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0024602AI War 2Bug - GameplayMar 25, 2021 10:25 pm
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Product VersionBeta 2.762 Performance Hotfix 
Summary0024602: FFM usage
DescriptionCurrently regular mine layer frigates don't seem very useful due to several issues I've seen while playing.

1. Shorter range than most enemies means they will spend alot of time pursuing enemies that are kiting them instead
2. Minelaying rate isn't very fast and leaving gaps in minefields
3. Minefields either attrition too fast or not fast enough for repositioning
4. Very micro-intensive, gotta dedicate a fleet to them asap for microing.

Suggested improvements (not all needs to be considered, just throwing out ideas)

1. Increase range of minelayers and make them generate more aggro than average in order to attract enemies to pursue them and allow them to kite said enemies
2. Increase minelaying rate or cluster density to prevent gaps in minefields generated
3. Decrease attrition rate on friendly worlds, increase it on unfriendly worlds
4. Allow FF deployed mines to move when enemy enters very close proximity to ensure a kill
5. Give mines a larger hit/detection/blast radius to make them more useful via proximity rather than direct contact

Whacky suggestions:

1. Mine launchers that propel mines in front of the ships to a set distance before the mine rapidly slowing down to become slow if not nearly stationary towards a target. This would make it so that mines are a bit more accurate towards where the enemy is without microing.
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