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0028054AI War 2Bug - OtherOct 27, 2023 12:28 am
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Product Version5.571 Hotfix 
Summary0028054: Memory not cleaned up at properly at RapidAntiLeakPoolable
DescriptionTwo saves here; memory usage increases quickly while playing both, but only one displays the error. More saves available from this campign isf needed. 'Alizon' is further along but does not produce the error message. 'k' produces it within 10 seconds or so after loading the save.
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Strategic Sage

Oct 26, 2023 7:27 pm

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Oct 27, 2023 12:28 am

developer   ~0067988

Note to self: The error message itself is a red-herring, though the memory growing over time is real.

The error message occurs if the (rather huge) method for doing utility-fireteam stuff ends up taking more than 10 seconds, which in some extreme situations like this game, is possible. The lists are in fact returned to the pool when it finishes, this occurs inside a finally block so it will definitely occur (eventually).

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