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0024639AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionApr 11, 2021 11:55 am
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Product VersionBeta 2.764 Command Station Hotfix 
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Summary0024639: Some suggestions for "How to Play" section
DescriptionSome time ago, if I remember correctly, a preference was expressed on the part of the AIW2 devs for the in-game 'How to Play' section being the primary source of game info over a Wiki. So here are some suggestions for the 'How to Play' section's improvement based on some of my recent play:

1) Add text search functionality. There's already a fair bit of that done in the filters so perhaps some of the preexisting implementation could save on the work needed.

2) Flesh out the entries for AI Sub-Fleets--they're all mere blurbs right now--but particularly the Hunter fleet since I've found it be can be VERY impactful. To the tune of crushing you with a force of over 300 strength around two hours in at AIP 70 (Difficulty 7). Manageable for a more competent player, but I simply hadn't anticipated that anything so strong could hit me at that point.

3) Add a section which explains the deepstrike mechanic. I had forgotten about the mechanic in my most recent playthru and suspect I may have lost b/c of it, if it was what fed the Hunter fleet.

4) When an entry is opened, rather than making it max size, have it scale based on the amount of text (so that it is only max size when warranted). It looks odd when an entry is only a few lines but the section takes up the whole screen.

5) Make the 'How to Play' section accessible from the main menu (rather than only from when a game is loaded). If this is already possible, I couldn't find it.
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Apr 9, 2021 11:10 pm

manager   ~0061077

If you have text you'd like to see added for the hunter or other fleets, suggestions would be good. Otherwise I'm not sure exactly what you'd like to see.

The AI reserves and deepstriking were explained under both "AI Fleets" and "AI Mechanics". The AI Reserves are no longer allowed to join the hunter.

I've made some improvements for the next patch though


Apr 11, 2021 11:55 am

reporter   ~0061085

Thanks, Badger. The things I'd like listed under the Hunter fleet are simply the sort of things an unfamiliar player might not know (especially one who has not done the tutorial). Not wholly thorough, but enough. Here are some things I would have found useful when I returned to the game:

-Noting the Hunter fleet's special responsiveness to perceived vulnerabilities and capitalizing on them. Might be useful to mention that these can be more dangerous than AI waves.
-Noting that AI forces which flee (mostly guard units which recognize that planet is lost) will often join the Hunter fleet, so that the Hunter fleet can end up with many ships at a higher mark than the AI's current mark level.
-Explaining the Hunter fleet's mode of transportation. Are there places where it can simply spawn forces, or are they only ever taken from preexisting forces? Are there circumstances where it can teleport forces, or is it restricted to 'mundane' ship travel?
-Explaining the mechanic where the Hunter fleet gets tasked to deal with minor factions (those marked "NOT AFTER YOU"), and which budget(s)/source(s) this draws from. It would also be good to note that these forces can rampage through your territory when your worlds lie in between minor faction forces and AI worlds.
-Explaining the integrated "Shark B" mechanic, which as I understand it is as follows: "Essentially, any time the humans lose a command station, the AI gets a new "go for the throat" sub-fleet of the hunter. Essentially they're trying to finish the job, and it gives a bit of an extra punch to when you lose some territory even temporarily. Note that this only happens when the AI itself, or an AI-subfaction kills the command station."

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