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0020448AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionOct 9, 2018 9:46 pm
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Fixed in Version0.781 Destruction Diversity 
Summary0020448: Brownouts to disable forcefields for a set period after
DescriptionThis topic has appeared in Discord a bit - mainly about how people would just pause and scrap things not in any combat/being used and get the forcefields back online. Meaning the optimal thing to do is always...well, pause and scrap, therefore kinda bypassing the whole point of the brownout.

Figure if forcefields were stuck being off for a period, then it means you have to tough it out. Paralysis currently disables them...though that is noted as leaving them intact in the mechanic documentation.
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Oct 9, 2018 9:46 pm

administrator   ~0049831


* When brownouts happen, they now last for a minimum of 60 seconds. You can no longer just scrap a bunch of stuff to get the power back on to your bubble forcefields.
** In the tooltips it now says how long you have left in the brownout before your forcefields are restored, to help you know not to engage in that pause-and-scrap behavior (and to anticipate when power will be back).
** This was a good example of behavior that was "optimal, but cheesy" with pausing and scrapping, and which bypassed the point of brownouts in general. Now there's substantially more risk there, and the AI actually has a chance to exploit that weakness.
** Additionally, since this is a 60 second timer AFTER you get your energy balance back positive, it's encouraging rapid-building of new generators (although... you may still wind up needing to pause and scrap, that won't negate the brownout and that's no longer so super-optimal).

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