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0027490AI War 2Bug - GameplayJul 1, 2022 9:53 pm
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Product Version5.018 Easier Reconnection 
Summary0027490: Ultimate fortress never builds it's towers under certain conditions.
DescriptionAs the subject states, the Ultimate Fortress does not build it's towers under certain conditions. Condition 1 is if the player is looking at the planet, or has the planet selected while they are in the galaxy map. This prevents buildpoints from accumulating.
But if the player has turned off the Coarse-Process BG Planets option (Galaxy Settings), the towers will never build at all, regardless of what the player does.

This is caused because it accumulates less than 10 buildpoints per second, and units that have less than ten buildpoints per second don't accumulate them at all if the planet they are on is not being coarse-processed. I don't know if this affects any other units, I haven't played enough of NA to be familiar with all various descendant units.

The attached save has a fortress on Toda to test the selected-not selected thing, and Coarse-Process can be turned on and off if you want as well.

(If you want to just do a quick fix for the ultimate fortress rather than touching the code, you can just multiply the build points rate and total needed by 10 in the XML.)
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Lord Of Nothing

Jul 1, 2022 12:13 pm


Ultimate (185,385 bytes)

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