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0027608AI War 2Bug - GameplaySep 18, 2022 8:55 pm
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Product Version5.514 Refinements 
Summary0027608: Defensive units (turrets and ships) not attacking enemies
DescriptionSee attached save file on planet Osthofen. The turrets are not attacking the enemy units in the system. The ships have been manually moved to attack them, if they are out of range they will not attack as well. This has happened in this save file with previous waves as well.
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Sep 18, 2022 4:35 pm


BugOsthofenTurretsNotShooting.savemet (148 bytes)   
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Strategic Sage

Sep 18, 2022 8:55 pm

reporter   ~0067234

When I load this save all the turrets begin shooting at the enemy ships immediately. Also worth noting that the frigates are not on pursuit, which means they are being ordered not to pursue enemies.

This may be a case of the intermittent, but rare 'targeting bug' that there's a lengthy other topic on. One of the biggest problems in resolving it is that it almost never is reproducible when reloading the save, which makes it highly difficult to discover why it's actually happening and fix it.

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