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0024465AI War 2SuggestionFeb 22, 2021 7:38 pm
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Product VersionBeta 2.744 Scourge Industries, Inc 
Fixed in VersionBeta 2.745 The Unsmothering 
Summary0024465: Too many turrets in amount. Possible carpal tunnel syndrome cause.
DescriptionCurrently several players have noted that we obtain a truly massive amount of turrets and defensive options. While this is good, it kind of leads to just painting the entire planet with turrets, causes carpal tunnel syndrome, and renders positioning of turrets not as useful when turrets reach a critical mass. Would it be better to reduce the amount of turrets and ships slightly and increase their individual strength proportionally? Still enough turrets to cover areas, but not enough to paint the planet. This would also help prevent some wrist issue resulting from rapidly clicking constantly and repeatedly.

Screenshot below came from a spire campaign I did yesterday or a day or two ago. While my desktop (GTX 1060, Ryzen 1600x overclocked at 4.0 GHZ, 16 GB DDR4 RAM) didn't face any performance issue, I heard laptop players are having performance issues with the new ship and turret amount increase. Personally, I suggest cutting them down slightly (say to 2/3rd of current amount) and increase their strength proportionally.
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Feb 22, 2021 6:39 am


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Feb 22, 2021 12:40 pm

administrator   ~0060597

Lots of changes next build, let's see how this feels:

* ARS seeding adjustments:
** There were 2 extra ARSes that tried to seed pretty close to human empires, in addition to 1 for each human empire, in addition to the 1 for each human empire that is VERY close.
** Those extra 2 are now gone, while the other base of "2 per human empire" are still there. So in a single player game, this would move down from 5 close-ish ARSes to 2. In a 2-player game, that's down from 7 close-ish ones to 4.
** There were just way too many choices for people, and an excess of options in general.

* There were then a bunch more ARSes way out in the galaxy at various points, and the number of those could be tremendously huge, too. We have tentatively cut those numbers in half, given how many extra choices and how much information overload people were having.

* Last change for ARS, that second one that normally would be close based on the number of humans empires is now just seeded kind of wherever.
** This lets there be more ARSes out there in general in multiplayer, without the near-field being just absolutely riddled with them.

* For the ODSS, it was previoulsy seeding one near each human empire.
** It now seeds that first one absolutely anywhere, instead of it being close by.

* For ODSS, it was previously trying to seed the other ones half in the near distance, and half anywhere.
** The half that were going anywhere are now just gone, and then the half that were going in the middle distance now are within 3-11 hops, roughly.

* Lastly, the TSS. There are way too many of these, too.
** There is still one put very near to each human empire, as these are very important.
** There is another added for each human empire as well, but rather than being within 3-6 hops, it is now within 3-99 hops. Far less congestion in the early game of good things to capture.
** The rest were put out in the main galaxy, some in the vaguely middle distannce, and some kind of whever. It now only seeds half as many, and mostly does them wherever.

* Overall, hopefully these changes lead to less information overload, and less overload of turrets held by players in general.

* The hacking point cost of hacking an FRS has doubled.

* The hacking point cost of hacking an ARS has doubled.
** The hacking point rise per hack on ARSes is now 2x rather than 1.5x, and the response strength increase is now 2.8x rather than 2.2x.

* The hacking point cost of hacking a TSS has doubled.
** The hacking point rise per hack on TSSes is now 2x rather than 1.8x, and the response strength increase is now 2.8x rather than 1.8x.
** The maximum number of hacks on a TSS is now 3 rather than 4.
*** This eliminates some of the "large number of turrets left behind" that could otherwise happen when you take a planet and don't want to afford that super expensive last hack.

* Additionally, the TSS now gives you 5 options rather than 6.
** And the ODSS gives you a max of 4 options rather than 6.
** And the ARS gives you a selection of 4 strikecraft and 1 frigate rather than 6 and 2.
** Again, all of these things come down to the sheer analysis paralysis that people could face, and the ability of people to get exactly what they want at all times, and therefore the increasing homogeneity of all galaxies.

* Bear in mind that we will adjust further if needed, but the goal is to give players meaningful choices that are different each game, and not SO many choices that it is either overwhelming or just a repetitive "choose your favorite thing" every game.
** It's really important to remember that with ship upgrades now, getting to mark 4 is most of the battle, so having more diversity in unlocks (because you can't find exactly what you want) is a good thing and actually can lead to higher overall power versus just getting to mark 7 with a single tech class that you lean into completely. Put another way: if you have 6 ship or turret lines, you get more strength if you have 3 each in 2 groups that have been upgraded to mark 4, versus all 6 being in one group that has been upgraded to mark 7. You also get more strategic and tactical flexibility, but just the raw strength numbers are higher.



Feb 22, 2021 6:10 pm

reporter   ~0060598

Thanks Chris! I really do appreciate the current tactical flexibility! The game has been more fun than ever.


Feb 22, 2021 7:37 pm

administrator   ~0060599

Last edited: Feb 22, 2021 7:38 pm

I'm glad! Hopefully this hits the right note without the side of carpal tunnel. :)

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