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0022988AI War 2[All Projects] GUIMar 18, 2020 9:31 pm
Reporterx4000BughunterAssigned ToDominus Arbitrationis 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.009 Plenty Of Tuning 
Fixed in Version2.012 Populous 
Summary0022988: Chat window / message log.
Description- Down in the bottom left corner of the main view, there's a little chat box window that says "coming soon."

- Clicking that should bring up a new scrollable window that is... maybe 1.5x as wide as the sidebar, and half the default height of it?- At the very bottom of this thing should be a textbox and a button that says "send."

- If you type in the textbox and press send, then it should send a message as a GameCommand.  I'll have to wire this part up properly to make it work in MP, but just having the hooks would save me a ton of time.

- Pressing enter when in the middle of nowhere should also bring up this window.

- The top part of this window should be the history of all the chat interactions and so on, in reverse order (newest stuff is at the top, aka).  This already exists in the escape menu, at the very bottom of the escape menu, right now.  It should be removed from the escape menu and put here instead, which is meant to be its permanent home.

- This will be useful for seeing logs of stuff in single player from AI taunts and such, and then also for seeing chats in multiplayer.

- This also then will let us SEND chats in multiplayer, or in single-player allow players to make a note and send it to themselves if they want to.
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Dominus Arbitrationis

Mar 18, 2020 9:31 pm

administrator   ~0056586


- It will open in place of the sidebar, so it will autoclose that. It does remember what sidebar you had open though, so when you close it, that sidebar opens back up. If you click on a sidebar, it will close the chat window.

- Message is logged as a Journal Entry via preexisting game command

- 'C' is the default hotkey to open the window

- It scrolls like a normal chat box, so newest on the bottom. When a new entry is made, it will jump to the bottom, but you remain able to scroll up. This jump is to ensure you don't miss a message.

Known issues that currently remain:
- It doesn't auto focus on the textbox, so you have to click it before you can type
- If you hold shift while typing it hides the notification bar

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