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0025201AI War 1 / ClassicBug - GameplayJun 9, 2021 4:25 am
ReporterDetros Assigned To 
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Product Version8.024 
Summary0025201: Loading a save leads to an unprovoked attack by Plasma Eye
DescriptionI have more ships than AI in one of its worlds with Plasma Eye but not more than twice as many (currently 69(3) mine vs. 61 theirs) so PE should not be shooting and usually it does not. But if I make a save and load it I immediately get "XX Too Many Human Ships" warning (currently "52 Too Many") and PE fires one salvo ... before realizing I have actually not provoked it by big numbers so it stops there.

This looks like a bad order of action: local human ships are compared to AI ships even before AI ships are properly counted.
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Jun 8, 2021 4:51 pm

reporter   ~0061999

I have resorted to loading most ships into transports the moment I load a save – this makes most shots disappear as their targets are gone – but I often get those transports damaged (unless PE picked other targets). Going through wormhole and back would be easier but local Black Hole Machine is preventing that.


Jun 9, 2021 2:29 am

reporter   ~0062004

I thought it may be caused by the flag "I am provoked, attack" somehow survived from the state before loading (as I resorted to loading several times when I actually managed to provoke that Plasma Eye), but no, loading some old save from before I went into this system with PE and then loading a recent one where I was in but not yet provoking it still lead to it firing a salvo.


Jun 9, 2021 4:25 am

reporter   ~0062005

OK, apparently modules of Riot starships count separately but even so my sum of "All (Units)" is 111, AI has 63 units and still after loading it for a while cries there are 87 too many human ships...
Ship total.png (14,495 bytes)   
Ship total.png (14,495 bytes)   
Ship Detail.png (127,421 bytes)   
Ship Detail.png (127,421 bytes)   
Warning.png (64,265 bytes)   
Warning.png (64,265 bytes)   

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