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0021316AI War 2Gameplay IdeaJul 1, 2022 12:53 pm
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Product Version0.871 More Control, Part 1 
Summary0021316: New AI Ships: The Four Horsemen
DescriptionThere would be four of these, and they each give a specific bonus to all AI Overlords on the map unless you have captured the planet that they are on, and are actively holding the planet. The horsemen can't be destroyed. If the planet is not owned by a player, then the horseman is active and buffing the overlords.

You definitely don't have to hold the planets of the horsemen in order to win, but it's certainly helpful to do so. The four of them are:

1. Pestilence: while this one is alive, a certain extra gun on the AI Overlord will be functional, with really powerful zombification shots. So it's winding up turning your own forces against you, but that gun "disappears" entirely if this horseman is being subdued.

2. War: while this one is not subdued, if there are human ships on the same planet as the AI Overlord, then it will spawn a bunch of ships rather like an AI Eye does. Probably fewer, but much larger, ships.

3. Famine: while this one is not subdued, all damage to the shields (personal or bubble forcefield) of any enemy ships on the same planet as the AI Overlord will take 4x as much damage from any source.

4. Death: while this one is not subdued, all damage to the overlord is quartered, and all damage output from all the overlord weapons is quadrupled.

These horsemen are basically a replacement for the "Core Shield Generators (CSGs)" from the first game. They give you a reason to go out and capture and hold specific planets. But they are not required in order to actually win the game, unlike CSGs. They just make things way harder if you choose to ignore them.

Thanks to RocketAssistedPuffin for inspiring this change.
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Jun 28, 2019 5:23 am

reporter   ~0051987

At the forum some player say the mid-game is a bit boring right now but to me it lacks more of an orientation what to do on my way to the AI homeworld. I played the classic game a lot and so I know what to do to bring myself in a position where I'm able to attack the AI homeworld. But thinking of the classic game the "Core Shield Generators" had been a very nice tool to lead the player through the mid-game. The four horsemen as described above are good intermediate goals and can give new players a good idea of what they should do. I really appreciate this idea! (perhaps you could rethink the name again ;) )

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