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0023984AI War 2[All Projects] Audio WorkOct 15, 2020 2:28 pm
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Product Version2.616 Stop Printing Money, AI! 
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Summary0023984: Audio cues incorrectly warn about captured AI Risk Analyzers
DescriptionEvery hour, the game warns about the AI Risk Analyzers upgrading your threat level and increasing AI activity, urging you to do something about them quickly, even after you own enough of them that AIP is actually being reduced. I feel like there should be corresponding audio cues indicating that subverted AI Risk Analyzers have distracted and pacified the AI, once you've reached the point that net AIP is negative.

Just a minor QoL thing; it's clear in the interface that AIP has reduced, so the audio warnings from the game feel wrong.
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related to 0023874 assignedBadgerBadger Suggestions for new voice lines 


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