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0027673AI War 2Bug - GameplayJan 20, 2023 12:09 pm
ReporterJC Assigned ToStarKelp  
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Product Version5.533 Tuning 
Fixed in Version5.534 Modular Blasphemy 
Summary0027673: AI Waves against Neinzul Wild Hives causes the AI to stack defenders
DescriptionUnder the default parameters for the 2nd scenario of the NA expansion, AI waves against neutral planets "controlled" by Neinzul Wild Hives may behave in one of three ways :
- The AI sends a low-power (Around 10 Str at Mark 2) reconquest wave with an usurper ship. These waves behave as intended : The wave travels to the planet, the Usurper ship reconquers the planet and the usual happens (Guard posts get warped-in, etc)
- The AI sends a high-power (In the 300-500 Str range at Mark 2) attack wave without an usurper ship. These waves start traveling to the planet for a bit, but quickly abandon their objective and instead hang out at their origin planet. Several of these waves may happen with the same origin, creating larger and larger stacks of defenders which can be extremely hard to dislodge, especially since the Vanguard AI creates tanky Guardians.
- The AI sends a high-power attack wave just like above, however, these ships actually travel to their destination planet (but do not attack Hives unless they are berserking), then may decide to do whatever. They are not considered Threat, but may still decide to zerg a Human planet (as would aggro'd Sentinel ships, but shown as "Guard" Str instead).

The included save showcases an example of this bug. It uses a modified setup of the Moderate NA scenario with some Sandbox parameters (for faster setup) and no factions besides Wild Hives and the D6 Vanguard AI (with D1 subfleets since the problem happens with Sentinels). Simply running the simulation should show the AI planets close to Wild Hives slowly fill up with defenders as Waves spawn without attacking, which could reach more than 1k in defense strength even at low AIP (Around 100 AIP, Mark 2 for Diff 6 AI).
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Jan 20, 2023 8:38 am

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Jan 20, 2023 12:09 pm

manager   ~0067422

Updated their logic to also consider planets they control as being 'contested' when the AI builds up enough of a force to spook them out of their hives.

Effectively means they will become targetable by AI forces, and respond accordingly.

Thanks for the report.

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