace: UnityEngine.Material.GetFloat (System.String name) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025787: [Crash/Exception] Exceptions on the start (Chris_McElligottPark)
12 issues View Issues
0025760: [Graphical Bug] Bubble forcefields do not disappear when the generator is demolished, and reloading a save makes it worse (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025750: [Crash/Exception] Exception UnityEngine.Material.GetFloat (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025749: [Crash/Exception] Exception ExternalVisualization.PlanetViewSelector.RunUpdate (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025658: [Crash/Exception] ArcenShortTermPlanningContext.ParallelRunAllContext error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025733: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoGeneralAggregationsPausedOrUnpaused_OnMainThread - Sappers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025702: [Crash/Exception] Exception in CalculateRequestedFlows (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025657: [Crash/Exception] CalculateRequestedFlows exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025725: [Crash/Exception] DelegateHelper_AreaBoostPlanning_TryToBoost: Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025700: [Crash/Exception] Sappers, exception in UpdateConstructors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025703: [Crash/Exception] Thread error 'executionContext' (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025679: [Gameplay Issue] some more mem leak in new update (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025639: [Bug - Other] Memory leak (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025648: [Crash/Exception] Mem leak crash (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025635: [Gameplay Issue] Memory leak - Requested dumps (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025710: [Crash/Exception] ReinforceSpecificPlanet error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025728: [Crash/Exception] Another exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025762: [Crash/Exception] Exception in HandleLODsAndShipPartAnimations, followed by a repeatable exception when hovering over a certain spot (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025757: [GUI] Selection circles visible on galaxy map (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025734: [GUI] One tech level too many for most necromancer ships (BadgerBadger)
0025717: [Crash/Exception] Exception in unit tooltip generation (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025719: [Crash/Exception] Exception in entity tooltip text generation (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025775: [Crash/Exception] Error at squad status update stage 2000 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025780: [Crash/Exception] Exception in ShipListerUtils (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025781: [Crash/Exception] Tons of necromancer errors in the science code (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025779: [Crash/Exception] Exception in List.get_Item (Chris_McElligottPark)
25 issues View Issues
0025772: [Bug - Gameplay] Templar castle can't shoot due to gun limitation at mark 1 (BadgerBadger)
0025776: [Crash/Exception] Missing units with tags for Orbital AI Type (ZeusAlmighty)
0025390: [GUI] Zenith trader station-keeper counter is not galaxy wide (tom.prince)
3 issues View Issues
0025752: [Bug - Gameplay] Called ... pathfinder from two different contexts! (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025715: [Crash/Exception] Relentless wave pathfinder exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025768: [GUI] AI selection menu in Custom games is a bit broken (tom.prince)
0025456: [Suggestion] Indicating AIP absorb capacity on AIP screen (tom.prince)
0025767: [Bug - Other] Closing groups causes them to disappear from the list. (tom.prince)
0025740: [GUI] Collapsing a category in the intel, build, and fleet sidebars completely removes it from the GUI (tom.prince)
0025706: [Bug - Gameplay] Collapsible categories in Fleet and Build disappear after minimizing until only 1 is left. Unable to be opened again. (tom.prince)
7 issues View Issues
0024706: [Crash/Exception] Delete Campaign Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025865: [GUI] Repeatedly clicking Delete Campaign in the Load Game screen throws an error
0025755: [Crash/Exception] Save deserialization - Debug attached (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025691: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire transceiver not finishing construction (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025735: [Bug - Other] Autosave - pathing issue (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025722: [Bug - Other] Saving more consecuive times in a row changed campaign to tutorial (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025756: [Crash/Exception] game looks for Scourge baseinfo on DZ ship (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025742: [Suggestion] Adding Necromancers in factions should make the Elderlings appear in the list aswell (BadgerBadger)
0025737: [Suggestion] Templar encampments - Too frequent spawn, easy farming (BadgerBadger)
0025701: [Crash/Exception] Exception regarding waves planning (BadgerBadger)
0025730: [Crash/Exception] Exception in PlanWave (BadgerBadger)
0025747: [Bug - Gameplay] Exception errors in game. (BadgerBadger)
0025745: [Gameplay Issue] Shouldn't all Elderlings spawn as eggs first? (BadgerBadger)
13 issues View Issues
0025693: [Bug - Gameplay] Ghast tech upgrade incorrectly suggests cap wili increase (BadgerBadger)
0025670: [Bug - Gameplay] The second spire fleet appears at a random city, rather than at the mark 3 city. (tom.prince)
0025707: [Crash/Exception] Dark Zenith Svikari exception (BadgerBadger)
0025727: [Gameplay Issue] Minor necropolis - increase fleet cap (BadgerBadger)
0025720: [Gameplay Issue] Minor necropolis augmentations for fleets (BadgerBadger)
0025724: [Bug - Other] Necromancer flagship can only be marked up in non-human controlled planets (BadgerBadger)
0025721: [Gameplay Issue] Crash due to log spam after Necromancer Rift hack (BadgerBadger)
0025699: [Bug - Gameplay] The necropolis build limitation is not working (BadgerBadger)
0025698: [GUI] Minor and defensive necropolis have nothing in build tab (BadgerBadger)
0025711: [Crash/Exception] Exception in ProcessSappers (BadgerBadger)
0025709: [Bug - Other] DeserializeExternalFactionData error for faction DarkZenithSvikari (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025708: [Bug - Other] Issues with SaveGameData Create (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025713: [Bug - Other] Nomad Spam in log (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024891: [Gameplay Idea] It's hard to find which Spire City you are upgrading (tom.prince)
14 issues View Issues
0025667: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacked for Skeleton mages, but I have no way to produce them (BadgerBadger)
0025642: [Gameplay Issue] Necropolis should mark up with flagship hack? (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0025622: [Bug - Gameplay] going more than 4 hops out does not cause deep strike. (tom.prince)
0025469: [Suggestion] Add "automatically build forcefields" as an option to the automation menu. (tom.prince)
0024997: [Bug - Gameplay] Stationary Flagships do not travel to specific location within system (tom.prince)
0025650: [Crash/Exception] Exception in zombies (tom.prince)
0025677: [Bug - Other] Error report on opening the game (tom.prince)
0025665: [Gameplay Issue] Spire cities can't build any building (tom.prince)
0025686: [Bug - Other] All the achievents that mention "Dark Zenith" appear to actually be about the Zenith Architrave (ZeusAlmighty)
0025671: [Gameplay Issue] Spire cities should by default bolster some fleet. (tom.prince)
0025669: [Crash/Exception] Multiple Spire Cities don't appear to properly bolster a fleet. (tom.prince)
0025675: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Cities and Fleets don't upgrade properly. (tom.prince)
0025681: [Gameplay Issue] Oddities in X map type generation code. (tom.prince)
0025668: [Crash/Exception] Game displays error when starting when playing without DLC3. (tom.prince)
0025317: [Bug - Other] X map generated with a planet far away from the others (tom.prince)
0025674: [Bug - Gameplay] Names of Spire Cities are lost on Save. (tom.prince)
0025680: [Bug - Other] Typo in map descriptions. (tom.prince)
0025036: [Suggestion] All combat capable flagships should have roaming set to "roam if instructed" by default (Daniexpert)
