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0023182AI War 2[All Projects] GUIMay 14, 2020 2:36 am
ReporterFicklesteinAssigned Tox4000Bughunter 
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Product VersionBeta 2.042 Journals, Cheats, And EXP Retirement 
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Summary0023182: Need Basic Quality of Life Updates
Description- Metal resource flow tab (top left): We need to know how much our stations are making by type and how much our metal harvesters are making, otherwise we cannot determine if we should focus on building economic/logistics stations rather than military stations or risk capturing planets with high numbers of harvesters over those with unlockables. Currently we see metal inflow by planet, which does not help with planning.

- We need a total net change displayed on under the Tech tile for "Command: Economic" and "Metal Generation". Currently we cannot tell which tech upgrade choice would give us a larger total increase in metal inflow. Please display this information when hovering over each option.

- We need the total number of selected ships count in the bottom right panel when selecting large groups of ships and their strength. Much more convenient than having to pop into galaxy view and back to check on my fleets' power and the power balance.

- Please sort ships separately from structures under the Planet tab. When attacking enemy planets, especially when I'm not used to the icons, I have to slowly hover my mouse over every icon to determine if it's a structure or a ship. My only other option seems to be zooming to galaxy view to take a look at the special structures on the planet, but even then guard posts are not displayed there.

- Need the ability to group the flagships separately from their spawns. I don't want to keep rushing my flagships into the range of enemy weapons simply because I cannot group them and move them separately from their spawns.

- Need more information displayed showing what upgrading the "Command: Military" and "Command: Logistical" techs really increase or change without having to "C" + "Left click" to open a window, then "CTRL" + "ALT" to get a confusing wall of text. A simple: "+250 Metal Generation" or something is enough when hovering over the tech, even a color difference between the old and new numbers would help rather than parenthesis.
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May 14, 2020 2:00 am

manager   ~0056987

Chris, for your reference next time you are thinking about doing some UI improvements.

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