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0023326AI War 2[All Projects] SuggestionJun 21, 2020 7:16 am
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Product VersionBeta 2.077 No More Shot Errors 
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Summary0023326: Damage wasted when shield-bypassing and regular damage units fight the same enemies
DescriptionOverall, the focus fire works pretty well in AIW2 as it did in Classic; with the addition of shields, however, there is one issue I think needs to be addressed. Specifically, a lot of firepower often gets wasted when some units can ignore shields. Take the following example:

A number of human Fusion Bombers and Space Planes engage an AI Nucleophilic Guardian and a gaggle of Pulsar Tanks. All human units concentrate on the Guardian; by the time the Planes get its shields down, however, the Bombers have already gotten its health down to less than 20%. It would have been much more efficient for them to target the Pulsar Tanks. In fact, the Planes' effort was detrimental to the Bombers due to their losing the damage bonus they deal to targets with =>50% shields.

Once I noticed, this, I saw it happening pretty often. Though I admit I do tend to get lots of shield-bypassing units for my fleets. For small scuffles like the one above it isn't too much of an issue, but if we're talking about Dragons and Extragalactics it can turn the tide of a game.

So I think some kind of extra target prioritization separately focusing on health and shields could make firepower more efficient. Easier said than done of course, what with the computational complexity of optimizing damage across so many units with different weapon types and whatnot.

One system I believe might work is if there is enough shield bypass-firepower concentrated in an area of a battle, they "tag" an enemy for direct-hull destruction, lowering its targeting priority for regular weapon systems.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I want more shield bypassing units :P
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