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0021334AI War 2[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaJul 8, 2019 11:18 am
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Fixed in Version0.873 Battlestation Overhaul 
Summary0021334: Tesla effects to have their damage scale UP as there are more targets (and be anti-stack).
DescriptionReported by Draco18s:!-'fleet-exp-level-ups-and-starting-battlestations'/msg220865/#msg220865

Personally I think this is really good. Basically:

1-3 targets: 10% total damage output
4-6 targets: 20% total damage output
7-10 targets: 40% total damage output
11-15 targets: 60% total damage output
16-20 targets: 80% total damage output
21-30 targets: 100% total damage output
31-40 targets: 150% total damage output
41-50 targets: 200% total damage output
51-60 targets: 250% total damage output
61-70 targets: 300% total damage output
71+ targets: 350% total damage output

These would be able to hit a maximum of 100 targets, let's say, and any units that are in a stack would all count as "more targets" for their purposes. So if there's a single stack of 50 units in range, then it's going to absolutely obliterate a lot of that stack, and roll the damage over to all the units in there unlike some conventional attacks.

Aka, the tesla stuff becomes particular good against stacks, which I'd been wanting anyway. It's possible that a single shot of a tesla attack could destroy half or more of a weak stack if it's a particularly large stack in the range of it.
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Jul 8, 2019 11:18 am

administrator   ~0052086

I think that Puffin basically handled this by just giving them a stack multiplier. Much easier to understand!

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