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0007341AVWW[All Projects] Gameplay IdeaApr 29, 2012 6:36 pm
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Summary0007341: Spells in one tier, randomized
DescriptionOK I just got this idea and I really think it has potential.

What if spells could only ever be in one tier, and that tier is randomized per continent? So fireball might be tier 1 in continent 1, or tier 5 in continent 2. That means that if you want a more powerful spell than a tier 1 fireball, you have to choose something else. It means that you constantly have to move out of your element as the spell you like gets too weak and you have to try something new, or you want to get one of your favorites because it's high tier or... the potential of this is endless.

More advantages:
- People don't feel like they're upgrading the same spell and getting the same spell except slightly stronger.
- You're constantly getting stuff that's different than what you currently have.

There could be some sanity logic to make sure that you don't get some tiers on some continents where there are only melee spells. Except maybe that's exactly what's needed -- at a certain point, as determined by randomness, the only effective spells would be melee spells.
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Apr 29, 2012 12:44 pm

reporter   ~0023007

The only difficulty I can see with this idea is how to give starting spells. So perhaps there should be logic that made sure that the 1st tier always had one long range spell of element X, one medium range spell of element Y and one melee spell of element Z. This way you can always give the player an initial mix of spells that's effective against just about any enemy, which I know is a big concern of yours, Chris.

The very first continent could have this scripted even more - perhaps up to tier 2 - so that the beginning is easy.

In any case, you always want to make sure that there isn't a tier that's all shield spells or utility spells or something like that. Though this kind of tier gating would work really nicely for utility spells as well, making their usage limited in random ways.


Apr 29, 2012 6:36 pm

administrator   ~0023026

That sounds very interesting for a different game. It's not what I want to do here, though.

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