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0027405AI War 2Bug - GameplayFeb 22, 2024 4:13 pm
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Product Version5.013 Many Various 
Summary0027405: can't find or see MDC(s) occupied by wild hives
DescriptionApparently, and i didn't realize this was a feature, wild hives will build hives over MDC(s). The problem is, this leaves you thinking there's a bug and MDC(s) are disappearing. When i say 'show' i mean i cant see the MDC icon i expect to anywhere on galaxy or when in AIP Reducers mode.

Either 1. disable this feature 2. Show the original icon with a hive subicon

Just having them vanish and having to find where the even were with previous loads is semi-game breaking and will be perceived as a bug by most.

I assume the same issue occurs with golems and anything else the wild hives can build hives over.
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Strategic Sage

May 27, 2022 2:25 pm

reporter   ~0066876

This is not a bug and is working as designed.

IMO it's valid the way it is. I very strongly oppose disabling the feature. The sporadic and rare issue with capturables disappearing is unrelated and should not impact on what features the Wild Hives faction can have.

I can also see an argument for making a way to view what they are covering, but that part could go either way. Another case where there's nothing wrong with an optional faction having behavior/features that some players don't like.


May 28, 2022 10:28 am

developer   ~0066885

Last edited: May 28, 2022 10:28 am

I love the idea of them making use of normally player only capturables. Also if you use the tooltip and click into every planet in the galaxy... and have had vision of that planet since the capturable was 'hived'... you can tell its an MDC. But unless this is a hidden object game, this game would be better not requiring the player to do that ...The MDC was literally visible on my map before, why would the game intentionally hide it now? I consider this a bug or oversight.


Jun 22, 2023 3:31 am

reporter   ~0067802

I share the same view here as Dismiss. If a wild hive takes control of a capturable, there should still be a way for the player to know that has happened, and what is currently under the hive. It would be best to just have some sort of subicon or overlay to indicate it is under the control of a hive, but still have the original capturable icon shown to the player.


Feb 22, 2024 4:13 pm

developer   ~0068100

Im just closing out old tickets. I did some work on this quite a while ago sometime last year.

It is now possible to at least locate these by searching via the textbox in galaxy map. Example, if you type "golem" or "mdc" it will show the icon of the hive which is built over that. I'd prefer to also shown them automatically if in "Capturables" mode, and for the icon to be the MDC with a hive overlay icon or somesuch, but this is still an improvement.

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