0025277: [Suggestion] Default arks, golems, spire fleet leaders to 'Roam when instructed' mode (Daniexpert)
0025338: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire fleets don't Roam If Instructed by default (Daniexpert)
18 issues View Issues
0025662: [GUI] Error on button click: System.InvalidCastException (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025652: [Crash/Exception] Exception in handleCastleSim (BadgerBadger)
0025646: [Bug - Other] req LastLobbySettings (Chris_McElligottPark)
3 issues View Issues
0025641: [Crash/Exception] GameEntity.CreateNew() passed null FleetOrNullIfNotShip (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025632: [Gameplay Issue] Necromancer hack possible bug (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025638: [Crash/Exception] Death registry problem (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025637: [Crash/Exception] Exception in speed groups (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025640: [Crash/Exception] Invalid Cast Exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0025626: [Crash/Exception] Save-corrupting glitch relating to GameEntity_Squad deserialization (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025620: [Bug - Gameplay] Reloading a save with golemite AI will turn every golem on the offensive instead of defensive. (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0025624: [Bug - Gameplay] Map generation is not applying map-type-specific customization options when they are changed in the lobby UI (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025621: [Gameplay Issue] galaxy setting reverts to default (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0025572: [Suggestion] Necropolis uses "City sockets" text (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025615: [Bug - Gameplay] Objectives such as golems and AI HW are revealed to the player upon the start of a new game. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025616: [Crash/Exception] Exception in TemplarLogic - debugCode 400 (BadgerBadger)
0025607: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire relic not moving (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025610: [Balance Issue] Webbed Defenses Low Turret Caps (CRCGamer)
5 issues View Issues
0025551: [Bug - Other] Resetting the default settings doesn't reset the planet count to 80 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025604: [Crash/Exception] Some errors on exiting the game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025598: [Bug - Gameplay] Random AI doesn't work (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025595: [Crash/Exception] Svikari Error Log Item (BadgerBadger)
0025603: [Crash/Exception] Startup errors in fresh game with Nanocaust (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025599: [Bug - Gameplay] Removing Nomads from game setup does not remove it entirely (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025593: [Bug - Gameplay] Pathfinder bug (Dyson Sphere) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025602: [Bug - Other] AI Difficulty Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025592: [Bug - Gameplay] Auto build watchman/assault frigates not working (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025596: [Bug - Gameplay] Auto-build watchmen frigates no longer working (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025600: [Bug - Gameplay] Astro train bug (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025597: [Bug - Gameplay] Error on hacking turret server (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025573: [Bug - Gameplay] Issues with AI selection or Ingame Display (Chris_McElligottPark)
13 issues View Issues
0025531: [Bug - Other] Fallen Spire debris tracker notification not working (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025579: [Bug - Gameplay] Several issues with Debris (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025532: [Bug - Gameplay] AIP rises by 10 every time the game is loaded. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025574: [Bug - Gameplay] AIP is tracked between games, at least visually (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025590: [Bug - Gameplay] Top bar notifications broken on hover event for planned waves. (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0025575: [Crash/Exception] Hacking just about anything belonging to an AI will cause a Fatal Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025580: [Bug - Gameplay] Scourge Fatal Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025588: [Bug - Gameplay] Can't move units to other the planet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025581: [Bug - Gameplay] Save Failed to load (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025585: [Bug - Gameplay] Some mods disable hacking (3/3) (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0025564: [Crash/Exception] Marauder Fatal Errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025567: [Bug - Gameplay] Errors when pressing the AIP button (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025559: [Bug - Gameplay] Error when moving to fleet not at current planet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025563: [Bug - Gameplay] Cannot move engineer fleet to new world (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025560: [Bug - Gameplay] Flagships not seeding in galaxy (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025561: [Bug - Gameplay] Error changing Ai color (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025562: [Bug - Gameplay] Error Enabling some factions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025565: [Crash/Exception] Exception at Arcen.AIW2.External.Window_InGameSidebarDirectBuild (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025558: [Bug - Gameplay] Guard posts not releasing ships (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025557: [Bug - Other] Clicking on Fallen Spire faction in game setup causes error (Chris_McElligottPark)
10 issues View Issues
0025553: [Bug - Other] Typo on "Next Steps" advice. (Daniexpert)
0025540: [GUI] Typo in Encircling Spider description (Daniexpert)
2 issues View Issues
0025528: [Crash/Exception] A bunch of exceptions upon exiting to the main menu. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025529: [Crash/Exception] Exception error due to tooltip being generated out of bounds. (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0025504: [Bug - Gameplay] Inactive threads (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025526: [Bug - Gameplay] Lobby map randomization button not working. (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0025402: [Suggestion] Show dormant units (inside Guard Posts) in planet sidebar (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025520: [GUI] Lines to be yet claimed do not show proper mark level (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025519: [Gameplay Issue] Wave Factions Are Very Confused (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025427: [Balance Issue] [Gameplay/Game Design] Please revert or change the Cloaked Units No Longer Display On Sidebar (Chris_McElligottPark)
4 issues View Issues
0025521: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoPerSimStepLogic_OnMainThreadAndPartOfSim (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0025370: [Suggestion] When using the fleet hotkeys to move the camera, the camera should only move when the hotkey is literally double-tapped. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025374: [GUI] Direct Upgrade ctrl+click additional information does not show the upgrade info for upgraded centerpiece (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025397: [GUI] Make it clear which hacks instantly spend your HaP, and which ones open a window first. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025514: [Bug - Gameplay] Ships consider Drone Gun range while kiting (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025511: [GUI] Lobby options have too many "this was added by DLC X" texts (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025512: [GUI] "Achievements Disabled To To Sandbox Mode Or Cheats" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025508: [Bug - Gameplay] Random background and faction inactive threads. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025510: [GUI] Letting go of a scroll bar makes lobby dropdowns disappear (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025517: [Bug - Gameplay] (Really) slow background threads -- "special_entity_type="Destroyer" causes slowdown (Chris_McElligottPark)
9 issues View Issues
