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0027300AI War 2Bug - OtherMay 9, 2022 11:01 am
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Product Version5.008 Xenophiles And Outguard 
Summary0027300: controls > select all flagships, doesn't include battle stations and should
DescriptionBattle stations should be included for this to be the most useful (microing a group that needs extra protection and are often together).

It would also be consistent with the fact that
1. It includes transports, and mobile factories...
2. 'all non-flagship military' selection group, which is the opposite of this one, does NOT contain battle stations

The most useful way to use these two shortcuts is to switch between microing your capital ships that require protection and are often grouped together (your transports, battle stations, and mobile factories), and your fleet ships (everything else). However battle stations are currently not included in either group (and don't have their own bindable selection shourtcut).

The proposed solution here is to include battle stations in the 'select all flagships' group.

No save provided, simply start a new game and experiment with Controls. I use ']' and '[' keys.
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