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0025433AI War 2Gameplay IdeaJul 20, 2021 12:14 am
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Summary0025433: Add a hack to claim capturables
DescriptionI find myself not bothering with capturable items if they're too far outside my initial territory grabs. Not because they aren't worth the in-game resources in energy and metal, but because they aren't worth my time to go get them or the AIP increase to capture the system. I have to capture the system, build a station, wait for it to construct all the engineers & station keepers & asteroid powerplants, and only then claim and repair the transport or golem I want. I know I can go into the setting and turn off the autobuilding and turn it back on again, Except that's something I call Not Playing The Game and it isn't fun. The AIP one should need no explanation. 31 AIP for a Lost Spire Frigate is a terrible trade.

I'd like to be able to sidestep that wasted time and hack capturables to claim ownership. It would add AIP in addition to costing hacking points, but not as much as blowing the command station would. For transports the AIP and hacking points would be based on how many ship lines it comes with (possibly what ship lines if frigates should be weighted heavier than strikecraft). For officers/golems, I'd just add a premium to the existing AIP for claiming them--like 50% or so.

All the hack does is transfer ownership and the ship still needs to be repaired as normal, so I'm not sure what the AI response should be. Waves pouring out ship don't make sense, but force popping in at the nearest warp gate to come stop you from stealing that ship sounds reasonable.

I like this because stealing a ship from the AI seems like a very guerilla warfare thing to do, and also gives an incentive to spend science on engineers or upgrading support ships to get the repairs done faster.
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Jul 17, 2021 11:30 pm

reporter   ~0062496

I am against this. The capturables and strategic decisions are built around this. This would actually make the game easier, and you no longer have the dilemma to take a capturable that is on a strategically unimportant planet or not. If you feel it's too slow, just speed up the time.


Jul 18, 2021 12:36 am

manager   ~0062501

Having to sweat over whether to capture that planet with a nice ark is a feature, not a bug. Hard choices with real consequences makes for compelling gameplay.


Jul 18, 2021 9:47 pm

reporter   ~0062504

You can use your support factories to build the command station and all the other things almost instantly. If you are worried about not wanting to defend the system you can just delete the command station as long as you aren't being attacked there and they can't get any exostrikes off it. I don't really see the issue here especially since you can speed up time as well. Either way you have to get to the planet even if you want to hack it and hacking usually takes way longer than building a command station.

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