0025507: [Bug - Other] I seem to have created bugged saves which break the main menu (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025497: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire beams invisible (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025503: [Bug - Gameplay] "Tried to serialize a reference to the FakeEntity" error spam (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025498: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire cruiser briefly claimed not to have a weapon (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025488: [Bug - Gameplay] Unselectable flagship (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025487: [Crash/Exception] Exceptions - Serialisation to FakeEntity errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025476: [GUI] Territory dispute alliances shifting. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025486: [Bug - Gameplay] Uncaptured fleet leaders seem to be taking damage from something (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025493: [Bug - Gameplay] Issues with idling units possibly causing Overlord phase 2 to idle in place. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025489: [Bug - Gameplay] More misbehaving units - 100% built units that refuse to actually work. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025485: [Bug - Gameplay] Pooling issues - noting for reference (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025481: [Bug - Gameplay] Units having empty target lists despite valid enemies within the gravity well to fire at. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025506: [Bug - Gameplay] Lots of braindead behaviour (Chris_McElligottPark)
13 issues View Issues
0025505: [Gameplay Idea] Get orbitals moving smoother in various ways. (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0025495: [Bug - Gameplay] Something firing is causing a rapid stream of errors (NRSirLimbo)
1 issue View Issues
0025479: [Bug - Gameplay] Can't start games with different campaign types (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025480: [Crash/Exception] Ship counts go up whenever an Int32 negative out of bounds exception hits. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025475: [Crash/Exception] Extreme error spam (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025478: [Crash/Exception] Error in targeting logic System.NullReferenceException (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025477: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception in RelentlessWaveLogic (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025473: [Bug - Gameplay] Movement lines out of the GravWell (Chris_McElligottPark)
6 issues View Issues
0025448: [Crash/Exception] Bunch of errors after a short bit of play. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025470: [Crash/Exception] Target serialization debug exception. A few hundred exceptions per second. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025457: [Gameplay Issue] MP Host issues in most recent beta (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025455: [Gameplay Issue] MP client errors in most recent beta (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025453: [Gameplay Issue] Fleets set to pursuit mode do nothing - do not move, do not attack. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025389: [Crash/Exception] BuildingDronesInternally exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025347: [Crash/Exception] SINGLEP ERROR In BuildingDronesInternally debugStage 1600: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instanc (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025461: [Bug - Gameplay] Queen Bee Golem (and possibly deratives) will not construct drones automatically by default (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025422: [Bug - Gameplay] Drone construction is permanently halted (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025459: [GUI] Word salad tool tip (in error) - HasNotYetBBeenFullyClaimed: True giving the ok (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025462: [Crash/Exception] Tried playing multiplayer on 3.5, had a lot of bugs reported by the engine. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025464: [Bug - Other] Turret Schematic Servers and Other Defensive Structure Server - Tip of the Day error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025468: [Bug - Gameplay] Logistic station and units having wrong mark (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025467: [Crash/Exception] Clicking on the galactic map to place starting positions randomizes the map (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025465: [Bug - Other] Typo - Tooltip for Networking -> Privacy -> Hide IP Address In Lobby And Esc Menu (BadgerBadger)
15 issues View Issues
0025452: [GUI] Inconsistent display of tooltips when hovering over icons on galaxy map (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025463: [Bug - Gameplay] Drone and AI units do not move or attack. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025429: [Gameplay Issue] Extremely annoying delay between right clicks (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025436: [Suggestion] Orders being on key-up is eating a lot of my inputs (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025460: [Crash/Exception] get mark level of contents exceptoin (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025458: [Crash/Exception] 3.501 Exception - Unknown surrograte table - RandomFactionType (Chris_McElligottPark)
6 issues View Issues
0025444: [Bug - Other] Minor MP errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025454: [Gameplay Issue] "BallisticCannon" error popped up when loading a fresh save (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025439: [Crash/Exception] Exception ShipIconImageBase.RenderContents (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025451: [Graphical Bug] Very dark display on MacBook Air M1 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025438: [Bug - Gameplay] DLC3: Sappers stuck on planet border (BadgerBadger)
5 issues View Issues
0025399: [Graphical Bug] Off world planets screen garbled on OSX (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025067: [GUI] Wrong calculation of metal and energy production on planets (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025320: [GUI] Two typos in the 'Spire Imperial Fleet Summoned' Journal entry (Daniexpert)
0025392: [GUI] Various typos (Daniexpert)
0025325: [Bug - Other] Typo - Hacks "...avalable" (Daniexpert)
0025434: [Bug - Other] Helping hands 2 TSR - Scourge is your enemy, should be your ally (Daniexpert)
6 issues View Issues
Released Jul 16, 2021
0025414: [Crash/Exception] Error when exiting a game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024522: [Bug - Gameplay] Autosaving when disabled (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025366: [GUI] Anti-AI Zombies are assigned 'random' player ship icons (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025378: [Bug - Other] Strange things going on with Polarizers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024696: [Bug - Gameplay] Shift-unload queuing doesn't work with Stationary Flagship Mode (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024808: [Suggestion] ctrl+click for flagship to ignore orders (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025298: [Bug - Other] Units move when moving the camera by "mouse grab" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025380: [Bug - Gameplay] Unable to unpause neutral asteroid mining after losing it (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024656: [Gameplay Idea] Ability to target specific enemies by right clicking on their icons on the sidebar (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024689: [GUI] Allow player to set ship targeting via Local Planet screen (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025104: [Suggestion] Provide claim toggle for capturables (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025396: [GUI] Double click units on galaxy map to center on them (the icons under planets). (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025417: [Crash/Exception] Exception: Could not find file 'ArcenNetworkLib.dll' (Chris_McElligottPark)
13 issues View Issues
0025413: [Gameplay Issue] Engineer right-click not working properly or rays displayed incorrectly (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0025335: [Graphical Bug] Improper Shot Culling (beams persist for no apparent reason) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024312: [Suggestion] Lobby control for allied repairs doesn't allow for assisting ally constructions
0024311: [Suggestion] Allied factories will not assist building ships, but should.
