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0027707AI War 2Bug - OtherMar 5, 2023 3:47 pm
ReporterLeylos Assigned To 
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Product Version5.539 Dark Spire Unapocalypsing 
Summary0027707: Factions not getting Random Colours
DescriptionThe "Game Setup" option under "Map Population" for "Factions get Random Colours" does not seem to work if I use the Roguelike "Bonus Random Factions".

I ran several tests and for example had situations with 3 different Marauder factions with different allegiances that all shared the same colour. I noticed this with other factions too. For differentiation sake that can things much harder to read.

Note that this is not the case if I add the factions manually during setup.

I know you can change colours after the fact but this can get tedious when there is a lot of bonus factions added in and you might not even be aware that there are multiples of the same kind adding to the confusion.
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