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0022290AI War 2[All Projects] Bug - GameplayNov 29, 2019 4:53 pm
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Summary0022290: [AI War 2] Inconsistent effect of planet upgrades on Zenith Trader items
DescriptionThere is an option for each owned planet, via it's fleet menu, to upgrade everything on the planet by one level. This includes the Zenith Trader items.
All basic buildings (e.g. turrets/forcefields) are upgraded by one mark level. So Mark V Pike Turrets become Mark VI with all associated benefits. So far, so normal.

The Zenith Trader items do not behave consistently (I only upgraded the planet once):
1. Markless items such as the Lesser Zenith Power Generator, the Black Hole Machine, the Scrubbed Aberration, and the Scrubbed Abomination don't change as expected.
2. The Zenith Forcefield Generator starts at Mark IV and stays at Mark IV when the planet is upgraded.
3. The Chained Dark Spire Eidolon Mark V upgrades to the Chained Dark Spire Eidolon Mark VI which causes its stats to remain exactly the same.
4. The Tamed Macrophage Mk I upgrades to the Tamed Macrophage Mk II which does cause its stats to change for the better.

A few suggestions:
1. Perfect, no change.
2. Fair enough. It does make me wonder if there is an indication for any ship/structure it is at it's maximum when that maximum isn't MkVII? If there is I'm just selectively blind.
3 & 4. Either make it so the Tamed Macrophage can't upgrade either and remove the Mark levels of both, or make it so that an upgraded Chained Dark Spire Eidolon actually has better stats when upgrading the planet level.

In the attached save file I upgraded my home planet Bando (bottom right of the map) once, and you could compare the discussed ships on that planet with the ships on Coldness (middle of the map) which has not been upgraded.
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Nov 29, 2019 4:53 pm


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