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0025623AI War 2SuggestionOct 5, 2021 10:34 pm
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Product VersionBeta 3.705 Blazing Collections And The New Spire 
Summary0025623: Wait for passengers mode for transports.
DescriptionFrom Badger:

Oh Chris, my current biggest wish from a game-control POV is the ability to go to the galaxy map and say "This fleet should move to Murdoch, but don't start moving until its you ships are loaded"


I wonder if we should have just a global setting (I can make it network-enabled for purposes of multiplayer) where basically units will not jump through a wormhole if they are in load mode and there are still unloaded ships on their current planet. Default on. That would cause them to move toward the wormhole, and then wait there if there are other ships still working on getting in. The downside is that in the event there's like two units caught in a tractor beam, the flagship might seem broken since it can't get through the wormhole no matter your orders.

Maybe if a unit is tractored or engine stunned, it's left for dead?


Yeah, you'd need to be able to ignore units that are tractored, engine stunned or black holed and not on this planet
or something like that


Anything not on this planet would be ignored.


sounds good to me
I like a setting that says "This flagship won't do a wormhole move until all suitable units are loaded", on as default for load mode
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Oct 5, 2021 10:32 pm

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(Big discission erupted:

This is contentious.

So my new design for now:

New "Wait for Stragglers" personal setting (network attached, works in multiplayer, defaults to on):
- If you are on a planet that is human-owned, or there are no enemies, or no-one owns the planet, then when your transports are in load mode and there are freely-mobile ships ON THIS SAME PLANET still trying to load, it will not pass through the wormholes if you gave it cross planet orders. It's waiting for the stragglers. If this is on an enemy planet where counterattacks could be a worry, this mode has no effect, per Strategic Sage.

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