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0028130AI War 2Bug - GameplayFeb 29, 2024 4:59 am
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Product Version5.588 Zenith Consistency 
Summary0028130: Doomsday Mode Issues
DescriptionI know this is not an often-used option, but it has a number of significant problems;

- When a planet is destroyed, the capturables on it, name of the planet, and strength display are still left floating in empty space. You can even click on them to go see the empty gravity well. Tooltips can also get bugged as well, they will have some random ship like a Raider of V-Wing displayed if you mouse over a fleet, outguard beacon or whatever. Planet names can even get listed twice. See the attached save which is on lowest interval setting and has a number of destroyed planets already. These artifacts do go away on reload, except the planet names.

- Destroyed planets are not selected randomly, but start in one part of the galaxy; I'm guessing it's just choosing them in the order they were made or something.

- An object reference error is triggered, though only once and not fatal, if the only planets left are homeworlds or bastions.

- The tooltip in the lobby for interval increase does not specify that it is in seconds (more minor here of course).
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Strategic Sage

Feb 29, 2024 4:59 am


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