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0023059AI War 2[All Projects] Note To TestMar 25, 2020 7:16 pm
ReporterRocketAssistedPuffinAssigned Tox4000Bughunter 
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Product Version2.012 Populous 
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Summary0023059: Journal thing for Chris
Description"One is just a very simple data thing of two tables:
and JournalEntries
Someone wanting to have an event in game would pull a random entry from a category, and write it to the log.
So a relic is discovered, and it calls the RelicDiscovered category and writes one of 10 random things: "Oh look, we found some sort of mysterious alien artifact, etc!"
If they want, they can make FirstRelicDisocovered and it only has a couple of items.
And they might have RelicsAfterCitiesMade and it has more entries.
So that it seems more sensible what is written.
Some of them might reference a person or a place or whatever, but it wouldn't be any sort of permanent cross-game log. Just stuff going into the log itself during a game.
Then there is the OTHER thing which is kind of like a bestiary/wiki for lore in game."

"The journal stuff just gets sent like chats and put to the chat log."

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