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0022732AI War 2[All Projects] Bug - OtherMar 22, 2020 11:20 am
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Product Version1.321 Enjoy Your Break, Voice Lady 
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Summary0022732: XML Modding bug: First default starter fleet is frozen until changed at least once
DescriptionNote: This issue was only exposed for XML Modding purposes. Just extract the into the XML mod folder.

Long story short: When changing out all the default fleet designs with my new ones that featured new variants of transport flagships it became evident that unless the chosen starter fleet is changed at least once the flagship spawned will ALWAYS be the default variant.

So as in the screenshot the starter fleet is the "War Guard Alpha" which comes in a coordinator flagship. Only that when it is spawned without first selecting a different fleet and then re-selecting the War Guard Alpha the normal transport flagship still gets spawned.

Probably just some issue with not refreshing things.
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duplicate of 0023052 new Bug with Faction interface: Choice Boxes revert to default icon despite displaying otherwise 



Jan 31, 2020 11:12 pm


20200201051026_1.jpg (397,141 bytes) (37,011 bytes)
20200201051019_1.jpg (316,970 bytes)


Feb 1, 2020 7:13 am

reporter   ~0055853

As far as I've tested this bug seems to be mostly harmless, but it prevents auto-building of any type (station-keepers, engineers, factories,...)


Feb 1, 2020 8:12 am

reporter   ~0055854

Edit: Ignore the upper one. Wrote it in the wrong issue...

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