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0024647AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionApr 3, 2021 6:16 am
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Product VersionBeta 2.768 RAM Reduction 
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Summary0024647: AIP reduction after killing one of (multiple) AIs
DescriptionFighting multiple AIs is fun, but there seems to be just a single way to win in the end - prepare a highway to all AI homeworlds and crush them in rapid succession. The AIP gained by destroying a single AI prohibits gradual Ai elimination and instead forces the player to create "containments" for all AIs until a decisive strike against all of them is prepared.

I think this issue was already open before - however I couldn't find it and I feel like this issue has risen in importance since the AIP reworks. Regardless how, it would be nice to allow elimination of AIs one-by-one without severely penalizing the player for doing so.

One of the issues regarding balancing the game I keep reading about is that "people run on low progress". That's why the "Base floor" was created. The strategy still sort of holds - run rather low on AIP, then hit all AIs at once before they can fully benefit from the (now higher) AIP. The problem with mutliple AIs is that with cca 150 AIP when killing the first one, the AIP nearly doubles, while the player doesn't really get anything. Yes, one AI is dead, but the other just got at least twice the stuff, and the remnant of AI#1 is still there. If there are 3 AIs... well, net loss.

It would be nice if actually killing an AI had some benefit to the AIP situation. Raise the floor, lower the AIP a bit. Make the AIP raise less steep. Maybe reset the "dire guardpost" progress when the overlord is dead, that sort of thing. Assuming the progress gained after killing an AI would not be that steep, players might be encouraged to continue their game normally and incorporate assaulting an AI as part of their strategy - a risk if it fails, but an actual asset when it doesn't.

Regardless, I'm fine with anything that breaks the current single-highway-strategy paradigm.
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