0025394: [Crash/Exception] null reference exception in Eye Adaptation (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024913: [Bug - Gameplay] Stinger Bolt attack bonus does not apply to regular shields; description unclear even if that is working as intended (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025346: [Suggestion] Engineers should prioritse forcefields (Chris_McElligottPark)
0022785: [Gameplay Idea] [QoL] Engineers - Fix factories first (Chris_McElligottPark)
0022437: [Bug - Gameplay] Engineers claiming an ark were also assisting a factory out of range (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024393: [GUI] Current Metal Flow doesn't update after the engineers complete their last job (Chris_McElligottPark)
0023914: [Gameplay Issue] Multiplayer Capturable Object Ownership "Stealing" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0021432: [Gameplay Idea] Multiplayer todo - parent issue. (Chris_McElligottPark)
       0021772: [Suggestion] Suggestion -- Automation Setting Allowing/Disallowing Engineers to Heal Allies (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024318: [Suggestion] Fallen Spire Plot doesn't work well with Multiplayer (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024691: [Gameplay Issue] Engineers constantly changing target (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024809: [Bug - Gameplay] engineers suicide into the enemy edge of planet (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025043: [Bug - Other] Spire Repair Center shortname not updated (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025091: [Graphical Bug] Beam/Laser graphics seemingly in the middle of the gravity well are dancing/bouncing around (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025127: [Gameplay Issue] Confused Engineers (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024920: [Graphical Bug] ZO - Lines left on screen (Chris_McElligottPark)
0020846: [Gameplay Issue] If a unit is moving into a shield and the game is paused, it will still move back and forth. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0019082: [Graphical Bug] Shots moving after pausing game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025121: [Bug - Gameplay] Repair and hacking beams again seem to be disappearing (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025147: [Graphical Bug] Engineering, hacking, and tractor beams not visible again (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024860: [Bug - Gameplay] engineers not working (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024459: [Bug - Gameplay] Spurious engineer movement orders (Chris_McElligottPark)
25 issues View Issues
0025360: [Gameplay Issue] Relic train tooltip problems (BadgerBadger)
1 issue View Issues
0025364: [Bug - Gameplay] Kaizer's Marauder Mod: Outpost hack not possible with flagships. (NRSirLimbo)
0025365: [Bug - Gameplay] Architrave & AIs Not Hostile To Each Other (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0024674: [GUI] Makeshift Turret Description Typo
0025328: [Crash/Exception] Game not loading upon start. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025327: [Bug - Other] Turning on or off mods softlocks the game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025329: [Gameplay Issue] Well, spirebeams kinda still tickle (secondary targets) (NRSirLimbo)
0025331: [Bug - Gameplay] The Scourge Automatically Allies With the AI (BadgerBadger)
0024044: [Crash/Exception] Using Cyrillic symbols when saving the game results in exception (Chris_McElligottPark)
6 issues View Issues
0022679: [Gameplay Issue] QoL: Lone-Wolf centerpieces are automatically set to "Roam If Instructed" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025336: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Fleets Can Obtain FRS Ships Sometimes? (BadgerBadger)
0025274: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire ship's beam doing *very* little damage (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025260: [GUI] Marauder Outpost description asks to unpause, when game is unpaused (BadgerBadger)
0025318: [GUI] Tiny typo in the AIP change history related to AIP increasing Instigator (BadgerBadger)
0025271: [Bug - Gameplay] Wormhole borer has gone into negative countdown (BadgerBadger)
0025210: [Bug - Gameplay] Svikari fireteams stuck in attacking state vs. AI planet. (BadgerBadger)
0025322: [Bug - Gameplay] Faction shut down right after starting a new game (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025293: [Bug - Other] Praetorian Error On Startup (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025249: [Crash/Exception] AI Praetorian Guard Error Faction shut down (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025255: [Suggestion] Allow saving to a new campaign (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025089: [Bug - Gameplay] Fleet level is bound to the fleet, rather than the centerpiece (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024867: [Bug - Gameplay] Incorrect swap of the whole flagships (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025193: [Bug - Gameplay] Upgraded Transport flagships and swapping (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025221: [Bug - Gameplay] Swapping fleet officer to another fleet eats investments. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025237: [GUI] Unit Tooltip Now Missing Vital/Helpful Information (NRSirLimbo)
0025278: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire flagships able to hack ARS (BadgerBadger)
17 issues View Issues
0025034: [Crash/Exception] simulator won't allow any galaxies to be made (NRSirLimbo)
0025323: [Bug - Other] Tutorials are super broken (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0025224: [Bug - Gameplay] Hunter fleet Hunting Natural objects faction (BadgerBadger)
0025190: [Bug - Gameplay] AI launching Wave against Nomad faction; beacons invulnerable, planet neutral (BadgerBadger)
0025018: [Bug - Gameplay] "Not after you" hunting fleet, against Nomad Planets? (BadgerBadger)
0025290: [Bug - Other] "View/Edit Factions" is buggy (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025308: [Bug - Other] View/edit factions menĂ¼ problems (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025313: [Bug - Other] Error as soon as game loads (BadgerBadger)
0025312: [Bug - Gameplay] Starting or loading a game immediately gives me an error and "shuts down my faction" (BadgerBadger)
0025309: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Ship Group 'AntiNecromancerGuardians' never has any items added to it and is not marked as intentionally empty! (BadgerBadger)
0025302: [Crash/Exception] AI Ship Group 'AntiNecromancerGuardians' never has any items added to it and is not marked as (BadgerBadger)
0025264: [Gameplay Issue] Ironman needs to be more discriminate (BadgerBadger)
0025305: [Bug - Other] Just started the game (BadgerBadger)
0025304: [Bug - Other] Error when starting the game (BadgerBadger)
12 issues View Issues
0025276: [Bug - Gameplay] Command Station no longer extracting/gathering science and hacking points from planets (NRSirLimbo)
0025300: [GUI] C-List Display Elements Often Overlap (NRSirLimbo)
