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0028053AI War 2Bug - GameplayOct 27, 2023 12:30 am
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Product Version5.571 Hotfix 
Summary0028053: Brutal Guardian Lairs stop working when the parent AI dies
DescriptionThe BGL on Brore in this save belongs to an AI that has been eliminated, is permanently active, and the counter does not progress.
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Strategic Sage

Oct 26, 2023 7:22 pm

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Oct 27, 2023 12:30 am

developer   ~0067989

Probably the easy thing to do here is to hide the notification. The fact that killing the ai allows you to disregard its lairs while you finish other ais has been used as an intentional (by the players at least) strategy for some time. But the notification itself is quite annoying if stuck on.

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