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0021650AI War 2SuggestionSep 30, 2019 4:21 pm
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Product Version0.889 Reticulating Those Splines 
Summary0021650: More Intra-Galactic Coordinator types and other Capturables
DescriptionI really enjoy coming up on Intra-Galactic Coordinators, Zenith Power Generators and Zenith Matter Converters so I thought we could have a few more unique "powerups" for the player to capture and hold, creating more systems of interest. NOTE: All values experimental!!!

More IGCs for:
--- Energy Converters (+30% Energy and Matter Converters to all Command Stations)
--- Metal Harvesters (+30% metal mined to all Metal Harvesters, NOT the amount of harvesters, though it has the same effect)
--- Station Defenders (+30% capacity to Station-Keeping Assault, Watchman and Sentry Frigates)
--- Other Defenses (probably name it "Support Structures") (+30% capacity to Tachion Emitters, Tractor Beam Emitters, Gravity Generators, Forcefields, Mine Fields,

This would put the amount of IGCs up to 8 from 4. Probably would be a good idea to add a slider for the amount of IGCs to spawn in the Galaxy Creation window from 0 to however many different ones exist. There shouldn't be more than 1 instance of every IGC type per galaxy though.

I also think that there should be more "Special" and truly unique things, not just increasing capacities or adding new fleets. Special Objects or Techs that create special effects which can sometimes alter gameplay a lot. They should provide their effects on capture and not die to remains if destroyed. If you lose them you lose them forever. There would also NEED to be a counterbalance on the AI's part, not just a huge wave spawning once these have been acquired by the Player, otherwise it'll be INSANELY unbalanced in the Player's favor. Maybe for starters buff normal and Exogalactic waves by 25% base strength for every of these captured? So assuming the player captures a ZPG, ZMG, Spire Archive and the 8 constructs assuming they are implemented that'd lead to 375% as strong waves in total. My thoughts are that even if the player raids gates and doesn't get normal waves eventually CPAs and Exogalactic Strike Forces will make them pay the toll, no doubt.
These are unique Capture Objects I can think up right now. In () is the stats and effects, in [] the description:

--- Zenith Distributor Hub (Increases all power gained by 10%, increases power gained from (Lesser) Zenith Power Generators by 25%) [A Hub from Zenith Technology which reduces the energy loss during transfer and thus increases overall usable energy. Complements Zenith Power Generators even more]

--- Spire Research Vessel (A cloaked but weak ship which extracts science at a rate of 10/s, can extract up to 3300 science from every planet, so it's 300 more science per planet if the player can use this) [A Spire ship used by them to do in-depth research. Can extract a bit more science per planet than Human technology can. Automatically seeks out player planets to automatically extract more science. Having to manually move it might be a bit of a bother. Flees planets under attack and won't move into enemy planets unless ordered]

--- Spire Hacking Vessel (A special ship, unarmed but with high HP and a strong/wide Bubble Shield which executes hacks 25% faster and consumes 10% less hacking points when doing a Hack, can't hack ARS though since it can't gain ship lines) [A Spire ship used to hack the AI. Survives much longer than most ships, protects the allies firing at the response waves. Also hacks faster and more efficient. Always initiates the Hack if it's on the planet hacking]

--- Blacksite Research Center (Unlocks 3 random Techs, decreases all future science point cost on Tech by 10%) [The most cutting-edge Human Research Center, where the AI Project was originally conceived. Leftover science provides an immediate boost to technological expertise and the advanced research equipment makes the RnD process more efficient]

--- AI Intel Vault (Reduces AIP by 50, increases all Hacking Point gain by 10%, displays all important AI structures/ships on the Galaxy Map, which includes the Risk Analyzers, Astro Trains, Astro Train Depots, Instigator Bases, AI Overloard, etc. Basically all special things the AI owns or has created) [The AI keeps important data in here, including flight plans, base locations and parts of the AI's original Root Code]

--- AI Factory Complex (Essentially a special factory with 50 engineer slots. Can create ships and warp them to their fleets up to 5 hops away, but is immobile. Speeds up construction of everything in the galaxy by 10% and reduces metal usage by 10%) [One of the AI's major production facilities in this galaxy. Creates lots of ships fast and streamlines the overall construction process to be faster and more efficient]

--- Zombie Cranium Computer (Zombies automatically gather around it, even on hostile planets. On the same planet stops Zombie decay and heals them by 1% of their HP every 10 seconds) [A special kind of Flagship which lets the player command around zombies and not only stop their attrition but instead regenerate them. Related to what @Asteroid suggested in Issue 0021560 because I really liked the Idea.]

--- Nanobot Reprogramming Facility (All ships and structures the Player owns regenerate 1% of their HP ever 20 seconds galaxy-wide or 20% every 20 seconds on the same planet) [Let's the player use the Nanocaust for construction instead of destruction by spreading benign nanobots on all ships so they can make repairs]
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related to 0021560 resolvedBadgerBadger Zombies are often useless or actively harmful 



Sep 15, 2019 7:50 am

reporter   ~0053108

I guess that the first 4 are possible and probably likely to add, but others are too difficult to make until release date.


Sep 15, 2019 8:15 am

developer   ~0053109

Probably, but hey, I can dream :)


Sep 15, 2019 6:53 pm

manager   ~0053119

I've added a new hackable that grants the player +1 to a tech line


Sep 30, 2019 4:21 pm

administrator   ~0053332

Good content for later, I think! For now we do have a few new things like the tech caches.

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