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0023151AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionMay 26, 2020 2:10 am
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Product Version2.026 The Faction Duality Problem 
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Summary0023151: Suggestion: Give the Scourge Fireteams an Escort/Breakthrough Strategy
DescriptionThe scourge can be cut off from the rest of the map pretty easily, they don't even seem to attempt to escort builders through player planets. While it's nice to be able to stop the Scourge from expanding, high-intensity scourge don't really live up to their name on X or Clusters when constrained so easily. The Scourge are more frightening when they don't have to ram your fortress world into the dust before they're allowed into the softer quadrants (you'd probably be dead by then, anyway)

To counter this issue, I suggest having Scourge builders "risk" running through a player world when no other scourge can path to a large enough set of AI (maybe even neutral) planets, a low but arbitrary percentage in the range of like 5-20%. If that much of the map is cut off, then the scourge could either wait for a wave on a blocking planet and breakthrough at the same time, taking builders, or try and do it on their own, if they think they can.

What's wonderful about this, is this is counter-able too! Black Hole Machines, Gravity Generators, and Forcefields and webber-types all gain value in Scourge games, and it can help provide a reason not to stack all your forcefields on your command station while providing a rare opportunity to kill some builders.
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May 26, 2020 2:10 am

manager   ~0057122

Maybe! Does anyone have a good save that could be used for testing this if I decide to add the feature?

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