0025294: [Bug - Gameplay] No Science or hacking points extracted with command station on nomad galaxy setting (NRSirLimbo)
0025295: [Bug - Gameplay] Can't collect science points anymore. (NRSirLimbo)
4 issues View Issues
0025133: [Bug - Gameplay] Map generation (isolated planet cluster) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024591: [Bug - Gameplay] Map linking flavour not working. (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0025275: [Bug - Gameplay] 3.202 pkid mismatch on new save (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0024903: [Bug - Gameplay] Fallen Spire ships miss the target structure
0025257: [Bug - Gameplay] Telling a fleet to stop on the planet its on in galaxy view doesn't have any effect (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024590: [Bug - Gameplay] Beam weapons (e.g. weapons of a Spire Cruiser) sometimes fail to damage stationary targets. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0022872: [Bug - Gameplay] Selectively Invulnerable Dark Spire Generator. (BadgerBadger)
0025262: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Coil Beams missing some stationary buildings (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025256: [Balance Issue] Distributed Economy mode still uses pre nerf values for Command Stations (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025272: [Bug - Other] Game Lobby, Descriptions for the different AI's missing (Chris_McElligottPark)
7 issues View Issues
0024660: [Graphical Bug] Blank screen when starting the game on MacOS High Sierra (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025269: [Gameplay Issue] Sappers not moving (BadgerBadger)
0025267: [GUI] Gravity well size options have issues (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025266: [Bug - Gameplay] Objects in a Saved Game Move Post-3.200 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025268: [Bug - Gameplay] Planets have wormholes and all structures randomly moved around (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0025254: [Gameplay Issue] Dark Zenith worlds lack metal mines (BadgerBadger)
0025227: [GUI] C-click menu for tech (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025226: [Bug - Gameplay] Inexplicable AI Infighting (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025235: [Bug - Gameplay] AI always Civil War (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025240: [Gameplay Issue] Strikecraft was nerfed on expert mode (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0025001: [Balance Issue] Too much energy and metal from stacking transports on a spire city (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025214: [Bug - Other] Economic cc tech typo (BadgerBadger)
0025202: [GUI] Covert Extraction hack still listed in the AI Command Station (BadgerBadger)
0025213: [Bug - Gameplay] can trade spire mines/reactors to fleet-ships opening up city sockets to build more spire mines/reactors (Chris_McElligottPark)
4 issues View Issues
0024092: [GUI] Multiplayer client chat log is empty (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025206: [Gameplay Issue] Ships being created that are not part of a flagship (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025204: [Gameplay Issue] Build menu major bug (Chris_McElligottPark)
3 issues View Issues
0025098: [GUI] Small typo in "Builder of Scourge" (BadgerBadger)
0024759: [Bug - Gameplay] AI allied scourge is attacking astro trains (BadgerBadger)
0025181: [Bug - Gameplay] AI-allied Scourge and Astro Trains shooting each other. (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0025158: [Crash/Exception] Almost all QuickStarts require expansiosn to be enabled (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0025155: [Crash/Exception] Error upon load of game: Table GameVersionTable with internalName is not there. (BadgerBadger)
0025136: [Graphical Bug] Dark Mirror Does Not Look Like Cube (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025094: [Bug - Gameplay] Players can kill ARS, TSS, etc (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025096: [Bug - Gameplay] TSS and ODSS can be attacked, also counts as AI fleet strength in counter (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025087: [Gameplay Issue] doubled citadel after hack (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025144: [Balance Issue] Cruiser Facility Balance -- No redundant weapon techs (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025052: [Graphical Bug] Phases cause a weird black mass graphical glitch (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025053: [Graphical Bug] Blue something - graphical bug (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025141: [Bug - Gameplay] Buttress not working? (BadgerBadger)
0025123: [Note To Test] Botnet golem + parasite citadel to test zombie pingpong (BadgerBadger)
0025124: [Bug - Gameplay] Architrave Castra: Cannot hack because.... (0 out of 0) (Chris_McElligottPark)
11 issues View Issues
0024969: [Bug - Other] Screen flickers aggressively, making the game unplayable (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025128: [Bug - Other] In-game discord link does not work (Main menu> More > Discord) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025129: [Graphical Bug] OpenGL option produces no text on start up screen buttons (Chris_McElligottPark)
3 issues View Issues
0024972: [Graphical Bug] Colorful Mosaics Cover the Whole Screen (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024789: [Graphical Bug] Visual corruption when viewing certain planets (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025119: [Graphical Bug] turning off all post processing options reduces but does not eliminate graphics issues on my Radeon 570x GPU iMac 2019 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025095: [Graphical Bug] Uncaptured Citidels tooltip need upgrade tech infro (Chris_McElligottPark)
0025075: [Bug - Gameplay] Grant Cruiser hack against zenith architrave bugged? (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024524: [Bug - Gameplay] Zenith Trader Outguard Bug -- Wont sell wares unless reload (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024546: [Bug - Gameplay] Interplanetary engineers do not follow battlestations, become permanently stuck in transport mode upon death or scrapping (Chris_McElligottPark)
7 issues View Issues
0025097: [GUI] Small typo in "Personal Settings"
0025042: [GUI] Error in popupScrollingTwoColumnButtonList (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025032: [GUI] typos noted in all tutorials (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025015: [GUI] Typo under How To Play: Tips and Strategies: AI Sub-Fleets: Hunter Fleet (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025016: [GUI] Typo under How To Play: Tips and Strategies: AI Sub-Fleets: Reserves (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025029: [GUI] Even more typos under "How To Play: Tips and Strategies" (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025027: [GUI] various typos under "How to Play: Tips and Strategies" (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025030: [GUI] Yet more typos under "How to Play: Tips and Strategies" (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025084: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Floor Message Sends out despite being above it (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0025028: [GUI] More typos under "How to Play: Tips and Strategies" (Tzarro)
