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0019610AI War 2[All Projects] Bug - OtherSep 5, 2018 8:14 pm
ReporterhawkAssigned Tox4000Bughunter 
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Product Version0.740 Clean Up That Nebula, Young Man! 
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Summary0019610: UI difficulty with game lobby dropdowns
DescriptionBoth Realistic and Simple map types default to display as circular despite the default drop down displaying "rectangular".
Simply selecting "circular" and then back to "rectangular" will get you the rectangular map (which is great, btw).
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Apr 26, 2018 10:00 pm

manager   ~0047484

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Yeah, it's always done this. I'm not quite sure how to fix it to be honest, I feel like a number of dropdowns have this issue actually, but this is more obvious than most. I suspect this is probably going to just languish as is until Chris redoes the Game Lobby entirely.

What's your opinion on Circular, btw?


Apr 26, 2018 10:15 pm

reporter   ~0047487

No worries. Easy workaround. :)

I really like the realistic maps. Aesthetically the circular version looks just as good/interesting (maybe more so) but I will steer clear of it until the player can zoom out enough for it to fit in the screen like rectangular does. For me utility is more important than looks here. I believe the width to height ratio of the viewing area is slightly more square in game than the lobby but it is still wider than long and I want to be able to see as much as I can of the map.

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