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0025546AI War 2Gameplay IdeaSep 4, 2021 2:21 pm
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Product VersionBeta 3.605 Code Will Change 
Summary0025546: Limiting FF Build capability
DescriptionForcefield juggling (scrapping and rebuilding) allows players to instantly refresh their forcefields, keeping whatever they protect alive as long as they have the engineering and metal to do so. We have a few ideas being slung around, personal suggestion for me is something like "COMPLEX COMPONENTS: The design of this unit requires a thorough and careful assembly of certain parts, making the minimum build time (X) regardless of engineer amount"
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Sep 4, 2021 2:21 pm

reporter   ~0062784

We could just have newly-built shields start with 10% of their strength (or even 0), having to charge to full over time. This would prevent the exploit posted above, without simply making them harder to build.

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