0025051: [Crash/Exception] Stuck Protection Context (BadgerBadger)
0025026: [Bug - Gameplay] Protection Context Slow Background Threads and ZA not spawning golems in Civil War (BadgerBadger)
0025081: [Crash/Exception] "SINGLEP deploying a compositoin" (BadgerBadger)
0025078: [Bug - Other] Typo in description of Metabolizing Gangsaw Drone Hangar (CRCGamer)
14 issues View Issues
0025055: [Bug - Gameplay] Reprogram Miner to Nomad Planet (BadgerBadger)
0025113: [Crash/Exception] Found my debug log to be full of errors
0025038: [Bug - Other] NOTE: Is a bug with AMU | Game throws error with amu enabled in custom start screen (NRSirLimbo)
0024822: [GUI] Global Command Augmenter tip out of date (Tzarro)
0024937: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson Sphere can be hacked an infinite amount of times (BadgerBadger)
0025054: [Balance Issue] Dyson Sphere hacking response insanely overtuned (BadgerBadger)
0025059: [Bug - Gameplay] 15k+ threat from superterminal camps world after hack is cancelled (BadgerBadger)
0025057: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson Sphere not targeting AI Reconquest Command Station (BadgerBadger)
0024989: [Bug - Gameplay] Too friendly Anti-player Dyson Ships from hack (BadgerBadger)
0025050: [Bug - Gameplay] Miner Wreckage not spawning when killed on player planet (BadgerBadger)
0024923: [Gameplay Issue] GCA's Still mentioned in How To Play (Tzarro)
0025020: [Bug - Gameplay] Faction got shut down (BadgerBadger)
0025017: [Bug - Other] Typo in Svikari description (BadgerBadger)
0025021: [Bug - Gameplay] Architrave have an pioneer which they doesn't move at all (BadgerBadger)
0025035: [Bug - Gameplay] ZA bugs out with Planet controlling allies (BadgerBadger)
0025008: [Bug - Gameplay] Stealthed Transport Halts Zenith Invasion (BadgerBadger)
0025025: [Bug - Gameplay] Mouse Over Bug (BadgerBadger)
17 issues View Issues
0023533: [Audio Work] Something's up with the music (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0022086: [Bug - Audio] Make menu of toggleable music tracks (Dominus Arbitrationis)
2 issues View Issues
0024996: [Bug - Gameplay] Svikari softlocked due to lack of resource. (BadgerBadger)
0024963: [Bug - Gameplay] "not after you" seems to make the AI very cautious about attacking (BadgerBadger)
0024953: [Bug - Gameplay] "not after you" labeled hunter fleet attacking me (BadgerBadger)
0024992: [Bug - Gameplay] Exogalactic War Front units mostly passive (BadgerBadger)
0024979: [GUI] Description of Tabloid Defenses Battlestation is outdated (ArnaudB)
0024987: [Bug - Gameplay] Hangar's drones' name wrong (ArnaudB)
0024968: [GUI] Zenith Onslaught expansion tooltip outdated (BadgerBadger)
0024980: [Gameplay Issue] Svikari send transports through enemy planet (BadgerBadger)
0024894: [Bug - Gameplay] Dark Spire Vengeance Generator destroyed upon 3rd ship-line hack (BadgerBadger)
0024975: [Bug - Gameplay] ZA seems to declare War Time Over when only Command Station left in expansion (BadgerBadger)
0024973: [Gameplay Issue] ZA Crupellari not moving to attack while in portal system (BadgerBadger)
11 issues View Issues
0023065: [Crash/Exception] Frequent (roughly hourly) crashes under Linux (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024933: [Crash/Exception] Exception error with usurper (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024925: [Bug - Other] Exception throw in UpdateDataForPlanning (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024955: [Crash/Exception] Human Faction Fatal Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024966: [Crash/Exception] Exception in DoPerSimStepLogic_OnMainThreadAndPartOfSim (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024926: [Graphical Bug] Turrets under simultaneous construction only show a model for the one built last (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024692: [Bug - Other] Various typos (Tzarro)
7 issues View Issues
Released May 17, 2021
0024938: [Suggestion] nomad planet hacking tweask (BadgerBadger)
0024895: [Bug - Other] Orbital Mining - minor typo (Tzarro)
0024961: [Bug - Other] Credits for TSR are mismatched by 1 line (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024947: [Gameplay Issue] World Serpent wormhole dance (BadgerBadger)
0024942: [Gameplay Issue] Hacking ZA results in either AI showing up, or the ZA only responding with static d (ZeusAlmighty)
0024928: [Bug - Gameplay] Wrong hacking response on Vengeance Generators (BadgerBadger)
0024957: [Bug - Gameplay] ZA portal bug -- is still a valid hacking target after Cruiser or Quiesce hack (BadgerBadger)
0024958: [Bug - Gameplay] ZA Castra hack does not trigger on-death transformation into "Phased Castra" (BadgerBadger)
0024943: [Bug - Gameplay] You can hack a ZA Home portal multiple times (ZeusAlmighty)
0024946: [Gameplay Issue] DZ library spams errors when hacking (BadgerBadger)
0024944: [GUI] Nomad Planet top tooltip incorret (BadgerBadger)
0024945: [Gameplay Issue] ZA fatal error upon nomad impact (BadgerBadger)
0024950: [GUI] DZ and Svikari Fimbulwinter or Finbulwinter? (BadgerBadger)
0024919: [Bug - Gameplay] DZ invade early (BadgerBadger)
14 issues View Issues
0024930: [Crash/Exception] SINGLEP Exception hit during Base DoOneSecondOfHackingLogic_AsPartOfMainSim debug code 38 System.NullReferenceException (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0024909: [Graphical Bug] Repair beems not showing up (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024874: [Bug - Gameplay] Multiplayer client unable to hack ARS for ship line (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024911: [Graphical Bug] Forcefields look weird and depleted forcefields still project (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024785: [Bug - Gameplay] Deep-Space Anomaly Analyzers which spawn on planets with Vengence Generators are Dark Spire aligned (BadgerBadger)
0024915: [Gameplay Issue] Crashing a nomad planet into an AI homeworld does not trigger AIP increases (BadgerBadger)
0024877: [Crash/Exception] Save File Unloadable after Patch 2.904 - Civil War / Kaizer Marauders / SK Civilian / AMU (NRSirLimbo)
0024910: [Crash/Exception] SH AI faction shut down fata error (Chris_McElligottPark)
7 issues View Issues
0023781: [GUI] Spire engineering center name is misleading
0024870: [Graphical Bug] Game suddenly gained an orange/red filter (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024901: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer faces alot of bugs. (NRSirLimbo)
0024904: [Balance Issue] Dark Spire Vengeance Generators accumulate energy from self-attritioning units (BadgerBadger)
0024892: [GUI] Zenith Miner minor typo. (BadgerBadger)
0024888: [GUI] Typo in Game Setup - Other Options (BadgerBadger)
0024824: [GUI] Small typo in Reclamator tooltip (BadgerBadger)
7 issues View Issues
0024482: [Graphical Bug] The icons of ODSS and TSS are too similar (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024879: [Crash/Exception] Unknown exception in player faction; missing Raid Engine journal entry in JournalEntryTable (BadgerBadger)
