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0025368AI War 2SuggestionJul 8, 2021 3:04 pm
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Product Version3.307 Art Overload And The Devourer Chrysalis 
Summary0025368: Show full bubble forcefield radius when building turrets regardless of their current status
DescriptionAs it is, when I am building my defenses on a new planet, I typically start by placing one or more force fields down and then wait for them to complete before doing much else. I wait because, while I would normally like to start placing turrets immediately, I rarely know how far the "still-building" force field will reach, and sometimes I want things just on the outside of it, or maybe just on the inside of it. This stopping and waiting frequently really hurts my sense of flow within normal gameplay.

I think that - while having turrets or other static structures in the mouse cursor (the player is intending to place them) - a circle should be drawn automatically showing the full extent of each force field on the map. I think this circle should show even when the bubble is damaged and has shrunk, or even if the force field hasn't even been initially built yet. The circle I have in mind is the same thin line that is displayed when holding Z to view the range of selected units.

Maybe on by default but with an option to turn it off? Or visa versa?
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