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0020796AI War 2[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaMar 17, 2019 12:37 pm
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Summary0020796: Resistance Base
DescriptionI had the idea that Resistance Fighters, instead of coming in from the edge of a planet (or rather, spawning in at the edge where we can still see them like Marauders do), they all spawn from one central base located on your Home planet.

Since I've learned that apparently the Resistance are supposed to patrol your planets like they did in Fleet Command, I thought this idea would gel nicely with that new feature. As well as give the impression that the Resistance were actively contributing to your war effort instead of just hiding away all the time.

The Resistance base would function similarly to a Marauder Outpost (building turrets to protect it, but not drones) and a Warden Fleet base (with projected shields and a strong weapon to protect itself). The Resistance would thus function as a player-enabled analogue to the Warden Fleet and Hunter Fleet by attacking the AI planets at your borders (but not destroying the Command Station) to soften them up, and protecting player planets from AI aggression.

I know this might sound a little too similar to the Nanocaust (what with all the units coming from one base), but I really hope this idea is given serious consideration. I think it could be a real improvement on the old Fleet Command's Resistance Fighters, especially since their unique ships (when designed and implemented of course) could serve as flagships for the Resistance's regular fleetships.

Edit: I've been speaking with a couple of guys ("Democracy? Democracy!" and "CRZgatecrusher") on the Discord Server for Arcen Games, and they suggested a couple of improvements for this faction idea.
1.) Have Resistance Bases give missions to players (secondary objectives) to help the base level up in mark levels and produce more ships, essentially the player helping the defeated Resistance get back on their feet.
2.) Have multiple Resistance Bases deep in AI territory that must be liberated before they produce allied ships, this makes the faction much more like the 'Rebelling Colonies' from AI War Fleet Command.
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Nov 27, 2018 4:01 pm

manager   ~0050559

How does this really differentiate itself from allied marauders?


Nov 27, 2018 4:57 pm

reporter   ~0050560

This sounds more like a Dyson Sphere + Marauder combined faction that sounds redundant and not really necessary. It's like combining a straw and a spoon. 2 different things combined into one. I find the current behavior of the Resistance to be of great strategic help. The ability to warp from one side of the galaxy to the other in an instant is way better than having to wait for them to get across the galaxy. Admittedly, the forces are small. However, I think of them as a support faction, unlike the Dyson, Marauders, etc. Not every faction needs to have a "home base".

Though you do make some points:

1. Zombies should roam around your territory like in AIWC.

2. Having a Human Warden Fleet sounds cool.


Nov 28, 2018 5:50 am

reporter   ~0050561


It differentiates from allied Marauders in that, instead of potentially dozens of Outposts producing one single type of ship (Raiders, I discount V-Wing/Fusion Bomber drones since they don't attack enemy systems), you have one single base in the Human Home system that produces 6 - 10 types of ships that always travel via wormhole, unlike regular Marauder waves that spawn in on the edge of a system.

Also, you won't need to wait for the "base" to hit level 3 or about it being on a neutral planet, since it will always produce ships to help your faction out. Iget that it is rather redundant what with the existence of regular Resistance Fighters and Marauder factions, but as far as I'm conerned the Resistance should have a bigger presence in the game, as opposed to temporary waves that de-spawn when enemies are cleared.

One of the best things about Fleet Command was that the Resistance Fighters would remain in the game world after they arrived to patrol allied worlds, serving as a friendly counterpoint to the hostile Marauders. The Marauders themselves do patrol friendly systems, but only with their V-Wing and Fusion Bomber drones, along with whatever ships from their invasion force survived the assault (discounting Raiders, since they just sit there),i wanted a more variable defense force. A "Human Warden Fleet" as Ovalcircle up there put it.

I hope I've explained this properly, I understand that it is still somewhat redundant with the existence of Marauders, but I'd still like proper friendly faction with a single base that can help you out anywhere similar to the Dyson Sphere Golem, except far less emotionally volatile and with no cap on their max strength other than sending ships in attack waves when they reach critical mass).

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