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0027598AI War 2Gameplay IssueSep 16, 2022 1:18 pm
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Product Version5.512 Dyson Reapers 
Summary0027598: Serious latency issues in MP
DescriptionHad to rewrite this since the site lost it the first time. It's a day later, so while I *think* all information is correct and complete, it may not be.

Our little group of 3 has played this game before, and has only in the past few weeks started running into issues sufficient to make the game unplayable, related to connectivity with the host.

This occurs regardless of the host, and none of us can find anything wrong with our networks while it's going on. We've had no issues being host to multiplayer sessions on other games.

It starts out pretty much fine, but as we progress past the hour mark in a run (around when fleets hit the 150 power mark) non-server players start suffering from horrible connection issues - while they are almost never dropped, they end up being shown incorrect or incomplete information about power levels, locations or even existence of ships, etc. and being unable to give commands to their units. Reconnecting to the game offers a brief reprieve, but issues quickly come back.

The game periodically tells the server that players are behind by an amount of seconds ranging from 0000003:0000003 to > 3000. The upper end of that range is clearly absurd so I'm not sure how seriously to take the issue.

The attached zips are the log files that I was pointed to in the discord when I asked about this issue, along with the game's save file. Filenames are labeled according to the player they're from. Sinsling noted that he removed data from before yesterday's session; neither of the other of us did.
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Sep 11, 2022 11:21 pm

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Sep 16, 2022 1:18 pm

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I've fixed one problem from investigating this save: Forcefield Guard Posts on MP clients had the wrong stats

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