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0027675AI War 2Bug - OtherJan 21, 2023 5:32 pm
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Product Version5.534 Modular Blasphemy 
Summary0027675: Keyboard layout localization
DescriptionDifferent countries have different keyboard localizations.
Depending on the users keyboard layout, this can require extensive remapping to make the game playable.
Example: I use the neo-layout, as it offers advantages while programming:
so my directional keys w/a/s/d end up spread all over the keyboard.

The Unity input system allows handling text and control sequences separately and provides some best-practices:[email protected]/manual/Keyboard.html
(I don't know what the game uses internally, so this is a best-guess)

This would be a huge QoL fix for international players, as the keybindings in the game get quite extensive and it's very difficult to remap all of them; especially if one is new to the game and does not know the function of all keys.
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