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0025854AI War 2Gameplay IdeaNov 23, 2021 11:17 pm
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Product Version3.309 Hangar Staff 
Summary0025854: Allow force placement of structures on existing structures
DescriptionWhen placing turrets or other "Structures", when multiplacing 5/10/50 of them, they are roughly spread out in a circular region, presumably as each placement collides and is offset semi-randomly until it finds an open spot. However, you cannot start such a build on top of an existing turret, transport, and possibly other ship types I haven't experimented with. I would suggest that,
A, any construction takes priority over any mobile ships, displacing them and letting you place turrets there,
B, Building a structure anywhere it cannot be placed will similarly displace it in a circle, so you can expand any defenses in the rough circular area instead of trying to find a place along the border manually and resulting in the mass being offset rather than the clean circle.
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