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0021596AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionOct 29, 2019 12:32 am
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Summary0021596: Alternate implementations for eyes
DescriptionI'm not a big fan of Eyes. I feel that having to selectively evacuate units as the battle progresses so you always have lower unit count than the AI is fiddly and just not interesting gameplay. I've tried to provide alternate ways to compute the activation threshold in, but I think a redesign is in order, so here are some ideas. (Note that some of them could be used for new units, if replacing eyes is judged too radical a change.)

- base eye activation on the number of guard posts that were awakened (i.e. released their mobile units hidden inside), either a ratio or a fixed number. For example, it activates if more than half the guard posts in the system are awake. Or more than two guard posts are awake. Just like the original mechanic, it forces you to take out guard posts individually and carefully instead of putting everything on FRD. But it doesn't artificially limit how many units you can bring. (Caveat: this would make zombies and minor factions even more annoying because they'd likely wake up eyes without your involvement.)

- eyes activate the same way retaliation waves do. So as you lose a lot of ships because you attacked a high-level world, the eye would eventually activate. Unlike the wave you wouldn't be able to stall it. It could either activate before the retaliation wave notification (lower threshold), as a kind of early response, or after, as an ultimate response that makes it even more difficult to stall the wave.

- eyes activate in a similar way as the retaliation waves, but based on how many ships the AI lost instead of how many you lost.

- eyes activate based on conditions in its own system and the neighbouring stars, for instance if X neighbouring wargates (including its own) have been destroyed, or X guard posts have been destroyed. This complicates the player's life in an interesting way when he wants to neuter neighbouring systems.

- When AIP reaches a certain threshold, all eyes open. (I really like this one! It's simple, provides another significant and scary AIP milestone, and its symbolic value is strong.)
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Oct 29, 2019 12:32 am

manager   ~0054092

I've added another eye form (eyes that check for how many fleets the player has, not how many units total). I do kinda like some of these, especially the eye that awakes at a certain AIP point, so lets leave this ticket open.

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