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0025200AI War 2Gameplay IdeaJun 8, 2021 11:56 am
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Product Version3.101 Buffs, Fixes, And Quickstarts 
Summary0025200: FRS ship idea: gravity immunity
DescriptionHad an idea for an FRS ship line effect: gravity immunity. Would make for a solid wombo-combo with a melee-focused fleet.

Since that's a pretty specialized boost, it should probably also increase speed, damage, or hull, so it's somewhat useful even if you don't have a melee. Probably hull, to really give the feel of a melee juggernaut flee that can't be stopped.

Since there's no gravity immunity, only high engine power, this would presumably work by raising the engine power of all ships to ~18gx. That's potentially a downside as it renders them vulnerable to Agravics, so maybe give a little more hull boost to compensate.
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