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0023181AI War 2[All Projects] Bug - GameplayMay 13, 2020 3:51 pm
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Product Version2.032 Savegame Hotfix 
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Summary0023181: Fleet Capacity Extender vanishes without giving Cap Upgrade
DescriptionIf you swap a unit from the fleet that is doing the hacking to another fleet during the hacking process, the hacking process will continue like normal but once it finishes you won't lose hacking points or get the cap upgrade but the extender still explodes.

I tested this with a support and a strike fleet since the support couldn't hack it (another bug?). I swapped the nanoswarm to my strike unit to initiate the hack and then swapped it back during it. Once it finishes you get an error message (see attached). Tried it with 2 different extender and both behave the same
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May 13, 2020 3:51 pm


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