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0024684AI War 2SuggestionApr 14, 2021 11:49 am
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Product VersionBeta 2.773 Civvies Hotfix 
Summary0024684: Player Taunts
DescriptionOne of the kickstarter promises was "Write your own Player-triggerable taunt (subject to approval!) to be fully voiced."

If you're going to taunt the AI, you had better expect the AI to respond. When you activate one of these taunts, the AI gets some sort of ongoing buff. Beating the AI with some active taunts is a prestige and personal challenge thing. Like "I beat the AI on 8 with 2 taunts". Basically, if you feel like the game is easy (or just want to flex), taunting the AI to make it stronger is a way to do that.

In the post-game screen we could have some acknowledgment of "You won with 3 taunts against the AI". Note that taunting the AI right before you beat it is likely to be less of a challenge increase, so there should be some notion of "The earlier in the game you taunt the AI, the better the prestige result".

The kickstarter backers will be asked for both A. the text of the taunt and B. the effect of the taunt (with bonus points if they are related).
Taunt: "You call that a wave?" ==> the AI gets a 50% bonus to wave strength going forward.
Taunt: "You're boring me" ==> The AI will spawn more Wormhole Borers
Taunt: "I reserve the right to mock you" ==> The AI Reserves will detect deepstrikes one hop closer to your planets (so if the deepstrike range was 4 hops to trigger the Reserves, it's now 3 hops)
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