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0022255AI War 2SuggestionJan 11, 2021 5:12 pm
Reporterdeo Assigned ToChris_McElligottPark  
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Product Version1.010 Extracting Those Archives 
Fixed in Version2.715 Unload Queuing 
Summary0022255: Two new commands for fleets
DescriptionI think those two would be of use
1. The command allow you to choose destination like planet or exact spot
after this flagship load all units, move to the target location and unload
would really cut off some micro regarding this popular chain

2. Some kind of patrol
You have to choose destination for a fleet, after which it moves planet to planet stopping to destroy everything usually destroyable (ships, posts, excluding com stations and the like) on the planet
Usable to clean some threat out of nearby planets
I think it should do this repeatadly - after reaching final point - it goes back and again
Like an option for a flaship you can add necessity to replenish it's lost ships on nearby planet with available factories
If flaship become disabled - it should move to nearby planet for repairs, then come back on route
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Jan 11, 2021 5:12 pm

administrator   ~0060283


* Something we had thought was not really going to be possible in the game, now is implemented: the queuing of some certain kinds of orders after movement, attack, traverse-wormhole, or whatever.
** The new commands that are supported basically use any of the existing buttons or hotkeys as usual, but you hold shift to append them to the end of the commands you already have in place. If you have no commands queued up already, then it will just do the thing immediately.
** Unload Transport
*** So for instance, give a some move orders to a distant planet, and at the end of that keep holding shift and press U (or click the interface button. The transport will unload when it gets there.
*** Note that Load Transport is NOT supported. This requires all of the ships to actually get loaded properly in, potentially from other planets, and the checking for that is both really complicated and also hopefully a far less common case.
** Set Pursuit Mode on or off
** Set Attack-Move Mode on or off
** Set Stop-To-Shoot Mode on or of
** So, for instance you can give some regular move orders to one side of a planet, then give a regular attack order, then have it turn on (or off) attack-move mode.
*** We can't think of any use cases for turning off a mode like this at a destination, but it is possible.
*** We also can't really think of any use cases for turning ON a mode like this at a destination, because ships will follow your direct move and attack orders even when in attack-move mode, which is functionally identical to the use case here. But it does exist now, in cases it's useful.
** The ability to unload transports at the destination is a big deal, at any rate, since there was no way to have that happen in an automated fashion before.

That patrol option isn't in the cards, but you can move to specific spots on planets now.

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