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0027480AI War 2Gameplay IdeaJul 7, 2022 12:46 pm
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Product Version5.500 Classic Fusion, And A Megaton Otherwise 
Summary0027480: show name of planet after first time instigator triggers on unexplored planets
DescriptionNote that it doesn't mean its explored. If they are playing blind galaxy mode they aren't going to have anything useful gained here, which is the goal i guess. However players who are not, now can find the planet even if its not explored yet and have a direction to explore to and solve the issue. They already had some repercussions, and the mysterious unknown thing for a while. Letting it get resolved -eventually- would be nice since the player isn't very directly in control of exploration or where they can expand to.
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Jul 7, 2022 12:45 pm

manager   ~0067059

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If this is implemented, people will report it as a bug. If you can't see a critical instigator base, you'd better explore quickly.

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