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0005215Valley 1Gameplay IdeaNov 28, 2011 12:50 pm
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Summary0005215: Making characters less expendable
DescriptionThere has been some discussion regarding two issues; player characters are rather disposable and there is little sense of character advancement with civ level advancement. Both these factors rob perma-death of its teeth.
My suggestion:
-When choosing a character allow the player to add one or two points to any of the four attributes.
-When the civ level increases, the player gets another point to apply. Whenever a player has points to apply, a clickable icon appears on the screen to open the 'buffing' dialogue. OR perhaps the player has to visit an Ilari to buff.
-A character could have a maximum of six buffs applied. Further civ levels increase your experience point gains by 1%. If you manage to drag a single character through 105 civ levels, you would have six buffs (one from the initial selection) and would be gaining levels twice as quickly.
-Buffs would persist if your character becomes an NPC. You could stock a settlement with characters that you invested in and pull them out for specific tough jobs.
-Hopefully with the buffing caps, losing a character will walk the line between 'pfft, whatever' and the rage quit.
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Nov 26, 2011 11:05 am

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Some of the values may need to be tweaked, and the extra exp gain buff may need a cap to prevent exponential growth of exp gain, but I think this kind of thing is a great idea, and would be an excellent way to mix the current leveling system with some small elements of "classic" leveling systems.

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