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0028059AI War 2GUINov 7, 2023 10:36 pm
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Product Version5.571 Hotfix 
Summary0028059: Many attack bonus tooltips use 'attacker' when it should be 'target'
DescriptionMany of the tooltips for weapon attack bonus/penalty state that they go into effect based on the attacker's stat value, when in fact, it is based on the target's stat value. I've noticed it for the following stats:
armor (any comparison except "MultiplesOf")
energy usage (except "MultiplesOf")
engine power
hull (using "CurrentHullPercentage", not "MyHullPercentageMissing")
mass (except "MultiplesOf")
personal shields
bubble forcefields
time at planet (using "TargetTimeAtPlanet", not "MyTimeAtPlanet")

This doesn't occur on other weapon effects, such as engine slower, knockback, paralysis, etc.
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