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0021287AI War 2[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaJun 8, 2019 6:55 pm
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Product VersionBETA 0.865 The Return Of Deepstriking 
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Summary0021287: Suggestion: Create battle groups to quickly select combinations of fleets
DescriptionIt would be nice to be able to very quickly select a few fleets as a group, for example a heavy fleet, a strike fleet and a combat factory fleet, without lots of menu scrolling and holding shift. Maybe by using a combination with the alt or function keys. It's nice that some fleets get control groups automatically assigned, but it can be difficult to remembmer which is which. Also, it seems weird that only officer fleets get control group numbers. Maybe you could have transport and support fleets assigned to an officer? I mostly want to be able to attach a combat factory to a fleet so that it follows it around and supports it. Having engineers traveling with the fleet is a great feature, especially with many of the transport ships being pretty weak.
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