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0006449AVWWSuggestion - Guardian Power IdeasMar 6, 2012 8:32 am
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Summary0006449: Make guardian powers scalable
DescriptionIn a nutshell, the idea is to allow players to increase the amount of shards they spend on a guardian power to get a greater effect.
In the current state of the game, a player usually has way more consciousness shards than guardian power scrolls to spend them on. There's no other way to spend shards, so killing bosses to get shards becomes meaningless and you just stop to care about collecting them. Which is probably not intended.
Allowing players to spend variable amounts of shards on powers would solve this problem, as you would have a use for all the shards you can get.
How it would work with the current powers:
Wind Shelter - could be a discrete progression (radius=3,4,5,6 for s1,s2,s3,s4 shards, something like that) or left unchanged
Seek Resources/Seek Survivors - gives a chance to spawn even more missions in a larger radius. For example, 100 shards for 100% missions (what it currently does - 5 missions), 300 is 150%, 600 is 200%, 1000 is 250%, interpolated in between)
There is still incentive to collect more power scrolls, because that allows you to spend shards more efficiently (2 seek resouces + 200 shards approximately equals 1 seek resources + 600 shards).
The highest amount of shards you can spend can be capped based on the skill level of the related NPC. So at Forgical Arts level 3 you are capped at 300/150%, at level 4 - 600/200%, at level 5 - 1000/250%.
The guardian powers that are coming up would have to fit into this system, of course, but I have no way of knowing what they will be. The existing powers are all fit for scalability, IMHO.
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Mar 6, 2012 8:32 am

administrator   ~0020428

You'll need those shards, we just have only put in basic powers thus far. :)

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