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0028139AI War 2Balance IssueMar 17, 2024 11:07 am
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Summary0028139: Infinite Exogalactic Strike Force
DescriptionSo I was playing necromancer against a difficulty 4 AI. I smashed a Nomad planet into a Mark 2 world to create a chokepoint, then later on I decided to do it again and create a better chokepoint. At this point I was strong enough to take out the AI and Templar, but I decided to take my time. But after smashing that second nomad planet into a world, the AI started a exogalactic strike force that just never ended. I sat there defending my chokepoint for about an hour, I killed 1000's of strength of AI ships, but they kept coming. Constantly. I couldn't leave the planet or they'd break through, but since I was a necromancer the constant flow of ships wasn't really a problem.

Thing is, if that isn't a bug it should be. I was playing against a difficulty 4 AI, which shouldn't be that hard, I performed a hack that doesn't actually make me any stronger, just gives me a more strategic position--which shouldn't provoke that big of a response, and I have to deal with 1 hour of fighting? It probably would've kept going for a while too, I just quit because I was bored. I love the idea of smashing planets into eachother, but the response can't be this bad. Maybe 10 minutes of a big exogalactic strike force would be fine, but 60 minutes? 90? At that point I've already proven I can hold the line, I'm just waiting.
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Mar 17, 2024 11:07 am

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Do you have a save game?

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