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0020770AI War 2[All Projects] Graphical BugNov 13, 2018 10:33 am
ReporterDiakonAssigned Tox4000Bughunter 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version0.806 Sabre Company 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0020770: Lasers flying randomly
DescriptionThis bug happens on all worlds, basically lasers just fly across the map at insane speeds. They generally head to the up-right corner of screen, and are susceptible to pausing. It happens, when a unit that was being shot at dies, either before the laser gets to it, or before the laser gets launched after it was confirmed for fire. It happens most commonly when singular, weak units enter a system littered with turrets
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duplicate of 0020748 assignedx4000Bughunter Shots going to bottom left corner 


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