0024803: [Audio Work] Selecting a music track in the debug menu removes it from the list (Dominus Arbitrationis)
0024814: [GUI] Vengeful Sniper Array looks too similar to Frigate Icons. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024813: [GUI] TSS Icon too small, can't tell what it is. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024873: [Bug - Gameplay] DZ bug report -- Just chilling after taking territorial sphere (BadgerBadger)
6 issues View Issues
0024875: [Crash/Exception] 75 or so errors at startup (BadgerBadger)
0024872: [Bug - Other] Exotic weapons tech is outdated (BadgerBadger)
2 issues View Issues
0024868: [Bug - Gameplay] Unfinished MP session report 20210510 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024859: [Bug - Gameplay] fleet not responding to commands (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024865: [Bug - Gameplay] Bug Report: SINGLEP Exception in HandleLODsAndShipPartAnimations P1 stage 400 System (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024853: [Crash/Exception] Fatal faction error in Sentinels(Index 2); faction shut down (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024863: [Bug - Gameplay] Exception in bringing up details on upcoming wave (DLC 2)? (BadgerBadger)
0024850: [Suggestion] Journal entry hooks. (BadgerBadger)
0024852: [Crash/Exception] Factions shut down from fatal error (BadgerBadger)
0024855: [Bug - Other] Typo in fleet management menu for (Agile) Cursed Golem (BadgerBadger)
0024854: [Bug - Other] Typo in Botnet Golem description (BadgerBadger)
0024856: [GUI] Color error in Exogalactic War Front Unit journal button (BadgerBadger)
10 issues View Issues
0024840: [Bug - Gameplay] ZA bugreport -- Castra building over planet cap (ZeusAlmighty)
0024827: [Bug - Gameplay] Logistics station gets 32x pike turrets (ArnaudB)
0024839: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session summary 20210507-Session 2 for the day (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024838: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session 20210507 retry (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024825: [Bug - Gameplay] MP session summary 20210507 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024788: [Graphical Bug] Client units and fleets being overzealously killed like ghosts in MP (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024843: [Crash/Exception] Error Message Causing Game to "Freeze" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024848: [Bug - Gameplay] DZ Svikari bug -- Svikari not unlocking new tech (BadgerBadger)
0024831: [Bug - Gameplay] wave spawns 3x stated strength (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024834: [Balance Issue] Carrier Guardians and other similar ships shouldn't be in waves (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024833: [Crash/Exception] Exception while clicking around (BadgerBadger)
0024792: [Bug - Gameplay] architrave spamming golems: 24 blasphemy golems (BadgerBadger)
0024830: [Crash/Exception] Hit exception in AI Reserves debugStage 1000 (BadgerBadger)
0024628: [Balance Issue] Frigates need some lovin (ZeusAlmighty)
14 issues View Issues
0024347: [Suggestion] Confusion over second AIP floor (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024738: [Gameplay Idea] Fleet window ship line sorting (BadgerBadger)
0024819: [Bug - Gameplay] claiming flagships "instantly" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024823: [GUI] Missing underlay icon for planet to not path through (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024821: [GUI] Terminus tooltip missing resource (BadgerBadger)
5 issues View Issues
0024816: [Crash/Exception] Exception while playing the QS "A Dark Alliance". AI Sentinel Faction fatal error (BadgerBadger)
1 issue View Issues
0024791: [Bug - Other] AI-faction got shut down (Chris_McElligottPark)
0023112: [GUI] Missing Icons for Notifications (Chris_McElligottPark)
0023737: [GUI] Give some sort of indicator to planet icons on galaxy map set to not path through (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024796: [Gameplay Issue] Hacking Causes Error and Freezes Hack Progress (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024806: [Bug - Gameplay] Preserver golems dont die (BadgerBadger)
0024805: [Gameplay Issue] Cepheus units in waves go to command station and die (BadgerBadger)
0024804: [Crash/Exception] WB exception. (BadgerBadger)
0024801: [Gameplay Issue] AI Overlord Phase 2 has no graphics and is not attackable. (BadgerBadger)
0024800: [Bug - Gameplay] Crash on clicking ZA warning (BadgerBadger)
0024780: [Bug - Gameplay] DZ invasion can link to ZA homeworld (BadgerBadger)
0024797: [Gameplay Issue] DZ upgrades need some tuning (BadgerBadger)
11 issues View Issues
0024798: [Suggestion] Bring the Fimbulwinter (BadgerBadger)
0024782: [Gameplay Idea] Invasion times for fast games. (BadgerBadger)
0024783: [Bug - Other] Minefield showing up in technology unlock strength comparision as ship, not defnese (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0024752: [GUI] Funky UI scaling issue (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024774: [Bug - Gameplay] Relentless wave error. (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0024771: [Bug - Gameplay] All capturables (including centerpieces and support fleets) generated as owned by the AI with no ships (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024770: [Crash/Exception] Fatal error in player faction after 12 min upon claiming second transport (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0024767: [Bug - Gameplay] Multiplayer is out of sync a lot (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024766: [Bug - Gameplay] Select turrets lines easily
0024768: [Crash/Exception] SINGLEP UpdateDataForPlanning Exception in Entities Loop B, debugStage 300 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024763: [Balance Issue] Golem & Ark Energy Costs (Chris_McElligottPark)
4 issues View Issues
0024643: [Bug - Gameplay] AI golems forming AI officer fleets that cannot be destroyed (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024757: [Bug - Gameplay] ZO phasing warp bug -- doesn't work with "forced_to_always_be_this_state_of_matter="MultiPhase" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024754: [Bug - Gameplay] Permadeath citadels and lone wolves (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024755: [Bug - Gameplay] Factories, flagships, ect being permanently destroyed (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024756: [Bug - Gameplay] Destroyed turrets no longer transform into remains/debris. (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0024720: [Bug - Gameplay] 3x small turret generated in TTS (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024748: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacking fleet research station, hack gets stuck and errors constantly (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024742: [Bug - Gameplay] Error when hacking Dark Spire Vengeance Generator (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024744: [Crash/Exception] TryWiringUpShotToTarget Error at debug stage 200 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024745: [Suggestion] XML copying units UI issue -- count_to_spawn_on_death="0" shows up in tooltip (which is confusing) (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0024753: [Suggestion] ZO steampage missing some major features (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024733: [Crash/Exception] Game shows NullReferenceException on game load. (Kaizer's Marauders) (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024736: [Crash/Exception] Error doing the first tutorial (BadgerBadger)
