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0007429Valley 1Suggestion - Mission IdeasJul 17, 2012 8:46 am
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Summary0007429: "Lay ghost to rest"
DescriptionCopied from forum: How about a chase mission to lay the ghost to rest? As in, create a guardian power/spell that will spawn a mission to lay the ghost to rest peacefully.

Personally I find myself imagining something a bit like rescue survivor but with a survivor that's shooting miasma at you. So say something like this --- once you spawn the mission, the ghost becomes more aggressive and gains the ability to chase you across chunk transitions, but if you can lure it to a nexus of Ilari power three-five chunks away you can liberate the spirit and get some kind of reward (plus peace of mind).

It would be entirely optional (and possibly not available until you get a necrotonomist or a necberdasher in your settlement), and I think it would get nicely at the sense of " I want to help this thing but it's trying to kill me".
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related to 0007561 considering Purify ghost scroll 
related to 0008959 considering Allow Vengeful Ghosts to spawn outside of their death region (death penalty). 



Jul 17, 2012 8:46 am

reporter   ~0026818

I like the rough idea, but the "chase" part seems a bit iffy to me. I'd rather see it as a single chunk but needing to "drag" the ghost into a small "purifying area"; I'm thinking the mission would provide an item that creates a sort of "ghostbusters"-y beam of pulling so that you drag the ghost towards you rather than having it follow passively.

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