0024726: [Gameplay Idea] Show the estimate strength of an hack response (BadgerBadger)
0024731: [Bug - Other] Journal Entry "Spire Initial Relic Found" text error (BadgerBadger)
5 issues View Issues
0024729: [Bug - Gameplay] Unrequested attribute 'major_version' on node (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024730: [Crash/Exception] Exception Occurred Upon Game Launch "Release_Date_Text" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024728: [Crash/Exception] Multiplayer (Client) Exception Popup: "Exception in Client_AcceptDivergenceDataFromHost-DivergencesSection" (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024727: [Bug - Gameplay] AI fleet parking on my planets (BadgerBadger)
0024723: [Bug - Gameplay] DZ upgrade error (BadgerBadger)
0024722: [Gameplay Idea] DZ journal improvements (BadgerBadger)
0024718: [Gameplay Issue] Steal Turret Line text needs tweaking (BadgerBadger)
7 issues View Issues
0024719: [Bug - Gameplay] Nodorian attrition ignore stacks (BadgerBadger)
0024592: [Graphical Bug] Battle Notifications list wrong strength (BadgerBadger)
0024721: [Bug - Other] Unable to start campaign with zenith traders (Chris_McElligottPark)
3 issues View Issues
0024717: [Gameplay Issue] Friendly Marauders AIP gain loop and settings description (BadgerBadger)
0024715: [Bug - Gameplay] Hunter Fleet that hunt Dyson Sphere keep camping and piling upward (BadgerBadger)
0024714: [Bug - Gameplay] Player-allied Nanocaust and player-allied Scourge can't build on the same planet. (BadgerBadger)
0024707: [Gameplay Issue] MP problems 4/17 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024712: [Crash/Exception] Game crashed when jumping loaded transport into praetorian guard system (Chris_McElligottPark)
5 issues View Issues
0024700: [Crash/Exception] GOG Linux installer missing (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024702: [Gameplay Issue] Tutorial Rush Is Back (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024688: [Gameplay Issue] Text improvements for FS journal - in progress (BadgerBadger)
3 issues View Issues
0024673: [Crash/Exception] MP Issues April 10 (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024695: [GUI] Tooltip typo for ODSS (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024694: [Graphical Bug] Regeneration feature only partially effective for Retribution Golem. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024687: [Gameplay Issue] Error on first spire relic hack (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024693: [Bug - Gameplay] Massive AI Hunter Fleet in the first few minutes (BadgerBadger)
5 issues View Issues
0023486: [Suggestion] Have the starting battlestation start with the 3 hotkey
0024659: [Crash/Exception] Performance and crashes (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024683: [Bug - Gameplay] Praetorian Guard faction broken after loading save (BadgerBadger)
0024682: [Bug - Gameplay] Spire Journal entry missing (BadgerBadger)
0024672: [Crash/Exception] Unknown and sudden crash (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024679: [Crash/Exception] Negative Index Error (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024661: [GUI] AIP Tooltip typo: missing "be reached" from auto-mark upgrade when stepping foot on MK7 worlds. (BadgerBadger)
0024610: [Bug - Gameplay] Allied marauders will occasionally attack AI command stations unprompted. (BadgerBadger)
8 issues View Issues
0024668: [Bug - Gameplay] Can't move ships off of homeworld, Errors Reported By Engine (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024669: [Bug - Gameplay] Ships can't take wormholes (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0024667: [Crash/Exception] Null with seeding Praetorian Guard (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024664: [Bug - Other] Game is stuttering every few seconds for 1-2 seconds each stutter (Chris_McElligottPark)
2 issues View Issues
0024646: [Bug - Gameplay] Killing Overlord Phase 2 now gives half Science and HaP total
0024400: [Balance Issue] Change Forcefield Frigate tech upgrades and spawn chances
0024654: [Gameplay Issue] Problems from 4/3 MP session (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024655: [Balance Issue] 3+ Players game ruined by taking out AIP reductions (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024604: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Spire Citadel beam weapon deals absurd damage to targets other than its main target (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024658: [Crash/Exception] DZ Svi Fatal Error Crash (BadgerBadger)
0024640: [Bug - Other] A few typos (BadgerBadger)
0024652: [Bug - Gameplay] Hacking a dyson sphere does not turn the dyson hostile to the player during hack (BadgerBadger)
0024617: [Bug - Gameplay] Praetorian Guard only spawns at first AI's homeworld in multi-AI games (BadgerBadger)
9 issues View Issues
0024569: [Graphical Bug] Death screen missing shader (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0024638: [Crash/Exception] Error in targeting (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024630: [Bug - Gameplay] Dyson wave exploit after new threat erasure mechanic (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024599: [Bug - Gameplay] Hunter fleet marked "Not after you" attacking player (BadgerBadger)
0024634: [Balance Issue] NOT AFTER YOU units still attacking player (BadgerBadger)
0024637: [Bug - Gameplay] AI Wendigo that is meant for Dark Alliance not attacking or heading out to dark alliance (BadgerBadger)
0024624: [Crash/Exception] 2.764 MP errors (Chris_McElligottPark)
0021185: [GUI] Give better warning when out of energy! (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024612: [Crash/Exception] ArgumentOutOfRangeException - moving across systems (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024625: [Crash/Exception] Faction Crashed. (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024616: [Gameplay Idea] You can't filter units with their short name (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024627: [Crash/Exception] DZ Fatal Error shutdown (Chris_McElligottPark)
0024621: [Crash/Exception] Crash Upon Saving with DZ (BadgerBadger)
0024606: [Gameplay Issue] NM Beacon tooltip unclear (BadgerBadger)
0024342: [Suggestion] Reverse-ambush damage resistance mechanic for Watchman frigates. (BadgerBadger)
14 issues View Issues
0024603: [Bug - Gameplay] Cannot build command stations for some reason (Chris_McElligottPark)
1 issue View Issues
0024322: [Gameplay Idea] Show fleet line strength in the Manage Fleet screen
0023613: [Gameplay Idea] A "swap all" option for fleets.
0024601: [GUI] The objective's screen's Beginner tips section's "Spend S